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Canadian Innovators in Oceans and Renewables

Here you can explore all the start-ups in the Canadian ecosystem that are working to make ocean use sustainable, protect marine life and decarbonize our planet!


Innovators in the Ocean and Marine sector

3F Waste Recovery develops and manufactures high value natural ingredients from the fish, farm and forest waste of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Aimsir’s goal is to use Automatic Weather Stations to collect and transmit weather observations from vessels operating in remote regions of our globe.

Aquafort is a technology company developing a predictive data analytics platform with computer vision and machine learning algorithms for the finfish aquaculture industry.

AquaSignum has developed the first real-time microbial monitoring system that is compatible with any aquatic environment.

Arbox was founded late 2016 with a mission to develop the worlds best asset management platform for the renewable energy industry.

Ashored Innovations uses hardware and software to increase efficiencies for fishermen, while also protecting at-risk marine habitats.

Atlantique Nord Innovation develops functional products that help address the fish waste problem in Atlantic Canada by extracting value from parts of the fish that would typically be dumped into landfills.

Blubrim Systems is developing an all-in-one solution, in the field of aquaculture, to monitor and predict water quality parameters by using AI and sensors.

Blue Lion Labs is developing a system to automatically identity and count different types of algae in your water through the power of Artificial Intelligence and unique data collection.

Canscan develops AI driven systems that use existing infrastructure to optimize container handling processes and speed-up the workflow n the maritime and intermodal transportation industry.

Cascadia Seaweed is growing to be the largest provider of ocean cultivated seaweed in North America.

CELL AG TECH is one of the few cellular agriculture companies in the world focused on seafood, and our mission is to become a global leader in the production of sustainable cell-cultured seafood.

Clean Catch makes plastic-free soft lures and fishing bait that will keep anglers fishing for generations.

Clean Valley Bio-filtration Technologies is a community interest company commercializing sustainable algae based filters for air and water.

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc. is a sensor platform based company offering various sensor platforms for use in the oceans of the world.

DeNova is an early stage clean/biotechnology company developing and commercializing a suite of breakthrough technologies that will convert greenhouse gases into a high quality, massively scalable, sustainable protein derived from natural bacteria, initially supplying to the global aquafeed market.

Devocean develops innovative technological solutions for ropeless fishing that offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fishing equipment.

Duxion Motors is an advanced motor design and manufacturing company developing high power density electric propulsion systems for aviation and marine industries.

EasyOceanTech concentrates on the R & D, customization, and sales of the extremely easy-to-use professional marine optical equipment along with the voyage operation service.

eDNAtec is harnessing the power of environmental DNA technology to empower ocean-based industries and improve the health of our oceans, with advanced genomics technology reads DNA from all organisms – from viruses to marine mammals – to generate insights for the world’s ocean industries.

Gazpek is developing subsea data centers that maximize advantages of the natural cooling phenomenon of sea water, harness “ghost power” lost in offshore wind cable transmission, and provide improved latency.

GC Lipid Tech is a biotech startup determined to implement the eco-friendly and natural capabilities of microalgae in new emerging applications.

Glas Ocean Electric is committed to improving marine intelligence and ecosystem health via electric boat propulsion kits, using boat batteries as dynamic energy storage for power grids and data collection.

Graphite Innovation and Technologies offers a full range of marine coating systems and EEXI compliance solutions for seafaring vessels.

GREENBMG Inc. is a company that specializes in the development of concentrated solar energy technology applications.

Hydrotroniks is a collective of engineers, designers, and environmental scientists who work together to create electric based solutions for pleasure boats and commercial boats.

Iconthin Biotech Corp. is dedicated to developing high-quality microalgae products with the goal of improving human health through innovative research and development in biotechnology.

Impactful Health R&D is a biomaterials innovation Startup developing sustainable active packaging to prolong the shelf life of fresh foods, starting with fresh fish

In Nature Robotics makes autonomous airboats for measuring and surveying water with lots of vegetation.

IntegraSEE collects measurable data and insights from the world’s ocean.

Ionic Solutions has developed a breakthrough desalination technology that requires significantly less energy usage compared to even the most efficient desalination methods on the market.

Island Aquatech mission is to develop innovative products that solve big problems in the aquaculture industry, with equipment to flip oyster cages.

Katchi creates alternatives to traditional trawlers to harvest fish sustainably and with precision.

LightLeaf Solar integrates solar energy into things that move in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.

Luna Sea Solutions provide world-class solutions for exploring coastal oceans, with specialization in high-energy wave and tidal environments.

Marecomms is a start-up company poised for the research&development, design, and implementation of state-of-the-art maritime wireless communication and remote sensing systems.

Marimetrics is helping industry leaders operate sustainably in the marine environment using data.

Marine Thinking Inc. is focused on redefining the marine industry through the use of our highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies.

MarineLabs provides data-as-a-service from fleets of our compact, cloud-connected, buoys for groups who need to know marine conditions.

Newfoundland Seaweed Company produces sea vegetables, bursting with tasty ocean flavour, for a sustainable development of culinary seaweeds.

Ocean Diagnostics is an environmental impact company committed to diagnosing and protecting the health of our oceans and waterways from microplastics pollution.

Ocean Set is developing a cloud-based platform that reduces the complexity and increases the intelligence of utilizing and exchanging ocean data.

Octo-M Technologies pursues the most difficult challenges related to monitoring water quality and cleanliness.

Oneka Technologies' vision is to be the reference as the most sustainable source of drinking water for coastal regions.

Open Ocean Robotics develops wind and solar powered autonomous boats providing real time information to understand and protect our oceans.

out of the blue is a start-up with the mission to remove CO2 out of the ocean, in a safe, cost-effective and large-scale manner.

Planetary Technologies is introducing the first Accelerated Carbon Transition (ACT) Platform to address the multiple challenges of the climate crisis.

ReelData AI provides reliable, accurate monitoring, analysis, and optimized automation working with each farm 1-on-1 to increase operational efficiency, save costs, grow fish faster, and reduce risks.

Sacred Seaplants Corporation is BC based company focused on the cultivation and research of a variety of seaweed species.

Sea Forest produce a variety of food and agricultural products derived from Pacific Sea Kelp and local ingredients.

SeaChange Biochemistry has developed an environmentally friendly and proprietary process to extract multiple high value compounds from seaweed and other biomasses.

SeaHawk Robotics develops and operates multi-domain UAV-based ocean observation systems that disrupt current paradigms by improving access, increasing safety, and reducing costs of data collection.

Sedna increases the traceability of seafood products by creating innovative and simple to use software solutions for exporters, processors, distributors and harvesters involved in international and domestic trade.

Smart Shores' goal is to source high resolution spatial data and analysis for coastal-zone environmental management.

SmartICE is the world’s first climate change adaptation tool to integrate traditional knowledge of sea ice with advanced data acquisition and remote monitoring technology.

SuBait uses food science and marine biology to develop a superior sustainable lobster bait that replaces environmentally challenging commercial bait fish species.

Teem Fish is a federally designated fisheries monitoring service provider who combine best-in-class technology with deep fisheries expertise to deliver reliable electronic monitoring systems, round-the-clock service, and accurate, verifiable data.

ThisFish's mission is to improve profitability and sustainability in the seafood industry through digitization, traceability and innovation.

Traxe is a blockchain-based traceability solution for food brands to better market their premium products.

Turquoise Revolution mission is to make the blue economy greener by developing an innovative solution to dry seaweed crop biomass more efficiently.

Whale Seeker provides monitoring technology to help organizations comply with regulatory or value-driven sustainability objectives.

Wavve Boating is an easy to use marine navigation app that helps boaters navigate and explore with ease, while connected to their boating community.

Wittaya Aqua is a data and analytics company that is making aquaculture more profitable and sustainable for farmers.

Innovators in the Renewable Energy Sector

AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy is a wave technology company with a patented technology that captures and stores ocean wave energy as compressed air.

Atlas Power Technologies is proceeding to large scale ultracapacitor manufacturing.

Aurea is a sustainability R&D company, and the creator of Shine, the portable wind turbine charger.

BigMoon is creating sustainable clean energy by harnessing the sun and the moon’s gravitational pull on the earth’s bodies of water.

Biome Renewables is an engineering and design firm that employs the power of nature to create a sustainable future.

Blu-tility wave power inc. is developing a novel wave energy converter (WEC) that will be scalable and operational within arrays or as a single unit.

BluWave-ai is leading the global energy transformation by accelerating the proliferation of distributed and renewable energy resources, electric transportation, and smart loads.

Borealis Wind is addressing the problem of icing on wind turbine blades which results in prolonged downtime during the winter.

Borrum Energy Solutions is a premier product engineering firm that designs and offers sustainable wind solutions for cottages, rural dwellings, tiny homes, and other remote locations nationwide.

Bridge Gap Renewables develops microgrids to provide power for remote communities worldwide.

Carbon Zero Finance is an online marketplace for connected assets that offer people a sustainable way to earn money with a collective effort and measurable positive impact on their health, environment, and wealth.

CarbonGraph is a platform that lets companies calculate & share the carbon footprint of their products or services in a standard format.

CoGenerate Solar is a game changer for the rooftop solar industry, they deliver efficiency to the distributed generation market where efficiency matters most, and space is limited.

EcoCharge supplies, installs and maintains intelligent off-grid lighting infrastructure that can be managed via the Internet.

Ekona’s breakthrough technology is transforming the way clean hydrogen is produced, with patent-pending pulsed methane pyrolysis (PMP) solution that converts methane into hydrogen and solid carbon, virtually eliminating CO2 emissions from the process.

energyhub.org's mission is is to accelerate the creation of a sustainable energy system in Canada by producing and communicating the country’s most useful and comprehensive sustainable energy information.

Enertel AI is a data analytics and artificial intelligence company on a mission to give large scale renewables a leg up in wholesale power markets.

FireflyPower seeks to improve wind energy performance with a patented blade technology that is scalable and offers a lower cost, profitable upgrade option for utility scale onshore and offshore applications, as well as for distributed generation.

Fundamental Inc's mission is to enact climate resilience, social well-being, and lowest life-cycle costs by shaping commerce and community with purposeful planning and design.

FusionOne™ has developed a highly efficient reactor heating system, which uses the pyrolysis by-product ‘syngas’ to heat the reactor more effectively.

Hygge Energy aspires to become the cornerstone of affordable, reliable and clean electricity access, generation and consumption, which brings together utilities, distributed generation owners, and consumers for sharing and trading of electricity.

Jaza builds solar energy charging stations in off-grid communities

OVO Solar Technologies is on a mission to empower smallholder farmers in developing countries by providing affordable, income-generating products that will help break the cycle of poverty.

Purus Power’s patented Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology is capable of producing significantly more energy – with less.

QD Solar is a next-generation solar materials company developing advanced multilayered solar photovotaics.

Quadrical Ai helps solar improve generation by 2 – 4% while optimizing performance and asset management.

Solaires develops novel and cost-effective technology solutions that address compelling market gaps in solar energy harvesting.

Solar Adventure is developing solar technology that is accessible, stable and cost effective for the average household and commercial use (3-in-1 solar blinds).

Solar Earth has years of experience integrating Solar Power generation in Roads, Sidewalks, Bike-paths, Decks, Patios, and many more surfaces.

SolarSteam produces renewable heat for industrial clients so they can reduce carbon emissions while lowering costs.

Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives designs, tests, implements, manufactures, installs and maintains hybrid wind and solar microgrid units for customers with few or no alternatives.

Square Solar is an innovative solar company that builds proprietary detachable solar panels to harvest solar energy.

The Power Collective's premier product is the RidgeBlade Wind Turbine, an innovative and unique, affordable, simple and effective way of harnessing the wind's power to produce electricity

ThreeSixtySolar is the first company to design a commercial solar tower.

Voltai makes ultra high density generators that harvest energy from motion to help marine industries reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and stored power.

Waterotor Energy Technologies is the first technology to economically and affordably harvest electricity from slow moving water which covers 71% of the planet.

ZED Engines' revolutionary, patented clean power unit is The World's Only True Gigaton Solution for Carbon Emissions that can replace EVERY internal combustion engine on Earth.

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