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Icelandic Innovators in Oceans and Renewables

Here you can explore all the start-ups in Iceland's ecosystem that are working to make ocean use sustainable, protect marine life and decarbonize our planet!

Innovators in Marine and Ocean Industries

Ankeri is founded by a team with over 25 years combined experience in creating ground breaking solutions for shipping. Codland’s goal is to promote progress in the fishing industry through innovation and collaboration. Fisheries Technologies is an Icelandic company specializing in the field of fisheries management. Their main focus is on fisheries data collection procedures and related information systems.  Kerecis' products, which are based on Omega3 rich fish skin, are currently being used to regenerate tissue in trauma and chronic wounds such as burns and diabetic wounds.  Marea is working on making innovative biodegradable bioplastics a reality today and for the future. Marine Collagen Ehf, based in Grindavik is producing wild-caught fish collagen and marine gelatin at their new facilities. Marinox is an icelandic innovation company specializing in the extraction of bioactives from marine algae. Margildi is a young company that specializes in refining fish oils from capelin, herring and mackerel. Matorka is farming sustainably Arctic charr and salmon trout for world markets. We are harvesting all year round, providing close to 2 million delicious seafood portions per year. OptiTog develops environmentally friendly fishing equipment that uses light instead of conventional methods. Polar Fishing Gear is making efficient and enviromental trawl doors accessible to everyone STEINCO Fish Farming Technology designs and develops machines, tools and equipment for the fish farming industry.

Innovators in Renewable Energy Sector 

Arctic Green Energy Corporation was founded with the mission to export the Icelandic leadership and success in geothermal and other renewable energy utilization to countries around the globe.  Carbfix captures CO2 and turns it into stone underground in less than two years through proprietary technology. The company’s mission is to be a key instrument to tackle the climate crisis and substantially reduce global CO2 emissions. IceWind designs and manufactures small vertical axis wind turbines for telecom towers and residential applications. Kaiser Global builds infrastructure and research coalitions exploring breakthroughs in space, energy, and the environment. Their coalitions aim to solve frontier challenges that improve the human condition, protect the environment, and capture extraordinary economic potential. Laki Power is an Icelandic research and development company focused on eco-friendly power solutions. Loki Geothermal is an innovative Icelandic company, established in 2014, in the field of geothermal power production. Valorka is developing turbines for tidal energy power plant

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