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Innovators in Green Boating

Welcome onboard as we build the first and most complete overview of the environmental boating ecosystem on TOOLSpawn.com, starting with the innovators.

Within the world of TOOL, we help map frontrunners within a range of fields, where ocean industries & zero emission solutions / renewable energy drive initiatives towards a zero emission, zero waste future.

On this Featured Insight List you can explore a range of innovators in the sphere of environmental boating such as: boat builders, boat rental/ boat pool, innovators within engines/equipment, and environmental cleaning/products.

Why environmental bloating?

Get inspired by watching Kruser electric boat pool´s video below:

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Boat Manufacturers

Ad van Dam (NL): boat builder that collaborates with Strømsøboat to deliver custom, hand made electric boats. 

Arc boats (California, USA): manufactures and sells high-performance electric boats for watersports.

Arcona Yachts (Sweden): producer of electric sailboats, using electric systems from Oceanvolt. 

AQUON One: (Switzerland): solar yacht that makes its own renewable energy on board. Can store  energy over long periods of time, and powers its two fuel cell electric engines free from any emissions. The smart catamaran is built to be extremely energy efficient and offers true independence from on-shore energy supply

A-Yachts: (Austria) 27 and 33ft daysailers with electric motors. 

Bella boats (Finland): Europe's largest boat manufacturer, part of the Nimbus group and Mercury has started delivering electric boats. They are bringing to the market a model range of affordable and reliable electric boats, Bella ZERO. 

Candela Electric Hydrofoil boats (Sweden) - the globe's only electrical boat with speed & range as a fossil boat

Delphia (Poland):  Born in the heart of the Masurian lake region, also known as the “land of thousand lakes”, Delphia has been a pioneer in boat manufacturing for over 30 years. They build boats that are specifically designed for lakes and rivers. In 2024, Delphia will accomplish its contribution to creating a more sustainable environment by replacing internal combustion engines by 100% electrically propelled engines

Dynamic Efficiency: internationally respected engineering firm are expected to deliver hydrogen-pwered boat on Australian via partnership with Poseidon Marine h2. 

E1 RaceBird: New and excitting generation of electric racer boats in Formula1. The world’s first all-electric raceboat, combining a sleek and futuristic design with innovative hydrofoil technology

Elan (Slovenia): Producer of electric sailboats. 

Elwood boats (Finland): Builder of electric, wooden boats. 

Fraucher Bootswerft (Austria):  Electric boat producer. The most innovative family-run boatyard in Europe 

FreePower (Norway): designing an electric boat that will be 100% self-sufficient of energy

Greenline (Slovenia): introduced the first hybrid boat in 2008 and now develops hybrid and electric boats. Their vision is to continuously shape the future of responsible boating by being the most innovative and responsible boat brand in the world. 

Green Waves (Norway): designs and builds electric boat models, as well as retrofit existing boats and give old boats new life

Hynova Yachts (France) The HYNOVA 40 is the first fully Hydrogen powered Yacht to go into production

Hyrex (Norway) is an innovative hydrogen technology company

Hydrolift (Norway): high performance pleasure and professional boats. To build the world's most environmentally friendly lifeboat for the Norwegian Rescue company, Redningsselskapet,  currently named RS 'Green Saver'.

HWILA25 (Sweden): featured on swedens first wholly electric boat show.

Ibiza (Norway): boat producer going electric. 

Mantaray Hydrofoil Craft (Sweden): electric hydrofoiling boat

Open Ocean Robotics (Canada) Solar powered autonomous boats providing real time information to protect our oceans.

Orust E-Boats Strana (Sweden) is a fully electric powered boat that completely changes the view of what a boat is. A social platform tailored for community and adventure on the lake

Open Ocean Robotics (Canada) Solar powered autonomous boats providing real time information to protect our oceans.

Polboat (Sweden): has created an adventure craft that can take you off the beaten path, transporting you via a fully electrified drivetrain. Can also be found in TOOL´s Feature list for Swedish Innovators in Ocean and Renewables

Poseidon Marine H2 (Australia): are expected to deliver a hydrogen-powered boat due to partnership with internationally acclaimed engineering firm Dynamic Efficiency. 

Rand boats (Denmark): a pioneering producer of innovative and modern sportsboats.

RS Electric Boats (UK): electric rib for commercial activities and leisure

Strømsøboat (Denmark) formed in 2021, their goal is to challenge the fossil fuelled boat industry with electric, affordable boats and systems, built to appeal to a broad market. They do not deliver boats for you who need to quickly get from A-B, but for those who believe that quality time starts the moment you leave the harbour - the Strømsø Electric Folkboat

Vita Power (UK): developed a range of high performance 100% electric boats, all using the revolutionary Vita Power system and compatible with AC and DC dockside charging networks. Building rapid chargers along the french rivera coast. 

Vision Marine Technologies (Canada): Electric Boats, Electric Motors, and Powerful Marine Technology. 

Unleash Future Boats (Germany): Zero-emission autonomous ferries, boats and ships.

Q Yachts (Finland): one of the pioneers of electric boating. Founded in Helsinki in 2016 by Janne Kjellman, who is also the entrepreneur behind Oceanvolt electric motors. Now providing new electric boat for boat clubs, rentals. 

X-Shore is a Swedish manufacturer of high-end electric craft.

WIA Electric Yachts (Hungary): boat manufacturer that supplies a fleet of electric boats. 

Zin Boats (Seattle, United States): Quietly Comfortable, High Performance, Totally Electric Boats. Based in Seattle, WA

X-Yachts (DK): One of Denmark’s best known sailing yacht manufacturers has launched their first electric propulsion X-Yacht.

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'Exploring the oceans in a new way with immediate power and low noise!'

Annapolis Hybrid Marine: sells electric propulsion systems to customers in North America.

Arka (NL): delivering electric pod-motors for amongst others danish Strømsøboats

ASOBO (Lake Victoria, East Africa):  electric outboard engines – e-Boarders – powered by renewable energy. Also on TOOL´s Featured Lists for East African innovators.

Auqmot (Austria): electric motors 

Bruntons (UK): As a result of their participation EU-financed project HYMAR. Brutons have developed a new versipon of their propeller, the Eco*Star, designed for electric motors and regeneration. 

Duxion Motors: an advanced motor design and manufacturing company developing high power density electric propulsion systems for aviation and marine industries.

Ecomar Propulsion (UK): High Performance Electric Marine Outboard Engines. 

ePropulsion (China): a clear mission to become the global leader in marine electric propulsion systems and services. First company to launch a brushless direct-drive electric outboard motor in the market and offers a portfolio of 3-9.9HP or 1–6kW outboard motors across its Spirit and Navy ranges that are renowned for being high quality, quiet, eco-friendly and low maintenance. Headquartered

EVOY design, develop, and deliver powerful 100% electric motor systems (outboard and inboard)

Electro-Mobile Scandinavia (Sweden): featured on swedens first wholly electric boat show.

EPTechnologies (DK): producer of  high power electric outboard engines

Glas Ocean Electric (Canda): AI, data, and systems for electrification of vessels. Provides electric boat propulsion kits, using boat batteries as dynamic energy storage for power grids and data collection. Works with governments to develop drivers and incentives to support the electrification of boats. Find them on TOOL´s Featured Lists for Female Founders and Canadian Innovators in Ocean and Renewables.

GreenStar Marine (Sweden): an established and highly regarded company that was founded in 1999 and marked its 500th system installation in 2018. Its core business is complete electric inboard systems for sailboats

Hydrotroniks (Canada): a collective of engineers, designers, and environmental scientists who work together to create electric based solutions for pleasure boats and commercial boats. Works with partners to develop new technology and provide clean alternatives to current boat engines by making use of electric energy storage, and propulsions options. Also on TOOL´s Featured List of Canadian Innovators.

Impulse Power: electric outboard motor and battery

Inpeq: develops highly efficient propulsion systems based on completely new technological principles. 

Lift Ocean has developed an hydrofoil system for boats that can reduce the power required by 50-70 % and fuel cost by 90 %, solving the main challenge linked to decarbonization of high-speed boats - hull resistance.

SeaDrive produces electric maritime drivelines, versatile pods that can be adapted to virtually any type of boat, are silent and do not pollute the environment

Silent Sea: combines knowledge from technology companies and sailing. We will combine electric propulsion in a boat with producing green energy during a trip

Temo (France): modern, innovative yet simple electric motor. Like an adjustable telescope, it stands out in its design among electric outboard motors. Won the Dame Awards under the Mets Conference in 2021. 

Torqueedo (Germany): develops and manufactures electric and hybrid drives from 0.5 to 100 kW for commercial applications and recreational use.)

Univa: premium marine equipment supplier. Featuring their Vetus ELINE, a complete electric propulsion system from socket to propeller nut from the same manufacturer.

Vetus: sets the industry standard when it comes to designing complete boat systems and making your life on board more enjoyable. 

Vision Marine (Canada): flagship outboard powertrain is the first fully electric outboard motor that combines an advanced battery pack, inverter, and high efficiency motor.  Nasdaq listed 'Tesla of the Sea' as seen in Forbes. 

Mercury Marine (unmapped) is a global marine leader in propulsion systems and services, integrated electronics and parts. Manufacturers of outboard motors and MerCruiser inboard engines, with over 4000 dealers in the United States.

Oceanvolt (Finland): electric motor manufacturer suitable for sailboats. The company currently produces two types of propulsion systems for electric boats: saildrives and shaftdrives. Has collaborated with Norwegian electric boat producer Hyrex. 

WaveFoil has developed retractable bow foils that provide significant fuel savings, reduced motions and a more comfortable experience at sea

Wildtech: Marine propulsion systems. New and innovative technology aimed to maximize the experience and minimize the environmental footprint 

Zparq AB (Sweden): Challenging the limits of marine propulsion by providing an electrical motor that is up to 10 times smaller in volume and weight than any other solution on the market! 


Apis Solutions (Ireland): Development, construction and retrofitting of emission-free, solar-electric drives for yachts and boats with charging solutions. H2 or methanol fuel cells serve as backup and range extender. 

Green Waves design and build electric boat models, as well as retrofit existing boats and give old boats new life

Ibiza boats (Norway): received special dedicated funds for marine innovation projects from the government. Testing out drivelines from SeaDrive in their new concept boat, and new materials from recycled plsatic. 

Sailing Uma: rescued an old sailboat, 1972 Pearson 36, destined for scrap yard and converted into all electric sailboat with OceanVolt eletric motor, documenting their journey through Youtube. 

Silent Sea combines knowledge from technology companies and sailing. We will combine electric propulsion in a boat with producing green energy during a trip

Ebaat: develops an electric driveline for retrofitting intended for slow-moving hulls - fits perfectly on well-used wooden boats.

Ocean Friendly Maintenance & Cleaning Solutions

BioMimetx S.A. (Portugal) is a born global biotech start-up focused in the development of antifouling solutions derived from Nature.

Endures (NL) specializes in the field of maritime corrosion, anti-fouling, micro-biologically influenced corrosion, and failure analysis.

Fjord Tech Solutions (Norway) is developing the next generation hull cleaning system for the recreational boating market. Through technology innovation and partnership with the worlds largest paint manufacturer AkzoNobel, we aim to simplify boat maintenance, while drastically reducing emissions from recreational boating.

Finsulate (NL) is a typical Dutch maritime invention and has been applied to yachts and vessels on every continent. Ranging from small sloops and day sailers up to offshore support vessels and dry weight bulkers. The Finsulate concept works in any environment and is up to any challenge!

Hullbot (Australia) is a startup that has developed a robotic in-water hull cleaning system. Designed from the ground up to autonomously inspect, map and clean the hull of a boat without a human operator present.

Keelcrab is an underwater, mechanical, automated system, the first of the technologies conceived, designed and implemented by the company. Produced with the aim to cut down the running costs and reduce the risks associated with the cleaning operations, it also combats the pollution caused by the chemicals.

Marine Pro AS (Norway) will offer the only true environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for cleaning hulls from fouling.

Navatic 's (Hong Kong) MITO is the most stable and affordable underwater drone in the consumer market. For underwater exploration and hull inspection.

Notilo Plus (Norway) is the company behind iBubble and Seasam, the world's first autonomous underwater drones made for leisure and professional applications.

NORselast (Norway) is a research project that will try to develop the first polyurethane material in the world with AntiFouling properties lasting for at least 10 years.

Penrhos Bio (UK) produces a patented novel active that is effective against multispecies biofilms including fungi and algae.

Propspeed(NZ) the industry leader in foul-release coatings, has been protecting your underwater assets for over 21 years. The Propspeed coating system is recognised globally as the best prevention of marine growth and fouling of propellers, running gear and other underwater metals.

Sonihul´s ECO product range(UK) has everything you need to protect leisure boats from marine bio-fouling. Sail or power, large or small.

WaveArray Antifouling Systems (Italy) is a business specifically created to solve the problem of biofouling on submerged structures. It has won multiple National Science Foundation (America's Seed Fund) awards based upon its innovative solutions.

Boat Rental and Boat Pool

Friendships (DK): Electric Boat rental at Christianshavn, Copenhagen.  Eectric boats are powered by green, CO2-compensated energy from Danish windmills. 

Kruser (Norway) is the worlds first fully electric boat pool company, providing boats to members in different parts of Norway

Canal Boats Telemark (Norway) rents out 100% electric boats for tours in Norwegian waterways

Skipperi: boat sharing service with electric boats from Q-yachts for Swedish and Finish market. Skipperi exists in Norway, FInland, Sweden, Dk, Canda, NZ. 

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