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Invest in TOOL

For our future and existing investors, we are looking for change makers, entrepreneurs and family offices committed to investing in the next generation, change and the planet.

Our mission: Empowering Generation Clean-up

TOOL supports the evolution of emission & waste-free ocean industries through an eco-system platform, matchmaking and services to optimize the next generations success, leading and creating change. 

"Converting climate activists to business activists"

Scroll down to explore our intro films & more details on who we are, the change we aim to support, and who we wish to get onboard for our voyage!

Investor contact: mail@theoceanopportunitylab.com

Learn more about the innovators painpoints that inspired us to build TOOL:

Do you share our values & match our investor criteria?

TOOL is preparing for opening up for the right type of actors to join our journey. We are committed to empowering innovators of sustainable solutions, and helping the established ocean & renewable industry actors to thrive in collaboration with entrepreneurs. We are in it for the long run, and do not have an exit strategy.

Instead, we are committed to nurturing fellow entrepreneurs, through allocating 25% of TOOL´s profits reinvesting in innovators through a regenerative investment mechanisms investing via other funds. We also believe in long term commitment, both internally and externally, and 10% of our profits will be shared among our team members - through a share option program.

Who can invest in TOOL?

We primarily wish to ensure a balance of fellow entrepreneurs & change makers, and long term investors such as family offices. We also aim for having a majority of female investors at all times, and also wlecome individual females with the below capacities as part of our shareholder group.

Investor criteria

Since TOOL is a value-based company aiming for making a great impact within the ocean industry  it is important that potential investors have the same view. 

Our guiding principles & criteria:

Open to transparency, flat organisation and partnership based company

Willingness to think in new manner - Acceptance of regenerative model

Passion for the ocean or a wish to redirect passion towards the ocean

Walk the talk! Working for the SDGs

Diversity focus in your investments

Equality in the board and management team

Long term focus building an ecosystem rather than 5 years IPO.

Integrity & great network of change makers

Dive into TOOL Spawn with us - explore how we enable innovators:

We will be happy to share our deck with you. Meanwhile, you can also read more here on Spawn:

Available on request:

Investor presentation with business plan & roadmap

Financial overview & forecast

Investment case

Our vision & intro film from August 2019

We´ve come a long way boothstrapping, and now welcome the right type of long term, value-based co-owners to join us for scaling.

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