Cover photo for Liana Thompson of Aquaai: The war correspondent building Robotic AI Fish

Liana Thompson of Aquaai: The war correspondent building Robotic AI Fish

‘The people who disrupted the taxi industry weren't taxi drivers’

Hear Liana share how she believes that Nemo's Smarter Twin Can Save our Waterways!

Who got the ball rolling on the robotic fish?

Simeon Pieterkosky's daughter, who grew up watching her father work, came home one day saying the seas are in a dire state and something needed to be done. Simeon, then decided to pivot his focus and started looking at what kind of technology is required for the water waves to be able to substantially help to repair oceans. Create systems to manoeuvre rougher seas, superstorms, manoeuvre around debris and be able to withstand rock waters. Explore the journey of this awesome robotic fish below:

How was Aquaai founded?

Both of them met in Israel and Liane had heard of Simeon and his invention before, and she wanted to meet him. They hit it off, and she decided to bring him and his robotics fish over to the US, to make a company out of it.

What is the most significant advantage of using a robotic fish?

According to Liane, it's the ability to immerse ourselves in the natural habitat in the manner that the natural habitat accepts us. There is also AI and VR capability. However, biomimicry allows them to get up close to the salmon and aquaculture, which enables them to acquire more precision data. The future of robotics is going towards biomimicry.

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