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Norwegian Established Actors: Ocean & Renewables

The Norwegian Ecosystem

Norway is committed to reduce the country’s total emissions 40% by 2030. The country’s determination towards sustainable development is found across all industries and pushed forward through admirable technological innovation. Norway’s economy has a significant history in maritime and fishing activities. Today, Norway has successfully brought these industries to the next level becoming a role model by showing how circularity and sustainability can become core values in modern economies.  At TOOL, we have extensively mapped Norwegian companies within ocean and renewables industries with over 300 relevant actors on our interactive map

In this article you can discover established companies that are pioneering change across Norway's industries and are working to make ocean use sustainable, protect marine life and decarbonize our planet!

Innovators in Ocean and Maritime

Maritime & Shipping

Aanderaa Data Instruments AS, a Xylem brand, headquartered in Bergen, Norway, designs, manufactures and sells sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments.  Ålesund Maritime AS is on a decarbonization mission in the maritime industry. Alma Clean Power's vision is to become the leading supplier of low and zero emission power systems for the ocean industries.  Blueye Robotics provides eyes below the surface with premium underwater drones. Breeze Ship Design AS is an independent ship design company that offers innovative designs with focus on environmentally compliance with known and future rules and regulations.  Brunvoll provides customized reduction gearboxes, electric drive systems, innovative propulsion solutions, main propellers, propeller nozzles, azimuth propulsion and fully integrated thruster solutions.  CoreMarine is a specialist marine engineering company offering operational and marine analysis services to the blue economy and emerging marine industries. ECOsubsea is a leading provider of environmentally friendly in-water hull cleaning services to the worldwide shipping industry. Eelume is a disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair. Eelume vehicles are self-propelled, autonomous robotic arms whose slender and flexible body can transit over long distances and carry out IMR in confined spaces not accessible by conventional underwater vehicles. Elkem Bremanger manufacture metallurgic silicon-based products for the world market. The surrounding mountain lakes and ice-free fjord provide ideal conditions for renewable hydropower and reliable shipping conditions. Elpro Maritime is a supplier of electrical and mechanical products, solutions and services for customers in maritime, offshore and onshore industries.  eSEA Marine is an international company with a background in offshore, subsea and ROV, they retrieve man-made elements from the seabed using technology, innovative solutions and experience from other marine and maritime industries. Esgian develops digital platforms and tools to analyse emissions and ESG within Ocean Industries.   GC Rieber Shipping is an offshore & shipping company with a long history and unique competence within development of specialised vessels and offshore operations in harsh environment.  Grieg Edge, aims to identify and develop new business opportunities within shipping and related maritime segments – always with sustainability as a requirement.  HAV Group ASA delivers safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ship designs and has developed a hydrogen system that enables even larger ships to sail greater distances emission free. Havfront AS focuses on innovation and development within the marine and maritime industry in close cooperation with the industry and users. Hydro Havrand is on a mission to decarbonize heavy industry, maritime sector and long-distance transport with green hydrogen. Hyon delivers safe, high-capacity hydrogen fueling solutions to the maritime sector. Marine Aluminiun is a pioneering supplier of safe access solutions and outfitting for offshore, marine, wind and construction markets.  Maritime Robotics believes that the future of maritime operations is unmanned and that innovation in automation will drive industry standards and continually broaden operational possibilities. Miros is a technology company that specialises in measuring the ocean surface. The company provides sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industry. Moen Marin is the world’s largest supplier of working boats to the aquaculture industry. They lead the way in electrification and digitization of the fishing and aquaculture fleet. Nekkar applies superior engineering, electrification, automation, and digitalisation competence to develop disruptive technologies that can make high-growth industry sectors even more sustainable, productive and profitable.  North Ammonia develops projects to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia for the maritime industry to facilitate significant decarbonization. OceanFront AS provides project management, engineering, procurement, logistics and consulting services for both onshore and offshore customers. Optilift provides artificial intelligence for more efficient and safer cargo handling. SES-X technology enables vessels to glide on a cushion of air, significantly reducing energy consumption and enabling zero emission. Siglar Carbon is a digital chartering tool built in line with today's requirements for efficiency, compliance and market insight. Silent Sea combines knowledge from technology companies and sailing. They will combine electric propulsion in a boat with producing green energy during a trip. StormGeo is a leading provider of data science and weather intelligence, serving a worldwide customer base with advanced solutions through our global 24/7 forecasting desks and R&D team. Techno Dive is a modern subsea entrepreneur operating in several service fields – with mobilizations both along the Norwegian coastline and globally.  Telenor Maritime has continued to grow as a major global mobile operator at sea with a mobile-centric solution, enabling a digital business transformation in the maritime verticals offshore, cruise, ferry, and fisheries. Tschudi Group builds on its three main commercial competences, shipping, logistics and offshore services to create joint transport solutions. Vaisala has a range of wind technologies including robust wind sensors, weather stations and wind lidars that can be harnessed to support better performance and optimization of modern sailing technologies utilizing wind-assisted propulsion. Vindskip® a carbon-robust ship concept running on wind, biogas & LNG, for sustainable ocean transport of automotives. W-Yacht is a Norwegian-owned boat company that started in 2007, and is an importer of Greenline motorboats and Dufour sailboats. Yara International's focuses on clean ammonia production, they aim to enable the hydrogen economy, driving a green transition of shipping, fertilizer production and other energy intensive industries.

Seafood & Aquaculture

Abyss Group provides ROV and diving based subsea operations with special focus on the development of cost effective solutions for all subsea work. Åkerblå Group AS provides knowledge-based marine health, ecological monitoring programs, hydrographic and oceanographic studies, sediment and water sampling, contaminated land investigation, marine environmental impact assessment and more. AKVA group is a global technology and service partner that deliver technology and services that helps solve biological challenges within the aquaculture industry.  AKVAREFORMA AS's ambition is to contribute to developing a more sustainable farming industry.  

AllMaritim AS is a leading supplier in the international oil spill response industry and has been engaging in sales and marketing of oil spill response products since 1988.  Anteo is a software company focusing on decision making systems for a sustainable aquaculture industry. Aqua Kompensate performs all types of surveys in both sea and fresh water: Environmental surveys, impact assessments, health checks in food and hatchery facilities, wellboat inspections, electricity measurements and assessments of new fish farms. Aqua Pharma Group is a shrimp and fish health services company, they develop and deliver innovative methods for improvement and control of animal health. Their systems combine minimum environmental footprint, high efficacy and maximum care for welfare.  AquaCloud is a big data project anchored in the aquaculture industry’s need to solve common challenges in order to create sustainable growth. Aquafarm Equipment AS is the world's leading designer and producer of floating closed fish cage systems.  AquaPro contributes with sustainable waste treatment and further develop a technology that can be used to refine other types of biological waste into valuable plant processing and/or energy. AquaScan is a technology company boosting fish farms' productivity and confidence by providing information about their stock. Aquaticode builds artificial intelligence for aquaculture. They use machine learning to solve some of the industry's most significant challenges.  Argeo AS is transforming the ocean surveying and inspection industry using autonomous vehicles and unique sensor and imaging technology. Argus Remote Systems AS is a manufacturer of ROV systems with electric propulsion. Biomega is a Norwegian producer of high-value food-grade marine ingredients using a patented continuous enzymatic hydrolysis (CEH) process. Birdview has developed an aerial drone-based detector system for searching, collecting biomass data and communicating data from maritime and other water- based industries on known technology that Birdview has further developed and adapted to maritime and water-based environments. Blue Breeder revolutionises fish farm structures, enabling cost efficient, safe, and sustainable under water fish farming.  Blue Ocean Technology was founded based on a realisation: There has been a need for more compact, efficient systems for handling sludge in aquaculture. Capia is a company that organizes data for aquaculture, fishing and maritime traffic. Clear Ocean develops affordable, easy-to-use and scalable tool for active trawling for marine plastic waste. Coast Seafood AS is a seafood company that challenges its surroundings 360 degrees in order to create value all the way from the producers of raw materials to the consumers. FishGLOBE is a unique patented closed farming technology floating in the sea. Gigante Salmon AS is an aquaculture company that produces salmon on land. Their fundamental values are rooted in sustainable local value creation and community development. Insula's goal is to increase seafood consumption by offering exciting and tasty seafood products that are easy to prepare, to make it easy for everyone to make good environmental choices in everyday life. Intoto provides high-quality data and prediction from rivers, streams, harbors and fjords – as a service. Lerøy Seafood Group is a world-leading seafood corporation with a history reaching back to 1899. LoVeMar has developed services and products that are very effective in cleaning up marine plastic waste. Mainstay's mission is to provide the aquaculture and other marine industries with the most reliable and value-adding subsurface net cleaning equipment. Maritech is a world-leading provider of innovative software and IoT solutions for companies in the seafood and logistics industry. Mowi fulfills one fifth of global demand for farm-raised Atlantic salmon and are constantly driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the highest standards of sustainability. Nedre Romerike Vannverk IKS is responsible for supplying drinking water of high quality to the owner municipalities, and receiving sewage, cleaning and returning it to nature.  Nordic Aquafarms AS are dedicated to quality and sustainability in everything we pursue to create great products for the demanding seafood lover. Nova Sea AS is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in Northern Norway, with 33.33 licenses for production of salmon. Ocein (Ocean Innovations) develops technology and smart solutions for seawater fish farming. Ogoori is helping conscious brands to commit in protecting our oceans and adopt the circular model through the use of marine plastic. Østerbø Yanmar Net cleaner is an submergible robot for cleaning of fish farming nets. It is like the oceans Land Cruiser with uniqe accessibility all around the net, even in strong currents and slack net. Plany AS supplies technical textiles for use in aquaculture, agriculture and industry. 

ScaleAQ creates growth in aquaculture by producing and delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way. Scantrol Deep Vision is dedicated to the development and sales of their fish measuring board, the FishMeter, and underwater camera system, Deep Vision. Seaweed Solutions produce and wholesale seaweed in bulk (B2B).  Sensar Marine makes products designed to improve the relationship between a boat and its owner. Stingray Marine Solutions AS offers intelligent technology for the aquaculture industry.  Tekslo shares a dream of creating a more sustainable Earth and reverse the trends on food and health – as we introduce seaweed to the world. Thalasso AS was created to face a new challenge caused by the abnormal massive influx of seaweed in the Caribbean Region.

Innovators in Renewable Energy

Aker Horizons has a dedicated team working to build leading companies that can meaningfully reduce CO₂ emissions while creating substantial value over time.  Aker Solutions delivers integrated solutions, products and services to the global energy industry. Akershus Energi is a broadly composed energy company, with activities within the business areas of hydropower, district heating, district cooling, wind power, solar power, hydrogen, real estate, green infrastructure, data centers and energy trading. AXTech provides purpose-built heavy lifting and handling equipment for offshore wind industry. Beyonder is an energy storage technology company creating eco-friendly and high performance batteries for industrial use. BKK is western Norway’s largest renewable energy company. They have been responsible for Vestland’s energy system for 100 years, and are committed to paving the way for the establishment of new industries in the region.

BlueTec is a well-established company with a future-oriented vision and broad expertise in solar energy, electric car charging and energy solutions.  CCB Energy Holding offers a climate-focused industrial park. Activities related to the Energy Park include climate-neutral hydrogen production, marine farming and reception, disposal and storage of CO2. ClevAir is a plug-and-play building management solution that helps save 30% energy, and quality assure the indoor climate. Deep Wind Offshore has significant maritime and offshore expertise, they are prepared to both develop and hold ownership positions in various offshore wind projects. Edda Wind is a provider of purpose-built Service Operation Vessels (SOV) and Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV) to the global offshore wind market. Endvision is an offshore logistics management contractor offering multi-modal transport solutions from vendor to offshore assets as an integrated service.  Elevon is solely focused on wind logistics. Transporting large and delicate structures for wind projects, is a technical exercise demanding focus and dedication.  FREYR will supply safe, high energy density and cost competitive clean battery cells to the rapidly growing global markets for electric vehicles, energy storage, and marine applications. Gen2 Energy’s short and simple purpose is to produce green hydrogen on a large scale, make it accessible for many, and easy to use for the customer. Glint Solar is accelerating the floating solar revolution by using satellite data and machine learning to conduct comprehensive pre-feasibility studies on bodies of water and coastlines. Glocal Green's bio-e-methanol will be based on biological waste and green hydrogen. An all green nearby solution for fueling the transport sector and for chemical industry to turn products green. Greenstat is a company aiming to develop profitable projects in the renewable energy sector.  Hafslund Eco owns and operates hydropower plants over large parts of the country. Havfram is a subsea and offshore wind contractor with a global footprint, headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. Hexagon Purus is a world leading provider of Hydrogen Type 4 high-pressure cylinders, complete vehicle systems and battery packs for fuel cell electric and battery electric vehicles. HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS's aim is to make the green shift happen through our state-of-the-art hydrogen separation technology with carbon capture. Hystar is a high tech company that specializes in advanced PEM electrolysers for large scale green hydrogen production. Lyse is a Norwegian group with operations in the areas of energy, telecommunications and infrastructure. Within renewable and regulatable hydropower, Lyse is a national player, and the group is a national leader in fiber broadband. Magnora Offshore Wind believes that floating offshore wind, through active development of three categories of technologies, will be competitive and by that be an important part of the solution to meet the climate commitments. Moreld Ocean Wind is a pure play independent technology, product, and solutions provider for the Floating Offshore Wind Industry. Moss Maritime provides leading technology and expertise within design and engineering services to the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sector. Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy.  Norseman is a broad-based consortium that will develop the offshore wind farm in Sørlige North Sea II.  Ocean Power Parks is a grid of multipurpose platforms that exploit the potential and kinetic energy of ocean waves to power a generator, producing renewable energy that can be provided to utility companies for further distribution. We are currently working on developing a full scale model.  Otovo is the easiest way to get solar panels on your roof. They are a marketplace organizing a network of local, high quality energy installers that we have vetted thoroughly.  Seawind Ocean Technology designs and produces with its tier-one partners integrated floating offshore wind energy systems composed of a two-bladed with a proprietary teetering hinge wind turbine. Shoreline is an enterprise SaaS provider of intelligent simulation and optimization solutions for project development and field operations management for wind energy assets. Sigma Hydrogen is combining a century old technology with technical understanding and artificial intelligence to produce cost-efficient and green hydrogen and ammonia. Spoor is a fast growing software company on a mission to enable industry and nature to coexist. Their first service uses AI and computer vision to aid wind farm operators and developers in monitoring bird activity in onshore and offshore wind farms. Statkraft is a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. The Group produces hydropower, wind power, solar power, gas-fired power and supplies district heating. Sun Net AS has introduced a solar tile in clay and concrete which is connected in a parallel connection. Viken Hydrogen is developing and producing green hydrogen on a large scale. Wind Catching Systems develops floating offshore wind technology at bottom-fixed prices. WindPartner’s vision is to become a significant and technology-oriented provider of systems, solutions and technology to the offshore wind industry. ZEG provides technology and systems for production of clean hydrogen and/or electricity from hydrocarbon gas through its novel ZEG ICC™ Technology with integrated carbon capture.

The Nordics

We have carefully mapped the corporate ecosystem of our neighboring Nordic countries. Check out the rest of Nordic established actors!

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  • Swedish Established Actors

  • Finnish Establised Actors

  • Icelandic Established Actors

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