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Norwegian Innovators in Ocean and Renewables

The Norwegian Ecosystem

The Norwegian startup ecosystem has seen exponential growth in the last decade. The country’s focus on tech development, sustainability and facilitating growth opportunities to new companies makes Norway a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs.  At TOOL, we have extensively mapped Norwegian companies within ocean and renewables industries with over 300 relevant actors on our interactive map.


In this article you can explore startups and scaleups in Norway's ecosystem that are working to make ocean use sustainable, protect marine life and decarbonize our planet!

Innovators in Marine and Ocean Industries

Aanderaa Data Instruments AS, a Xylem brand, headquartered in Bergen, Norway, designs, manufactures and sells sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments. AlgaePro develops technology for cultivating microalgae through circular bioeconomy, using biowaste from municipal waste management, as well as carbon dioxide and waste heat from industrial sources. Alginor ASA seeks towards a sustainable and resource efficient future based on seaweed treasures from beyond the Arctic Circle.  Amon Maritime is leading the green shift in shipping, by pioneering the use of ammonia as fuel across ship newbuildings, ship management, technology development and bunkering infrastructure. AquaScan AS specialises in the development, production and marketing of fish counters. Blue Lice is a company providing solutions preventing sea lice infections in salmon fish farming. Blue Impact is developing a technology for pulverizing oil into biodegradable particles - using the impact energy of water jets instead of chemicals.  Boatia AS is the result of a desire to further develop the service side of the leisure boat market, both in a more professional direction, but also with a clear future-oriented sustainable goal for its services.  Bravo Marine develops and sells underwater cleaning systems to improve fish welfare through a cleaner fish farm infrastructure. Brisk Safety AS develops and supplies products for the fish farming industry, fisheries and offshore. C-Feed AS is a commercial producer of copepod eggs and live copepods for early stage feeding of marine fish, crustaceans and other marine organisms. CageEye has developed today’s most advanced monitoring and feeding control system, using sound-based sensor equipment and machine learning to translate fish behavior into knowledge. Canal Boats Telemark wants to help you travel on a green Norwegian holiday along one of Norway's most beautiful waterways. Their boats run on 100% renewable energy. Clean Sea Solutions develops innovative solutions to reduce and prevent the inflow of marine plastic waste into the oceans. Clear Ocean develops trawls dedicated for collecting plastic waste at the sea surface. Dynaspace advances the transparency of aquaculture by utilizing satellite imagery to provide a cloud based platform with the most comprehensive map of aquaculture operations. ECOsubsea offers a unique solution for environmentally friendly underwater hull cleaning of vessels while in port. Empower is building a global plastic waste ecosystem based on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system. By giving plastic waste a value we can both stop leakage of plastic into the environment and cost-efficiently incentivize collection of leaked waste. eSea Marine is an international company with a background in offshore, subsea and ROV, they specialize in retrieving man-made elements from the seabed using technology, innovative solutions and experience from other marine and maritime industries. ESNA is an independent ship design company for high-performance and efficient vessels. They specialize on low and zero emission technology and air cushioned catamaran/Surface Effect Ships (SES), where they have unique world-leading competence. Fávli leads an R&D project on Ingøya to develop technology to harvest humpback salmon in the sea in a sustainable way. fDevices has developed a unique method of removing biofouling, a gentle cleaning technique (low pressure at low flow) designed not to damage the anti-fouling coating on submerged vessels. Fishency Innovation is focused on producing innovative solutions to aquaculture's biggest challenges. Fishency is currently developing a solution to automate sea lice counting in salmon farms. FishGLOBE develops, builds and sells or leases facilities to fish farming companies in Norway and the rest of the world. Fiskevelferd's patented technology 'Column' aims to improve the sustainability in fish farming and enhance sales by reducing fish mortality.  Fjord Tech Solutions is developing the next generation hull cleaning system for the recreational boating market. Freepower is designing a boat that will be 100% self-sufficient on solar energy. Gaia Salmon is developing a land-based salmon production facility on Træna, Northern-Norway. The recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility is planned to have a capacity of 7,200-metric-ton, with construction beginning in the first quarter of 2022. Glitne is the producer of the world’s finest and most sustainable Snow White Norwegian Halibut. Glitne holds a unique quality – shaped in a fjord on land, using only pure, ice-cold and crystal clear water from the depths of the mystical Sognefjord. Green Waves electrifies today's boats, while they develop tomorrow's electric boats. H2 MARINE develop solutions for production and distribution of green hydrogen for the maritime sector. H2 MARINE develops solutions for the extraction of hydrogen for land- and sea-based fish farming. Our solution extracts hydrogen from green energy with heat and oxygen as a by-product.

Holocene is developing floating waste-to-energy vessels for emerging markets to solve waste management issues and to produce electricity and useful products. Innomar is developing ocean tech for fisheries, aquaculture, metocean data harvesting and marine operations. Lift Ocean aspires to make the hydrofoil technology available for everyone. By flying above water, they solve the main challenge linked to decarbonization of high-speed boats; hull resistance. Lofoten Seaweed wild harvests seaweed in the Lofoten Islands, north of the arctic circle. From sustainable harvesting practices to using minimum waste packaging, sustainability is at the heart of everything they do. Manolin is a software and data analytics company that predicts fish health. We believe solving aquaculture disease is critical to a sustainable global food system. MarinePro AS delivers environmentally friendly hull washing and a clear conscience through new and forward-looking sustainable technology. Molofeed AS is a Norwegian producer of innovative and high-quality larval diets for marine finfish and shrimp. Morefish's vision is to contribute to developing the aquaculture of the future, through an interdisciplinary focus on technology, biology and economics. Nekkar is committed to push for new innovative and sustainable solutions through cutting edge technologies. Their activities are mainly related to Shipyard-, Drilling- and Aquaculture industries. Nordic Circles' ambition is to upcycle steel from obsolete ships and platforms to steel for construction and buildings. Norsjór aims to reduce corrosion, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission by removing biofouling without harming the ecosystem. Northern Company is an award-winning Norwegian company that harvests and sells seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean. Norwegian Ship Design is an independent company established early 2019 by a group of highly experienced and skilled Naval Architects and engineers formerly holding key positions in other Norwegian ship design companies. Ocean Access makes autonomous communication system for remote ocean monitoring. Oceanbolt is a leading platform for maritime and commodity trade flow data intelligence.  Ocean Visuals delivers Oil-in-Water Locator, OWL™ sensor systems for real-time detection, verification and classification of oil-in-water. OceanTech's team has experience with working in the harsh and difficult accessible Splash Zone for the Aquaculture Industry, Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind and Transport and Maritime sector. Ocein (Ocean Innovations) develops technology and smart solutions for seawater fish farming. Offshore Sensing AS designs and manufactures the unmanned surface vehicle - Sailbuoy, a long endurance unmanned surface vehicle for the oceans. Ogoori is helping conscious brands to commit in protecting our oceans and adopt the circular model through the use of marine plastic. OptoScale is a world leader in precise weight measurement for aquaculture and also provides solutions for monitoring fish health and automatic lice counting. PingMe is a smart and modern tool for tagging gear and objects under water. With new transponder technology, either integrated with the boat's sonar, - or as a stand-alone system, PingMe makes it easy to find and identify lost gear underwater. Pinovo AS is a Bergen based ocean impact company has developed, patented and proven in the market place, clean vacuum blasting surface treatment technology. It stops all Paint Microplastic Emissions entering the Ocean, and reduces CO2 emissions by over 60% compared to traditional open grit blasting, by reusing the grit up to 20 times. Plany AS supplies technical textiles for use in aquaculture, agriculture and industry. Plug is a Norwegian company that offers shore power In partnership with the ports. They are a driving force for a more environmentally friendly shipping in both Norway and internationally. Purecod does sustainable aquaculture, farming cod at sea in closed-pen systems without impact on wildlife and the environment. Pure Lobster will conduct land-based farming of Australian freshwater lobster with sustainable solutions at all levels Renatur AS offers consultancy services within the external environment. Such as contaminated land, marine pollution in both water and sediment, mapping in connection with building plans, as well as assistance in case of acute pollution and more. Resqunit As is a company that aims to reduce the global impact of lost fishing gear (aka ghostgear) by inventing affordable and easy-to-use products for securing fishing gear. Ruden Water looks for opportunities deeper in the subsurface, at 300-1500m depth, making use of data obtained from the Oil and Gas industry, combined with traditional hydrology and hydrogeology, for ultra deep groundwater prospecting. SeaDrive AS holds a unique competence within maritime technology. The products consist of state-of-the-art technology within maritime electric motors, range extenders, motor controllers, battery management systems and lithium batteries. SeaGuard offers environmentally friendly services and products with a focus on water treatment. Searas provides equipment and services to improve the water quality in aquaculture systems. SeaShare is building the biggest shared boat pool in the world - for a sustainable future, and magnificent experiences! Seas of Norway (SoN) was established to explore and develop the huge potential of industrial algae cultivation in Norway. SeaSmart provides environmental monitoring service with our patented wireless drone, allowing a wide range of measurement and analysis to achieve sustainable salmon production and growth. Sensefinity is building the 'internet of cargo' via their simple to use, inexpensive sensor-platform and our scalable cloud-platform they can find fast and easy ways to integrate machine-data into today's IT systems to uncover hidden value. Siglar provides CO2 emission estimates for vessel and route options, making it easy to choose the optimal alternative. Shipshave ITCH allows the crew to clean the hull and dispose removed fouling far from shores and aims to reduce fuel costs and minimise biofouling from your ship. Skarv Technologies AS delivers software and hardware solutions for autonomous robotic systems operating in the marine environment, specializing in applications that require a high degree of self dependence and robustness. Submerged AS develops technology that ensures breeders and other players in aquaculture accurate lice counts and measurements of biomass, for better economy and fish health. SubC3d's goal as a company is to build up a major player in the aquaculture industry, and become Norway's most sought-after system for those who want to run a sustainable and optimized operation. TANGO Seaweed cultivate seaweeds according to nature’s principles. We are committed to producing high quality kelps and other macroalgae for human food. Thalasso AS was created to face a new challenge caused by the abnormal massive influx of seaweed in the Caribbean Region.

Urchinomics specifically targets these ecologically destructive, empty sea urchins and re-home them into our ranching systems. Wavefoil has developed retractable bow foils that provide significant fuel savings, reduced motions and a more comfortable experience at sea. Combining a smart retraction mechanism with the use of light but strong composite materials, Wavefoil is bringing wave propulsion to the market. Yxney Maritime provides data driven decarbonization in offshore and maritime by reducing fuel and energy consumption Zeabuz is a spin-off from the leading research community on autonomous vessels at NTNU in Trondheim. Together we built the world's first autonomous urban ferry prototypes.

Innovators in Renewable Energy Sector and Circular Economy

Aersea provides extensive aerial and underwater survey and inspection services utilizing drones and ROVs for inspection of offshore structures, wind turbines, pipe lines. AMON develops technology that can make offshore wind profitable in the future. This makes AMON a catalyst for renewable energy production and contributes to the massive scale needed to achieve a sustainable future. AquaGreen is a biomass treatment company that uses waste biomaterial and converts that into renewable energy. Beyonder design and manufacture safer energy storage solutions based on Norwegian sawdust, with high power, fast charging and long lifetime. Produced with clean energy and energy-efficient methods, our batteries have the smallest environmental footprint possible. Brim Explorer provides ocean excursions without noise or pollution on board silent hybrid-electric ships. BTG develops, manufactures and supplies solar-powered solutions adapted to Nordic conditions with cold and dark winters.  B'ZEOS is a material science company which develops novel packaging materials which are bio-based and use renewable resources.  Captico2 is a Norwegian company providing patented technologies that help capture and convert carbon dioxide to a non-toxic, storable and usable mineral in less than 60 seconds. CatchSolar offers solar thermal heating systems that can be adapted to customer needs and integrated into the architectural design of the building. Clovers AS is a Norwegian engineering company. It was founded in 2020 by world class engineering expertise within fixed and floating maritime structures. Their key purpose is innovation and development of technology for the offshore wind industry and the maritime sector. Current Solar AS, is a developer of floating PV solutions under the trade name Norwegian Solar floats™ We supply components to EPC companies or turn key installations for project developers and investors. F3nice recycles high valuable metals such as high-alloyed steels, Ni-based and Ti based alloys to produce metal powder with the finest quality. This metal powder is used in the process of 3D printing or additive manufacturing to produce metal objects from recycled metal powder.  Green Floating Marine Structures (GFMS) is a company founded by Jørgen Ranum Krokstad. The objective of the company is to develop a floating wind turbine structure with a single line mooring. Green Waves have found its place as the choice for electric boats for Norwegian customers. Not only do they sell their own electric boat models, but they also retrofit existing boats and give old boats new life. HAVIND is a company specialized in delivering sustainable subsea solutions to the Offshore Wind industry. Horisont Energi's mission is to apply innovation and new technology to produce clean energy at scale and deliver carbon storage services to the market – bridging the gap to a carbon neutral future. Hyrex is an innovative Norwegian hydrogen technology company started as a joint venture between OBS Technology, ZES and Zenzor. Their vision is to offer electric drivetrains for pleasure boats and utility vessels where weight and size of a sufficiently large battery pack is not economically or physically feasible. HasselSolar has developed a solar roof system together with roofers and carpenters that makes it easy to produce electricity yourself.  H2 Production is a newly established subsidiary of CCB Energy and is in an early phase. The hydrogen company will become a producer of hydrogen and other hydrogen carriers at the Energy Park in Øygarden. Inaventa Solar is a Norwegian solar energy company, that aims to industrialise and commercialise innovative solar collector technology.  Isola Solar specializes in integrated solar panels for roofs and walls as well as a comprehensive solar cell system for flat roofs, and is Isola's investment in solar energy. Magnora's strategy is to develop wind projects in Norway and abroad from early phase greenfield to ready-to build. Norwegian Hydrogen is enabling zero emissons through our development and operations of infrastructure for green hydrogen. Ocean GeoLoop develops and industrializes innovative green technologies for carbon capture with global scaling potential. Ocean Oasis utilizes the power of waves to deliver desalinated water to shore where needed in a flexible, efficient way and without emissions, through putting Norway’s unique offshore competence to work. Ruden Energy provides clean, geothermal heating and cooling, and energy storage. Seabed Solutions builds and operate powerful subsea machines to enable installation of offshore wind turbines, solar panels and electrical distribustion lines.  Seagust will harness the offshore wind to develop renewable energy and build a stronger Norwegian supplier industry Sine Delta is re-shaping the wind industry and revolutionising the world of power generation. They are on a mission to “make the most innovative tech” to solve energy problems. Solgrid aims to become a leading Nordic producer of solar energy. In collaboration with power producers, public authorities and grid operators, they develop, build, operate and own solar power plants on an industrial scale. Sunday Power is investing in solar infrastructure and software, giving commercial property owners and tenants local green energy - hassle-free and without any investment. Sunlit Sea develops a new type of technology for floating solar power installations. The solution is based on prefabrication of serially connected solar panels who's back plates are intrinsically robust and heat conductive aluminum floats. SurplusMap is building a geospatial intelligence platform that empowers decision-makers in green transition industries to make better and faster decisions to develop new green industries. Solbære  AS is photovoltaic engineering and operational company based in Bergen in Western Norway. They provide sustainable and innovative photovoltaic solutions for the commercial, agriculture and private sector.  TotalCtrl is revolutionizing the food industry by eliminating food waste and increasing food traceability. Wold Wide Wind AS is a newly established Norwegian company presenting a novel turbine technology – counter-rotating vertical axis turbine – which represent significant improvements over current VAWT technology.

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The Nordic Ecosystem

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