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NTNU Oceans & TOOL Enter Partnership

NTNU Oceans and TOOL will collaborate on matchmaking and setting up innovative projects between academia/students and the business sector.

First step of the collaboration has already brought TOOL into the master course Experts in Teamwork, where TOOL is one of five partners in the Village “An Ocean for All: Ocean Literacy for Sustainability”.

About NTNU Oceans

NTNU Oceans, is of NTNU's four strategic research areas. They address complex challenges of great importance for society through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Through its research and outreach activities (i.e. Ocean Week), NTNU Oceans contributes to Norway’s role as a maritime nation. Check out their profile on TOOL Spawn and connect with them.

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About the Partnership

"Working closer with students & experts from the NTNU Ocean sphere will truly be a key step towards TOOL’s mission - Empowering Generation Cleanup," says CEO and founder of TOOL, Birgit Liodden.

NTNU Ocean & TOOL will explore and develop collaborative models connecting students and NTNU projects with the innovation ecosystem within ocean & renewable energy. The aim is to fuel innovative models by connecting students & university with frontrunning innovators across startup and established industries within TOOL's national and global ecosystem. Through close interaction with startups and innovators, their shared mission is to drive students' practical understanding of sustainable business models, their openness to explore creative and critical thinking, and learn new thinking across traditional sectors and expertise fields.

TOOL will connect NTNU Oceans with projects and actors relevant for NTNU Oceans' initiatives, where TOOL is already involved.

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