Cover photo for Ocean and Renewables Innovators in Baltic Region

Ocean and Renewables Innovators in Baltic Region

WePower: The easiest way for companies to buy green energy directly from producers.

Viezo: Vibration energy harvesting to power wireless IoT

Vetik: Vetik OÜ is a new Estonian startup developing algae based products (red colorant, seaweed extract) for cosmetics.Member of the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance and Blue Bio Alliance.

UBIK Solutions: Global innovator of power conversion and energy management solutions providing simple, smart and affordable technologies

Sunly: A renewable energy company & an investor of renewable energy and electrification start-ups.

SingleEarth: Single.Earth is a deep tech startup disrupting corporate climate action to help businesses and organizations make a real impact on the climate and nature by making climate action a part of the business processes.How?* providing tools to invest in nature-based solutions which enable to preserve our natural carbon sinks and biodiversity as the most efficient ways to mitigate climate change* making carbon sequestration and biodiversity assessments accessible to small landowners through geospatial, remote sensing, and other advanced data analysis techniques* using blockchain technology to build a distributed, decentralized, and transparent data sharing and transaction management infrastructure, which increases the data integrity of carbon and biodiversity trading AND creates a collaborative governance system where ecologists worldwide can contribute to the science-based climate marketsPreserving our natural carbon sinks and biodiversity is one of the most efficient ways to mitigate climate change.

R8 Technologies: R8tech is a company that is focused on decreasing energy consumption and CO2 emissions of large premium class commercial properties (shopping malls, office buildings, hotels etc) while keeping outstanding indoor climate for every room and area

PVcase: PVcase is a next generation PV software company. Driven by engineering know-how and cutting edge development team, we change the rules when it comes to solar design operations worldwide. Our customer base extends from Europe to North and South Americas, Asia and Australia, rapidly adding new customers with every software iteration.PVcase's approach to utility scale solar layout design strives to become the new industry standard as the PV industry is forced to evolve in an environment with significantly reduced subsidies. Our focus on automation and accuracy from the very earliest stages of planning, incorporating 3D topographical data points to simulate the actual location of the solar plant, allows our customers to be able to compete for and win more projects by delivering greater yields.PVcase’s automation plug-in for AutoCAD has already been used to design over 3 GW of projects by some of the world’s largest players in solar renewable energy. With our extensive experience in the solar design industry we see other opportunities to optimize and create efficiencies in other aspects of the evaluation and planning of commercial and utility scale PV projects and have several other products in the development process.

PowerUP Energy: PowerUp provides clean and portable energy by delivering a hydrogen fuel cell backup generator solution, which can be used for various technologies - yachts, boats, recreational vehicles and many more.

Lixea: Unlocking the value in waste wood using ionic liquids

Kwota: Digital validation and trading of CO₂ emission savings

Hygen: With its proprietary gas compression technology with no moving parts, HYGEN eliminates maintenance, breakdowns, and unnecessary redundancies in gaseous fuels (CNG, RNG, H2) compression & refueling applications. Right now company focuses on commercializing its flagship product - fueling appliance for LCVs powered by renewable natural gas. It enables companies in the gas value chain to offer carbon-neutral and economical biomethane to commercial fleets in a decentralized way

Hold.Earth: Accelerating the transition to Net Zero by connecting, supporting, and scaling the voluntary carbon market

Fusebox: Fusebox integrates consumers and energy systems in its flexibility trading platform to enable better integration of renewables, reduce CO2 and earn large and SME consumer money back from energy markets.

Enefit: One of the largest producers of renewable energy in Estonia and the Baltic countries

Elcogen: Elcogen is one of the leading European developer and manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC/SOEC) technology. SOFC is world’s most efficient hydrogen technology used in power production and storage applications

Aerones: World's Leader in Wind Turbine Blade Inspection and Maintenance Robotics

Q Yachts: Q Yachts is a Finnish electric boat builder

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