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The Brand Project & Oslo Venture Company x TOOL

Growth done right The Brand Project & Oslo Venture Company are entering into a partnership with The Ocean Opportunity Lab to help TOOL Community members grow in the right direction!

Check out the pilot project Oslo Venture Company has set up on our matchmaking and opportunity creating platform TOOL Spawn - an opportunity to apply to the Yara Marine X accelerator - a 3-month tailored program that will give you the opportunity to develop and pilot your startup through their industry competence, network, distribution, and scaling knowledge. The Ocean Opportunity Lab will help scout and provide a pipeline of startups matching their scope.

What exactly do they do? The Brand Project is a specialist branding firm who works with companies to fuel growth and create a platform for long-term success through analytics, strategy and design. Their sister company, Oslo Venture Company, enables founders to build the brands of tomorrow, by co-creating and investing in early stage startups.

What is in it for you? As TOOL Community member, you will get a free exploration and growth session where the Brand Project meets TOOL Community members to hear them out, critique their brand, growth strategy and give them pointers as to what to focus on. Furthermore, there will be possibilities for growth cases from TOOL Community members to be introduced to Oslo Venture Company’s fund and investor network. The Ocean Opportunity Lab will assist in linking them with the right startups from the TOOL Community. Last, but not least, you can expect to be invited to free digital workshops/sessions and get insight into various relevant topics on our platforms.

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