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TOOL Opportunity Agent – Global/Strategic Partners

Originally published January 13, 2021. No longer accepting applications.

Are you passionate about innovation, entrepreneurial work and sustainable change? Currently looking for work within the ocean and energy industries? Do you hold an extensive network, and experience from strategic partnership & collaborative business development?

Link to apply (expired).

For the TOOL team, we are looking for an Opportunity Agent who will function as a business developer and key account commercial/sales resource focused on our strategic partnerships utilizing the TOOL Spawn platform. We seek candidates from the ocean and energy industries to join our team, on a mission to utilize our two digital platforms and bring real value to our existing and new community partners and members.

We are looking for a part-time or full-time resource. Project employee or contractor. Location may be flexible.

The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) is the world’s first floating lab for entrepreneurs and change agents across ocean industries, sustainable solutions & tech. TOOL connects change makers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, clusters and corporations across the world who have the same purpose – making a sustainable impact within the ocean and renewable industries.

TOOL Spawn is our very own “Tinder” for matching entrepreneurs’ resource needs with existing resources and partners from the established industries. Here you will find investment cases, innovation concepts, unresolved problems, resource needs from startups and industry actors and other needs and contributions looking for their perfect match and partner within the community. We currently have 2 major European and global partners signed up, as well as the general community of startups, clusters and other actors. The Opportunity Agent will be allocated to one or several, to develop and onboard their ecosystems and sales, as well as develop and land additional strategic partnerships based on our current models.

Global partners & members can also utilize the TOOL Aquarium for their community events. Featuring a new digital platform that is built for hosting shorter digital events with auditoriums for live streams, a lobby for mingling and an exhibition area for booths. It is also made to be a permanent community platform for showcasing our community members booths 7/24/365. Since the launch in September the platform has already hosted the world’s biggest maritime gender equality conference, and also the ocean part of Oslo Innovation Week.

Work Tasks:

  • Commercial & sales development oriented role

  • Develop and land partnership agreements and larger customer/networks utilizing the TOOL Spawn and additional ecosystem resources

  • Key account responsibility according to your relevant network, onboarding and matchmaking curation for the partner networks

  • Work closely with the key partners to optimally create activities and opportunities and traction/engagement, as well as gather feedback for development/ improvements and value creating needs arising from the early phase onboarding and platform capabilities

Who are you?

  • You are open, purpose-driven and wish to contribute to driving environmental and social change within our industries. You put integrity, values and fellow humans before status, ego and power

  • You hold a mix of structure and entrepreneurial spirit, and find motivation in self driven work where you can co-create and get rewarded based on what you help build and deliver

  • A pay it forward approach in life; being used to connect and help others to thrive and succeed

  • You thrive with a bottom-up leadership, and you wish to be part of an informal team culture where you can be a full human being, and where we support and care about each other

  • You have a background and broad network in the ocean or renewable energy industry

  • You are customer oriented, and always look for how to bring true value to the other parties: 1+1=3.

  • You like taking the first approach – self driven and motivated by creating results

  • If you have a background where holes in your CV, physical disabilities, age, gender identity, a non-traditional background, lack of formal degree, your name, skin color, religion or culture has represented challenges in the past – please know that we are founded by a school dropout and industry rebel. We treasure all forms of diversity and actively seek to recruit brilliant & creative people that more conservative companies may overlook.

What we can offer:

  • A small, diverse, down to earth and informal team

  • Flexibility and work from home

  • A work where you can develop your skills and expand your network

  • Work with meaning, empowering sustainability and diversity

  • Commission based salary and/or a mix of fixed and variable

  • You can work from your own location

  • A culture actively focused on social sustainability, focused on mental health and wellbeing and people valued higher than physical or financial assets

  • An environment bridging the best from the startup and industry worlds

  • A global grassroot based community of entrepreneurs & innovators – people & actors across 20 countries, working together to drive clean and sustainable change

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