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Zero Emission Solutions for Ships

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Global overview of zero-emission ship technologies & projects for the maritime industries. The actors include ship technology providers, ship owners, maritime service providers, institutions, and associations that pioneer specific solutions & projects fueling the decarbonization of maritime industries. 

This featured list is regularly updated by the TOOL team. We would like to acknowledge our resource partners Cleantech Matters and ZESTAS as key sources for solution providers. Note that the actors & solutions are not vetted by TOOL.

Energy Conversion


These are companies pioneering clean ammonia for the use of ammonia as a maritime fuel.

Aker Clean Hydrogen develops, builds, owns, and operates clean hydrogen at an industrial scale globally. Aker Clean Hydrogen is part of the green ammonia production in Berlevåg to provide the shipping industry and off-grid communities in the Arctic with carbon-free energy from 2025.

Amogy: Integrated liquid ammonia (NH3) solution for transportation including storage, cracker and hydrogen (H2)-fuel cell.

Ammonigy GmbH: make large engines CO2-free by combining the benefits of ammonia & hydrogen.

AmmPower aims to Produce Economical, Carbon Free & Scalable Ammonia. AmmPower is a Canadian junior technology project development and green energy company aiming to advance clean, alternative solutions as part of the movement towards ESG-compliant industrial change.

Arranged has technology that enables the production of green ammonia through hydrogen and nitrogen storage.

AustriaEnergy develops renewable electrical energy, storable and distributable. The company has entered a new phase for producing green ammonia in Chile.

Azane Fuel Solutions: Providing solutions for small-scale ammonia bunkering; building a green ammonia value chain in Norway.

CF Industries is the world’s largest ammonia producer.

ESNA is an independent ship design company for high-performance and efficient vessels specialized on low and zero emission technology.

Fertiberia Group is one of the main producers of fertilizers and ammonia and derivatives.

Fortescue Future Industries is taking a global leadership position in the renewable energy and green products industry by harnessing the world’s renewable energy resources to produce renewable electricity, green hydrogen and other green industrial products such as green ammonia and green iron.

FuelPositive is a Canadian-based growth stage company committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable clean energy solutions, including Carbon-Free Ammonia (NH3), for use across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

GenCell Energy is a leading provider of innovative ammonia & hydrogen fuel cell energy solutions.

Greenfield Nitrogen, LLC is developing a network of green hydrogen and ammonia facilities that are strategically positioned in the Midwest to serve the emerging renewable energy markets.

Horisont Energi is a Norwegian, independent energy company with the mind and heart of a start-up. The company supports the Paris Agreement and its ultimate ambitions, and will be part of a carbon neutral future.

Jupiter Ionics uses electrochemical process to produce ammonia by reducing nitrogen extracted from the air and combining it with hydrogen extracted from water, with power provided by renewable electricity.

MAN Energy Solutions: Large portfolio of technologies for maritime, including liquid hydrogen (LH2) and ammonia (NH3) storage and two-stroke ammonia (NH3) combustion engines.

Pherousa: Technology to crack ammonia to hydrogen of fuel cell quality, based on reactor technology from Helbio S.A.

Proton Ventures delivers innovative green engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, ammonia production units and other process applications.

RenCat: Commercializing a patent-pending technology to process ammonia to PEMFC-grade hydrogen.

Starfire Energy develops Modular Systems to Produce Carbon-Free Ammonia.

Wärtsilä: is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets.

Yara is a leading global ammonia producer. Yara has recently established the Yara Clean Ammonia unit working towards making carbon-free food production to capture growth opportunities in emission-free fuel for shipping and power. Yara Clean Ammonia has teamed up with several clean energy companies enable the production of clean ammonia.

Fuel Cells

These are companies providing energy conversion based on fuel cells. The fuel cells sources include methanol fuel cells, molten carbonate fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells , proton membrane fuel cells.

Advent Technologies A/S: Formerly SerEnergy, acquired by Advent in 2021. HT-PEM methanol fuel cells for auxiliary power supply

Auriga Energy: High efficiency fuel cell systems for marine, stationary and materials handling applications

Ballard Power Systems: PEM fuel cell products manufacturer for markets such as heavy-duty motive, portable power and material handling

Bloom Energy: Manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cell systems

Blue World Technologies: Methanol fuel cells based on a high-temperature PEM technology platform

Bosch: Engineering and tech company developing H2 combustion engines and SOFC technologies among others

cellcentric: Volvo + Daimler JV. Developing PEM fuel cells for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and other applications

Circonica: Developer of hollow electrode, loose plate, reversible solid oxide fuel cells.and stack technology

Cummins: Creates the power solutions that the world depends on

Doosan: PureCell® systems operate 24/7 with high efficiency and ultra-low emissions

eCap Mobility: With the PRISMA fuel cell product line from REFIRE Technology, eCap offers solutions for light and heavy applications

Ecospray: Fuel cells that can operate on H2 as well as methane; and CO2 capture technology based on calcium salts

Elcogen: Solid oxide cell

Elring Klinger: Specialist in lightweight solutions, e-mobility, sealing and shielding technology, tooling, and engineering services

EODev: Result of the pioneering work done on the Energy Observer. H2 generator, H2 range extender and on-site hydrogen production

Freudenberg Group: Freudenberg Group develops leading-edge technologies and excellent products and services for about 40 markets and for thousands of applications

Genevos: Clean energy systems integrator specialising in hydrogen and fuel cell applications for the maritime sector

H2Boat: ‘Energy Pack’ solution for leisure-vessels comprising a PEM electrolyser, metal hydride storage and a PEMFC

HySeas Energy: Developer of highly resilient, marine grade, clean hydrogen solutions and fuel cell systems

Hyundai HTWO: Development of a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system for various mobility applications

Nedstack: PEM fuel cells supplier with a strategic focus and unique track record in the high-power / high-use domain

Nuvera: PEM fuel cell systems developer for heavy-duty applications.

PowerCell: PEM fuel cells supplier

PowerCell Sweden AB develops and supplies fuel cells, fuel cell systems and services

Proton Motor Fuel Cell offers fuel cell systems, uninterruptible power supply systems and solar battery storage systems.

Renewable Iron Fuel Technology: Developer and supplier of iron-fuel production and boiler systems

Rolls Royce: The company’s Power Systems business unit is developing mtu engines to operate on methanol

sHYp: Electrolyser technology that can use sea water to produce hydrogen.

Symbio: A JV between Faurecia and Michelin, offering a wide range of fuel cell solutions

Syzygy Plasmonics is a developer of a photocatalytic reactor designed for fuel cell vehicles and small-scale industrial applications

TECO 2030 is developing hydrogen fuel cells that enable ships and other heavy-duty applications to become emissions-free

Toyota: The Toyota fuel cell system was tested on the Energy Observer, and is now being commercialised

Weichai Power: Working with Geely to co-develop methanol engines for different applications


These are companies representing the value chain of hydrogen, including the production, operation and distribution of hydrogen.

Aker Clean Hydrogen develops, builds, owns, and operates clean hydrogen at an industrial scale globally.

Alma Clean Power: Alma (previously Clean Power) is a provider of high-temperature fuel cell technology that can run on multiple fuels.

Ammonigy GmbH: NH3 cracker, ICE that operates on NH3 + H2 and NH3 afterburner

Arranged Energy provides innovative hydrogen gas storage solutions enabling energy harvesting and ammonia production

AustriaEnergy develops renewable electrical energy, storable and distributable, for a better and sustainable environment.

BeHydro: Spark ignited engines for 100% hydrogen combustion.

Ekona is developing a breakthrough technology that transforms the way we produce clean hydrogen.

EODev: Result of the pioneering work done on the Energy Observer. H2 generator, H2 range extender and on-site hydrogen production.

Ergosup develops an innovative process for producing high pressure hydrogen on site for refueling hydrogen fuel vehicles.

Everfuel is connecting the entire hydrogen value chain to provide competitive green hydrogen.

Evolve Hydrogen Inc empowering the world with affordable green hydrogen on demand.

Evolve Hydrogen: Polymer-based electrolyser that can extract hydrogen from natural water sources.

e1 Marine: Methanol-to-hydrogen generator technology.

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is leading the global energy transition by developing a portfolio of renewable energy and green hydrogen projects.

Freudenberg Group: develops leading-edge technologies and excellent products and services for about 40 markets and for thousands of applications.

GenCell Energy is a leading provider of innovative ammonia & hydrogen fuel cell energy solutions.

Green Hydrogen Systems provides efficient, standardized and modular electrolyzers that produce green hydrogen using renewable energy – at the lowest levelized cost available.

Greenstat The main focus areas are Hydrogen, Local Energy and Insight (knowledge based decision support model).

Greenfield Nitrogen develops and operates, a network of green hydrogen and ammonia facilities.

HeidelbergCement Northern Europe is one of the world’s largest building materials companies. Through the Green Shipping Program, HeidelbergCement and Felleskjøpet announced a tender to supply green hydrogen for a zero-emission bulkship.

Hydrogen in Motion storage redefines the use of hydrogen fuel technologies and simplifying its logistical applications.

Hydrolux is a green hydrogen production company distributing to warehouses looking to transition towards fuel cell powered forklifts.

HYEX is to provide expert advice within hydrogen and gas safety.

HYNOVA Yachts is the first brand of hydrogen powered boat.

Hyrex is an innovative Norwegian hydrogen technology company started as a joint venture between OBS Technology, ZES and Zenzor.

Hystar is a high tech company that specializes in advanced PEM electrolysers for large scale green hydrogen production.

H2GO Power is an award winning spin-out company from the University of Cambridge developing safe and low-cost hydrogen production and storage technologies.

H2 MARINE develops solutions for production and distribution of green hydrogen for the maritime sector.

H2Pro is a renewable energy company that is working on an efficient green hydrogen production method - E-TAC.

Plastic Omnium: Innovative hydrogen solutions for zero-emission electric mobility.

PowerUp provides clean and portable energy by delivering a hydrogen fuel cell backup generator solution, which can be used for various technologies - yachts, boats, recreational vehicles and many more.

Proton Motor: Manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells and fuel cell hybrid systems for mobility as well as stationary applications.

RIX Industries: RIX hydrogen generator systems enable the integration of advanced fuel reforming and hydrogen purification technologies directly on-board.

SpectrumH2 is an innovative low-cost supplier of Hydrogen and Carbon Storage solutions.

Starfire Energy provides a sustainable fuel technology that will allow complete decarbonization of global energy systems.

TECO 2030: Developing and manufacturing green technology to reduce the marine environmental footprint, with AVL

Universal Hydrogen is building a hydrogen ecosystem for aviation through strategic partnerships and new technologies for hydrogen distribution and propulsion.

WinGD: X-Engines are powered by liquid fuels, ready for carbon-neutral or zero-carbon candidates, including alcohol fuels

zepp.solutions: Semi-custom hydrogen fuel cell modules for different applications.

Zero Emission Industries: Productized turnkey hydrogen fuel cell, refuelling and safety systems for sea, air and land.

Ziero: Hydrogen combustion engines for several applications.

Energy Efficiency

This section encompasses technology companies working on the enhancement of efficiency of energy through the development, manufacturing and distribution of air cavity system, tidal, solar and wind energies.

Air Cavity Systems

Air cavity system is a modern marine hull design concept based upon capturing air beneath a vessel's hull to reduce drag and increase speed and fuel efficiency.

DAMEN: Family owned shipyards group working to unlock ‘Oceans of Possibilities’.

Foreship: Air Lubrication System for cruise vessels.

GILLS Pte: Gas Injected Liquid Lubrication System for vessels.

Marine Performance Systems: Fluidic Air Lubrication, injects air bubbles directly into the boundary layer.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Japanese multinational engineering, electrical equipment and electronics corporation.

Nakashima: Energy saving devices for ships including Air Lubrication Systems.

Samsung Heavy Industries: Teamed up with Samsung SDI, a global battery maker to jointly develop a battery system.

SES-X Marine Technologies: Enables vessels to glide on a cushion of air, significantly reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort.

Silverstream Technologies: Air lubrication system (ALS) that can be fitted to new and existing vessels.

Hydrofoil / Tidal

Tidal energy is power produced by the surge of ocean waters during the rise and fall of tides.

Boundary Layer Technologies: Building high speed container ships using hydrofoil technology.

Flying Fish: Working on a concept design for a new hydrofoil solar boat class

Flying Foil: Hydrofoil technology which allows for reduction in energy usage for high-speed vessels.

Lift Ocean: Hydrofoil systems for high-speed boats.

Wavefoil: Retractable bow foils that reduce fuel consumption and ship motions during sailing.

Win & Wav Enterprise: Motion assisted, self sustaining, built-in battery charger module for vessels. (Prototype stage)

Z Ships: Technology to convert energy from waves into electricity.


Eco Marine Power: Offer eco-friendly hybrid marine power, efficiency and propulsion solutions.

Solbian: Flexible and lightweight photovoltaic panels.

WATTLAB: Solar energy systems for multiple applications.

Wind Technologies

Add Technologies: Inflatable wing sail technology.

Advanced Wing Systems: Semi-rigid wing sail for yachts.

Airseas: Airseas is bringing flight control technology to the shipping industry

ANEMOI: Movable and foldable rotor sail technology.

Ayro: Wingsail technology for commercial vessels.

Bar Technologies: The company’s WindWings system combines wind propulsion and route optimisation.

Blue Planet Shipping Ltd provides technical and commercial ship management services.

Blue Technology: Stayed wing sail capable of 360 degree rotation.

Blue Schooner Company offers the opportunity to use wind energy to transport goods, mainly organic or fair trade, by sea.

Blue Wasp is an engineering consultancy specialized in wind-assisted ship propulsion.

Bluewater Engineering is a company determined to achieve Net Zero by 2050 by contributing highly impactful carbon reduction technologies.

Bound4Blue: Autonomous rigid sails systems to be integrated on a wide range of vessels.

Buro Blue/Green is a young and new consultancy agency that supports maritime companies in greening their daily shipping operations.

Chantiers de l’Atlantique is one of the world leaders on the markets of highly complex ships and offshore installations.

Computed Wing Sail: System based on a rigid, inversible, asymmetric profile provides regular propulsion even on fast ships with limited drift effects.

Dealfeng: Rotor sail technology.

Ecoclipper is a specialist shipping company, that focuses on developing and launching a line of emission-free, square-rigged, sailing cargo ships.

Eco Marine Power: Offer eco-friendly hybrid marine power, efficiency and propulsion solutions.

Econowind: Foldable, autonomous and containerised VentiFoil systems for wind-assisted propulsion.

Fair Ferry offers a ferry service by sailing ship.

Fair Transport - we ship cargo across the ocean by wind power only.

Finocean develops better, more profitable ships for the International trades.

Go Sail Cargo build sailing ships.

Grain de Sail operates the world’s first modern cargo sailboat shipping routes between Europe and the Americas.

Green Marine is a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American marine industry.

GT Green Technologies are wind propulsion experts offering independent consultancy services on wind propulsion installations.

HHX.blue aims to connect borrower and lender in the maritime industry in the easiest and most efficient way

Inerjy - The Gemma One by Inerjy is a new generation clean vessel, offering nearly unlimited remote operation.

Insensys designs and manufactures of Fibre optic Stress & Load Monitoring Systems for Wind.

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd [“K” Line] is one of the largest Japanese transportation companies. “K” LINE has decided to install the automated kite system “Seawing” developed by AIRSEAS to a large bulk carrier owned by our company.

Liebherr-Components AG is a specialist in the development and production of high performing components.

Magnuss: Each Vertically-variable Ocean Sail System is a rotating, retractable cylinder that harnesses the wind to propel a ship by means of the Magnus Effect.

CT Mer Forte is an engineering and naval architecture company.

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines 'MOL' is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. MOL participates in the “Wind Challenger Project” (launched in 2009), a joint industry-academia research project led by the University of Tokyo.

NAOS Ship and Boat Design is a Ship Design Company with a particular specialization in Ro-Ro Ships and RoPax-Ferries.

Nayam Wings: Novel wind propulsion system for maritime vessels based on a rigid wing sail.

NEOLINE develops a new transatlantic transport line that will be operated with two innovative sailing cargo ships specialized in ro-ro and heavy lift products transport.

New Dawn Traders works with sailing cargo vessels to import products from across the Atlantic Ocean and along European coastlines pollution-free.

Norse Power: Norsepower Rotor Sails provide a reliable and easy-to-operate auxiliary wind propulsion system with a proven savings record.

Norwegian Ship Design delivers first class Ship Design, Consultancy- and Advisory services to satisfied and returning customers.

One Sails are at the forefront of the development of sail technology.

Pacific Green Technologies is becoming a world leader at providing sustainable cleantech solutions to help solve climate warming, green energy and resource scarcity challenges.

Propelwind is a concept development company working on economically viable zero-emission vessels using primarily wind for their main propulsion.

Sail Line Fish Ltd develops sail-system technology for carbon reduction and fuel efficiency in the shipping and fishing industries.

SAILCARGO INC. is a zero-emission shipping company with a focus on building traditional sail powered ships in Costa Rica.

Seagate Sail offers a new solution for the marine industry to convert wind power into fuel saving.

Southern Spars specialises in the design and manufacturing of carbon fibre spars and components.

Stephenson Harwood is a recognised law firm, that offers a breadth of services to clients in the shipping, offshore and commodity sectors.

TankerProa is a modern sailing space-frame vessel. It is designed to propel a standard tanker ship over the open ocean under pure sail power.

Thordon Bearings is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of non-polluting bearing systems in the marine and clean power generation industries worldwide.

Timbercoast provides wind-powered cargo shipping.

Vaisala has long experience of working with the most accurate, reliable and dependable weather monitoring solutions.

Vesconite Bearing is a world leading manufacturer of advanced grease-free, low friction bearing materials for bushings and wear components in commercial and recreational marine applications, pump bearings and low maintenance renewable energy applications.

Vindskip/Lade AS is a hybrid merchant vessel for sustainable sea transport, driven by the wind and LNG.

VPLP is a long-established naval architecture firm, with a track record of proven mono an multihull sailing yachts, for cruising and racing.

Wallenius Marine AB (Sweden) designs ships powered by wind.

Wind Support NYC promotes and supports projects utilizing sail and wind propulsion to reduce fuel consumption in shipping.

Wind + Wing Technologies: WingDriveTM technology for passenger vessels

Wind Challenger: Automated hard sail made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, developed by MOL.

Windship Technologies: The Auxiliary Sail Propulsion System (ASPS), uses fixed wing sail technology, whereby two 35-metre high masts installed on the deck of a vessel.

Wisamo: Inflatable, retractable, automated wing sail being developed by Michelin.

Wing Force Partners are a professional design group located in Sydney Australia and actively developing our WingSail technology.

Yara Marine Technologies provide turnkey WindWings solutions on all types of vessels.The WindWings system, designed by the innovative naval engineers at BAR Technologies.

Zéphyr & Borée is a pioneer of the maritime sail transport.

Energy Storage

This section features companies that research, develop, manufacture, operate and distribute solutions to the energy capture, storage and transport.

Hydrogen Storage

These are companies providing solutions to store and transport forms of hydrogen including compressed hydrogen, liquid organic hydrogen and solid hydrogen.

Air Liquide: World leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health.

BayoTech: Trailer-to-ship high pressure gaseous hydrogen delivery.

CMB Tech: Hydrogen refuelling solutions for marine applications.

Electriq Global: Potassium borohydride-based technology for hydrogen storage and transportation.

Hanwha: Composite storage tanks for hydrogen.

Hexagon Purus: Provider of Type 4 high-pressure cylinders for containers.

Hydrogenious: Hydrogen storage and transport – based on proprietary and patented Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier technology.

HyFuel: HyFuel will develop, own, and operate a plant for producing hydrogen and hydrogenation of LOHC.

H2 Industries: Solutions for storing, transport and decentralized release of renewable energy using LOHC technology.

H2 Fuel: Patented sodium borohydride-based technology for the production, storage and release of hydrogen.

H2Boat: ‘Energy Pack’ solution for leisure-vessels comprising a PEM electrolyser, metal hydride storage and a PEMFC.

H2Storage: Type 4 tanks for hydrogen storage.

Linde: Global leader in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen.

Logan Energy: Integrated engineering solutions incorporating hydrogen technologies.

NPROXX: Composite pressure vessels (Type 4) for hydrogen storage.

Plastic Omnium: Innovative hydrogen solutions for zero-emission electric mobility.

Toyota: The Toyota fuel cell system was tested on the Energy Observer, and is now being commercialised.

UMOE Advanced Composites: Transport modules for gaseous hydrogen.

Voyex: Offer ‘Hydrogen Oil’, part of a technology family that we call ‘Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers’ (LOHC).


This section includes companies researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing different types of batteries including lead acid batteries, lithium batteries, metal air batteries, redox flow batteries.

ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future.

ACCURE Battery Intelligence uses cloud computing to make batteries safe, reliable and sustainable.

Akasol: High-performance lithium-ion battery systems for ships and boats.

Austevoll Elektro is an independent supplier of electrical services, board products and system solutions for ships, aquaculture, industry and housing.

AVILOO is an Austrian based Start-Up that provides an independent Remote Battery Data Monitoring System as well as Battery Diagnostics Services.

Ålesund Maritime represents manufacturers of maritime solutions, assisting in putting together cost-effective and attractive product packages for newbuilds or refit projects in the Scandinavian maritime market.

Batteriretur collects and recycles all types of batteries from all over Norway.

Becker Marine Systems: COBRA Compact Battery Rack for marine applications

Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions supplies propulsion systems and integrated power generation systems, with focus on quality and reliability

Beyonder: Combination of a Li-ion cell and a capacitor; turning Norwegian sawdust into battery cell technology.

Britishvolt: Lithium-ion batteries for mobility applications.

Caterpillar Marine is a world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

CellCube: Manufacturer of vanadium redox flow battery systems.

Conoship Projects: Developing redox flow-battery technology in collaboration with VanadiumCorp and Vega Reederei.

Corvus Energy: The leading supplier of Energy Storage Systems for maritime, offshore, subsea and port applications.

Damen Shipyards is a globally operating shipbuilder and has designed and build various battery ships.

DOF provides services to the Oil and Gas industry across the entire offshore life cycle.

EAS Batteries: Solutions for hybrid electric and electric applications for ships, underwater vehicles and harbour equipment.

Echandia design and build zero-emission energy solutions for maritime and industrial applications.

Eco Marine Power: Offer eco-friendly hybrid marine power, efficiency and propulsion solutions.

Elring Klinger: Specialist in lightweight solutions, e-mobility, sealing and shielding technology, tooling, and engineering services.

Energy Aspects is the leading research house for global energy commodities.

Equinor is an international energy company present in more than 30 countries worldwide, including several of the world’s most important oil and gas provinces.

EST-Floattech serve the maritime & land based sector with intelligent, clean, silent and powerful energy storage solutions based on lithium polymer batteries.

E22: Flow batteries with a recyclable, non-flammable Vanadium-based electrolyte. Track record of > 12k cycles at marginal maintenance cost.

Fjord1 is the leading operator in the Norwegian ferry market, and also has activities within passenger boat services, catering and tourism.

Freudenberg Battery Power Systems, LLC, focuses on the development, production, assembly, and service of battery systems for heavy duty applications in the truck and bus, marine and mining industries, among others.

Furukawa Battery: Magnesium-air battery (activated by fresh/salt water) to power small devices on board.

Hareid Group offers a wide range of electrical services and products for the maritime industry, home & construction and in consumer electronics.

Industrikomponenter AB, INKOM is a supplier of technology and components for Nordic industry, providing safety solutions for DC-systems for more than 50 years.

IWS Fleet offers a fleet of state-of-the-art, purpose built Walk-to-Work vessels providing services to the Offshore Wind industry across the wind farm’s entire life cycle; from installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance to decommissioning.

Kongsberg Maritime is a marine systems provider.

Kriesel Electric: Batteries with patented immersion cooling and heating technology to maintain cell temperature.

Leclanché: Modular and scalable li-ion battery system for marine applications.

Lerøy Havfisk is the biggest trawler company in Norway, operating ten trawlers with pertaining fishing rights.

LG Chem: Advanced, innovative and sustainable solutions for our environment and society.

NeoGraf Solutions manufactures flexible graphite thermal management solutions for the production of pouch-cell marine battery systems that meet the requirements for DNV-GL type approval.

Norwegian Electric Systems AS is a total supplier off sustainable Energy Design and Smart Control for a wide range of vessels for the global marine market.

Phinergy Marine: Aluminium-air and zinc-air batteries for marine applications.

Royal IHC is a leading designer, builder and supplier of integrated vessels, equipment and services in the dredging, offshore, mining and defence industries.

Saft: Specialist in advanced technology battery solutions

Samsung Heavy Industries: Teamed up with Samsung SDI, a global battery maker to jointly develop a battery system.

Shift Clean Energy: Unlocking the potential of clean energy through leading-edge energy storage systems.

Siemens: BlueVault lithium-ion battery modules for the electrification of the seas.

Skipsteknisk AS is an independent Norwegian Naval Architects and Marine Engineers company.

Solstad is a leading offshore shipping company with more than 100 ships, providing renewable and oil & gas clients all over the world with high-end offshore and renewable vessels.

Spear: Environmentally-friendly battery solutions for ferries, ships, and water-based vehicles of all sizes.

Spear Power Systems designs and manufactures safe, reliable lithium ion battery storage systems for demanding applications including defense, marine propulsion, oil & gas, and mining.

Super B high-end lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are developed and manufactured to outperform lead-acid batteries on the road, on the water or off-the-grid.

Ulstein Power & Controls offers a wide range of concept developments, ship designs and equipment packages, system integration, site assistance and services.

Vard Electro offers its customers a complete electrical systems package – from engineering through installation, integration testing, commissioning and field services.

Xalt Energy: Lithium-ion cell, pack and system developer. Freudenberg is the majority shareholder of XALT Energy

Yxney Maritime is a Norway-based software provider for data-driven decarbonization in maritime operations.

ZEM Energy brings a knowledge driven approach to offering battery solutions to the maritime sector.

ZEMtech is working at the front end of zero-emission ship and energy systems design, maximizing overall system efficiency from A to Z.

Zero Emission Services: Exchangeable battery containers and charging infrastructure for inland shipping.


Companies working on other energy storage solutions rather than hydrogen or batteries

Calix: Developing RECAST, technology based on limestone, to capture on-board carbon emissions

Carbon Ridge: Modular, externally mounted systems capturing CO2 from exhaust and storing it in liquified tanks.

Carbotreat: Carbon dioxide Capture Utilization (CCU) and Carbon dioxide Capture Storage (CCS) to make processes ready for a CO2 neutral economy.

Chart Industries: Design and manufacture of highly engineered cryogenic equipment used from the beginning to the end in the liquid gas supply chain.

Daphne Technology: Green converter to reduce emissions slip of NOx, N2O, SOx, methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3).

Demaco: Cryogenic piping and bunkering systems for maritime.

Ecospray: Fuel cells that an operate on H2 as well as methane; and CO2 capture technology based on calcium salts.

Fraunhofer IMM: Catalytic converter to convert residual ammonia and hydrogen into nitrogen and water.

Hyon: Fast and safe delivery of hydrogen fuels to ship

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Japanese multinational engineering, electrical equipment and electronics corporation.

Panasia: Developing an on-board carbon capture and storage system in collaboration with Samsung Heavy Industries.

Seabound: Technology to capture CO2 from the ships’ exhaust using lime (CaO).

Unitrove: Liquid hydrogen bunkering for vessels.

Value Maritime: The Filtree System developed for small and medium-sized ships, filters sulphur, ultra-fine particulate matter and CO₂ from the air.

Yanmar: High-Azane Fuel Solutions: Providing solutions for small-scale ammonia bunkering; building a green ammonia value chain in Norway.BayoTech: Trailer-to-ship high pressure gaseous hydrogen delivery.

Institutions and associations

This section includes research and education institutions, investors and associations that are active on the decerbonization in the shipping industry

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence as one of the world’s leading classification organizations.

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services. It is the largest TIC serving the marine and offshore industries, providing classification, certification and technical services – including fuel testing. A key focus area for BV is supporting safety and new technology including wind powered or wind assisted shipping.

Clean Fuel Ammonia association was established in April 2019, with the aim of developing a value chain for CO2-free ammonia to advance the social implementation of its benefits.

DNV is a globally leading quality assurance and risk management company.

Enova is owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, development of energy and climate technology and a strengthened security of supply.

H2Cluster – The Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster is a national cluster.

IFE (Institute for Energy Technology) is an independent foundation and one of the world’s foremost research communities on energy.

Lloyd's Maritime Decarbonisation Hub aims to accelerate the sustainable decarbonisation of the maritime industry, by enabling the delivery and operation of safe, technically feasible and commercially viable zero-emission vessels by 2030.

Lloyd's Register is a global professional services organisation specialising in engineering and technology solutions that improve the safety and performance of complex, critical infrastructure and supply chains.

Norner Research AS is a leading polymer Research & Development center for the polymer industry with more than 40 years of experience.

North American Marine Environment Protection Association [NAMEPA] is a powerful network of marine industry professionals.

Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) is a national agency for coastal management, maritime safety and emergency preparedness against acute pollution.

Norwegian Shipowners' Association is a trade and employment organisation for Norwegian controlled companies within the shipping and offshore industry.

NOx-Fund accelerated efforts to cut NOx emissions by granting financial support to the industry to implement green technology

Østensjø provides high quality accommodation, offshore and towage services worldwide.

Praxis Automation Technology develops, manufactures and delivers innovative ship automation, navigation and electric propulsion equipment for all types of vessels.

REM Offshore offers a fleet of of PSV`s, Seismic, Construction and state-of-the-art, purpose-built Walk-to-Work vessels providing services to the Offshore Wind industry.

Rimot is focused on vessel-to-grid (V2G) to unlock the full environmental and economic value of batteries onboard electric marine vessels to the benefit of both vessel operators and utilities alike.

Royal Roos is a marine engineering company for the dredging, offshore and marine industry.

Saft Batteries is a global battery maker, setting pace from research to manufacturing and sales.

Saga Pure is the first listed green investment company on the Oslo Stock Exchange, 100% dedicated to investments in sustainability.

Siemens Energy is one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. The company works with its customers and partners on energy systems for the future, thus supporting the transition to a more sustainable world.

Sintef is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations.

Skuld is a world leading marine insurer, providing our members and clients with service and competence they can rely on.

Smart Green Shipping Alliance - an award winning, collaborative, multi-disciplinary organisation committed to building commercially, technically and environmentally superior renewable powered ships and shipping system solutions

The Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) - a global non-profit industry association promoting the responsible use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy. Its member companies span the full value chain of ammonia energy, from decarbonized hydrogen and ammonia production, through safety and distribution, to power generation and energy storage

The Getting to Zero Coalition, managed by the Global Maritime Forum. The Getting to Zero Coalition is an alliance of companies within the maritime, energy, infrastructure and finance sectors committed to accelerating maritime shipping's decarbonization with the development and deployment of commercially viable deep-sea zero emission vessels by 2030.

The Global Center for Maritime Decarbonisation Singapore aims to help the maritime industry eliminate GHG emissions by shaping standards, deploying solutions, financing projects, and fostering collaboration across sectors.

The Maersk McKinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping is an independent research and development center looking to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero future for the maritime industry.

The Norwegian Hydrogen Association works actively to disseminate key achievements from hydrogen research and technology commercialisation, market trends, national and international policy-making by organizing conferences, seminars and workshops, and connecting relevant international cooperation.

UMAS - University Maritime Advisory Services  (University of London) maritime consultancy delivering applied solutions for a carbon constrained future.

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