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17 Blue Biotech Startups Join The Global TOOL Map

Meet 17 groundbreaking solutions within the blue bio-based economy, now on TOOL Spawn! These are sustainable solutions made by using marine compounds in novel ways.

TOOL participated recently in the Blue Bio Value Acceleration Program of 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal. As a result, the 17 blue biotech startups that participated were introduced to TOOL and added to TOOL Spawn. Get to know them below!

Blue Biotech Accelerator

Launched in 2018, the Blue Bio Value Acceleration is a program for Portugal-based and international startups in the marine bio-economy sector. The program aims to support entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, develop high-quality projects worthy of investments and create global companies within the marine bio-based economy.

Carmen presents TOOL to blue biotech startups ocean

TOOL’s partnerships agent, Carmen Escobar introducing TOOL to the biotech startups at the Blue Bio Value Acceleration Program in Lisbon

Blue Biotech Solutions

Marine biotechnology is a knowledge generation and conversion process: it unlocks access to biological compounds and provides novel uses for them. By exploring and harnessing marine materials, new benefits in areas far from the marine are likely to be found (Marine IE).

These sustainable ocean solutions can reduce pollution at sea, using by-products of marine species in new ways, feeding a growing population and preserving biodiversity.

The 17 biotech startups in the Blue Bio Accelerator have prototypes or have already launched their solutions and are looking for funding opportunities to scale and grow.

Meet these changemakers on our global map and matchmaking platform, TOOL Spawn.

  • BOTL - Reef structures to improve biodiversity

  • Clean Valley Bio - Biofiltration tech providing fish producers an alternative way to treat wastewater

  • Feedvax - Edible oral vaccine to prevent a common bacteria found in Tilapia fish

  • Fhair - Haircare products using sea salt from Ria Formosa, Portugal

  • FlexSea - Compostable and edible Plastic Alternative using red seaweed

  • Full Circle Aquaculture - Aquaculture of regenerative sea cucumber

  • Ittinsect - Sustainable fish feed from agri-food by-products

  • n9ve - Recuperating rare earth elements using biosorptive live green macroalgae

  • Origin by Ocean - Turning invasive seaweed into compounds used in food, pharma and cosmetics

  • Relicta - Plastic alternative using fish skin and bones

  • Resistomap - Tech monitoring antibiotic resistance

  • SCALE - Transforming fish scales into building material

  • Seatrients - Nutritious powder using Caribbean Sea Moss

  • Sedna Technologies - Mobile sensor providing real time data on fish in transporation to reduce stress

  • Sensefinity - Sensor providing real time data spotting boats, sensor data and catch control for fishery and aquaculture

  • Tekslo Seafood - Spices for cooking derived from algae

  • Thalasso - Harvesting invasive seaweed with autonomous aquatic vehicle

Connect with Ocean and Energy Innovators

Get on our global matchmaking platform and map TOOL Spawn to connect with the biotech startups and 1300 other Ocean and Energy Innovators! Follow the instructions under "onboarding quickly explained" on this page.

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