Cover photo for Agnes Arnadottir: Breaking waves with clean boat tourism on Norway's fjords

Agnes Arnadottir: Breaking waves with clean boat tourism on Norway's fjords

“The tourists care about their green impact, so the business is obvious,” says Agnes Árnadóttir, co-founder of the Polar tour operator that sails towards an emission-free future. Read article from The Barents Observer here

Agnes Árnadóttir is the Co-founder and CEO of Brim Explorer

Co-founder and CEO of Brim Explorer. Agnes grew up working in her family business, the first whale-watching company in Iceland. She has a strong passion for the environment and has worked in the environmental organization Bellona for several years. She holds a Master's in Political Economy.

Artic goes electric: First battery-powered tourist ship

MS Brim is named after the Old Norse word for 'breaking wave'. The vessel was launched in the fall of 2019 and Christened in Tromsø. The battery-hybrid-electric catamaran “Brim” is the first inside the Arctic Circle. They currently have three ships in operation.

BRIM Explorer offers silent, sustainable and innovative experiences at sea in Northern Norway and Oslo. Their first ship, “Brim”, operates in Lofoten and Tromsø, and the second ship “, Berg” runs in Svalbard and Tromsø. Their third ship, “Bris”, is electric and works in Oslo, where it´s in the heart of Oslo´s harbour, enabling hop-on hop-off experiences for locals & tourists.

#SilentSailing: Respecting all marine life

“There are few things more mind-blowing than standing outside in the dark Arctic night and hear the sound of the whales while smelling their herring-breath” Árnadóttir says with enthusiasm. Quote taken from The Barents Observer here.

Meet Agnes 5 June for Women at the Helm

On 5 June you can meet Agnes at Amazonia Tjuvholmen - the TOOL & Partner´s innovators venue for Nor-Shipping week 2023. She will take the stage alongside INTERTANKO´s Katharina Stanzel, ICS Board member & shipowner Karin Orsel and a new generation of female founders, including PolarSea, Veer Group and bound4blue.

RSVP to get on the guestlist: Women at the Helm: Movers & Shakers

100 Inspirational Female Founders 2023

The award-winning electric ship Brim Explorer's hull is made of 100% recyclable aluminium, and 50% of the hull is made from already recycled material. This is just the basis for what the company represents: clean, sustainable and innovative solutions. Every item on board has been handpicked to support local, sustainable and eco-friendly companies, from plates to chairs, to the food placed in front of guests.

Brim Explorer is led by Agnes Árnadóttir, who started the company with her co-founder Espen Larsen-Hakkebo, who committed to promoting the green shift alongside gender equality in the maritime industry.

She is one of the TOOL 2023 100 inspirational female founders within the ocean and renewable energy industries, an initiative championing and promoting female founders across the sectors and inspiring more women to found and lead!

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