Cover photo for Clean Water & Smart Energy to the World - Meet ONS Innovation Award 2022 winner Ruden

Clean Water & Smart Energy to the World - Meet ONS Innovation Award 2022 winner Ruden

Food security is a huge challenge, getting our global attention. But how can we solve food security when a third of the population is still facing water insecurity? The "war on water" will be a core global topic onwards - affecting all life and every part of society and businesses.

Did you know that a female founded company in Norway has worked on utilising data and technology from the oil & gas industry to develop solutions enabling access to clean water, while also providing circular energy solutions?

This week we´re extremely proud to introduce TOOL Inspirational Female Founder HELENE REE RUDEN of Ruden Group. Ruden works across water, energy and geo services to ensure reliable access to water that allows the public and private sectors to achieve the long-awaited SDG6 (access to water) and SDG2 (food security).

Her company aims to make the clean shift happen, while providing clean water to the world. Founded in 2010, Ruden has built solutions in partnerships with global stakeholders, step by step, and only now start exploring external investors for their upcoming stage.

Their current turnover is over 2MEUR per year, with a solid order book for Q4 2024 onwards.

In a breakthrough that secured them the ONS Innovation Award (SME) 2022 in 2022, Ruden AS introduced their HEAT-technology, a revolutionary solution addressing the colossal amounts of wasted heat from industries. The ONS Innovation Award is awarded every ONS and has an impressive history of breakthrough innovations on its list of awardees.

Ruden AS's HEAT-technology captures and stores wasted industrial heat in the bedrock beneath plants, turning it into a valuable resource. This process not only saves costs but also reduces strain on the electrical grid and cuts down CO2 emissions.

Since the ONS Innovation Award win, Ruden AS has achieved significant milestones:

  • Completed subsurface development of the HEAT pilot in Tromsø, for Kvitebjørn: A tangible step towards proving the technology's efficiency.

  • Participation in a new research project funded by NRC: Focused on optimizing thermal energy storage for enhanced efficiency.

  • Identification of the next HEAT plant: Actively scouting for the next site to implement their innovative solution, further saving wasted energy.

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