Cover photo for Climate Point & TOOL Team Up to Accelerate the Green Shift!

Climate Point & TOOL Team Up to Accelerate the Green Shift!

Arctic Explorer Tobias Thorleifsson from ClimatePoint helps Norwegian heavy weights Jernia & Choice to invest in climate startups. As ClimatePoint now joins TOOL as a TOOLbox partner, it is now easier for you to do the same!

See the full list of TOOLbox benefits here

Own and Support Climate Tech Solutions

ClimatePoint enables more businesses and organisations to take part in attractive and much needed climate tech investments. Their main mission is to allocate new capital to new solutions. This means that more companies are gaining ownership in the green transition. To achieve current climate goals, the IEA has estimated that the global community must invest $4 trillion yearly til 2035 in the energy sector alone! Climate Impact Finance 2.0° builds on the idea that companies and organisations can invest in climate tech to solve major issues in their own value chains in the coming years and future.

TOOLbox Benefit

ClimatePoint has now become a partner of the TOOLbox - corporate benefits for blue and green growth companies. All TOOL community partners and members will now get 40% discount on ClimatePoint's Supporter package, and 50% discount for their first 6 months with ClimatePoint. Each company can invest in the solutions that have the greatest potential to solve emission challenges in their value chain and industry. This is an important contribution to the success of your company's climate strategy – while at the same time providing you with a platform enabling you to follow the companies and ideas that you are invested in.

How it works

Set up your carbon accounts. Which measures could and should you undertake?

With your emissions as baseline ClimatePoint calculates the amount of your yearly climate investments. 

Access the portfolio of companies you invest in. Receive material and verified carbon reduction from our pilot methodology project to your annual report.

Third party Verification

In collaboration with the world’s leading climate professionals ClimatePoint is working to verify and identify the best compensation and reduction possibilities globally. Read more about our Advisory Board, the Board and partners here.

Gain Access

JOIN us as a TOOL Community Member and gain ACCESS to ClimatePoint's services along with the full list of benefits in our TOOL Box. Check out the full list of benefits you have access to in the TOOL Box as a Community Member.

Contact us on joinus@toolspawn.com to become a TOOL Community Member

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