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Danish Innovators in Oceans and Renewables

Here you can explore all the start-ups in the Danish ecosystem that are working to make ocean use sustainable, protect marine life and decarbonize our planet!

Innovators in the Marine and Ocean Sector.

Abzu's proprietary, explainable AI — combined with their expertise in bioinformatics and machine learning — gives life science and pharma companies the explainable edge.

Assentoft Aqua’s core competency is to design and supply landbased sustainable RAS fish farms.

BioKube is a Danish environmental company dedicated to provide high quality wastewater treatment solutions meeting the highest and complex requirements demanded by today’s international market for decentralized water treatment solutions.

Bionis System Solutions BSS Aps. is a new and innovative research and development company founded in 2017, with the purpose of commercialization of research done at the University of Southern Denmark SDU, Maersk Institute, and Biological Institute.

BlueBenu is a danish startup company developing a technology that allows the recycling of mixed plastic waste that currently cannot be recycled.

Blue Technology was founded in 2008, as a think tank by Brian Boserup with the ambitious goals to decarbonize the maritime industry and eliminate its need for ballast water.

Centrego Marine was established in 2021 by Runi Nielsen, Robin Turner and Tonny Nielsen with the aim to help the Marine sector worldwide with solutions for controlling microbiology through in-situ production of a sustainable, green, safe, natural and effective disinfection agent called ECA.

C-leanship is lead by an established team with years of experience in the shipping industry, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of underwater services for the global shipping community.

CleanQuote is the free to use platform that helps you find cleaning supplies or cleaning crews in +1000 ports worldwide.

CLIIN is created by people with years of experience from shipping, vessel coating and high-tech industries. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a presence in major shipping hubs around the world.

Coastgrass helps companies reduce their CO2e emissions by providing appealing packaging made from upcycled eelgrass collected from the Danish beaches.

DACOMA in Denmark, designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative wave stabilizer solutions for crew transfer vessels in the off shore industry.

DanaDynamics is developing an autonomous vessel for seabed and environmental surveys.

Harba is an innovation-driven Danish company digitalising and connecting the world’s marinas and boaters. The company has developed an award-winning mobile app for boaters – HarbaApp, a simple to use marina management software for harbour masters.

Hydro Hull Cleaning's vision is to be recognized by maritime stakeholders for providing the premier, climate-right, tech-based solution to hull cleaning for a global fleet of more than 50,000 ships. 

Jatob demolition performs all kinds of environmental proper demolition and cutting, remediation as well as interior clearings.

LITEHAUZ provides clients with a wide range of environmental projects within shipping, ports and offshore facilities, and delivered solutions on sustainability, ballast water and emission issues.

MicroChange is an innovative and sustainable solution to the problems of microplastics in seawater. They deliver an isolated filtration system and recycle the collected elements.

Nautimated Technology provides data-driven decision making in fleet operation for you and your supply chain partners

Optimum Voyage is a weather routing & optimization service which optimizes voyages for all types of vessels.

Paralenz is a startup that develops technological solutions for underwater activities with a main focus on diving.

Renable ApS works within circular economy and process optimisation by leveraging artificial intelligence and track & trace. Their purpose is to create a transparent process within the recirculation of materials, starting with the recycling of steel from the maritime industries.

Scoutbase is the platform for human factors management in the maritime domain - Insights are continuously generated directly at the sharp end of operations, closing the human data gap.

Sealytix has developed CAPSIM, a unique capacity simulator that can select bookings with maximum loadable yield over a multi-port voyage.

Seatrients is a company unlocking the health secrets of the sea, starting our journey with the traditions of the Caribbean algae farming culture.

The Sea Cargo Charter establishes a framework for assessing and disclosing the climate alignment of ship chartering activities around the globe.

SilkOcean focuses on developing an advanced ignition system for UV-based Ballast Water Treatment System.

Undine helps boat owners achieve more power for sailing and electronic equipment by providing batteries that enables their users to sail and use the power of their needs better than current solutions.

Vento Maritime ApS is a weather service company dedicated to helping maritime customers save fuel and time while improving safety at sea - and only have focus on maritime customers.

VesOPS is a vessel operational performance management system for the Shipping Industry

Wavy Wonders is on a mission to make seaweed a natural part of the Nordic kitchen.

Innovators in the Renewable Energy Sector.

Athena’s current activities include operation of renewable energy plants.

BioGasol is a process technology company within the field of renewable energy. The core competences lie in the development and design of process technologies for the production of bioethanol and products such as bioplastics or biochemicals from lignocellulosic biomasses (e.g. straw, sugar cane bagasse, corn stover, wood chips etc.).

Bodil is on a mission to reduce the environmental footprint of heating and energy consumption.

Clayton Power makes mobile and off-grid power systems based on lithium battery technology.

Exowave has developed a unique, highly efficient and modular technology to convert ocean energy into renewable electricity, fresh drinkable water and clean water for power-to-x.

Ennogie Solar Group's purpose is to make green & clean energy from the sun accessible for more of us and sustainable for all of us.

Everfuel is connecting the entire hydrogen value chain to provide competitive green hydrogen.

Green Dealflow are matchmakers for professional investors and developers in the solar and wind industry.

Green Hydrogen Systems provides efficient, standardized and modular electrolyzers that produce green hydrogen using renewable energy – at the lowest levelized cost available.

Hybrid Greentech inspires organisations to be green pioneers and invest in electrical energy storage so that together we can reach 100% renewable energy.

Hyme develops thermal energy storage solutions based on the use of molten hydroxide salts as a storage medium.

Klimate helps companies achieve Net Zero by combining the world's best carbon removal methods into portfolios that match their clients' budgets and ambitions.

Purix is a supplier of green technology offering attractive products for improving indoor climate based on renewable energy and for saving energy costs

Reel is a climate impact start-up aiming to democratize the energy market and accelerate the development of renewable energy on a global level.

ReFlow is here to help you calculate, share, and document your products’ carbon footprint. Their digital platform makes it easy to document the environmental performance of your products throughout the entire value chain.

Resen Waves's Smart Power Buoy converts waves into sustainable and clean electricity and is a zero emission alternative to offshore diesel generators. 

Sea Impact combines project characteristics, vessel location data and deep offshore wind knowledge to provide market insight not previously available.

Seneco A/S is a Danish company that develops and sells innovative control and monitoring products for street lighting reducing cities' energy bills and carbon footprint.

Stiesdal develops and commercializes technologies with high impact on climate change mitigation.

Viggo is re-thinking the concept of urban transportation and combining leading technology with zero-emission vehicles.

Visblue is a commercialised producer of redox flow batteries with a passion for sustainability.

Wavepiston is setting new innovative standards on the use of wave energy technology, ensuring flexibility and robustness in a lightweight, low-cost solution.

The Nordics

We have carefully mapped the startup and scaleup ecosystem of our neighboring Nordic countries. Check out the rest of Nordic innovators!

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