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Dive in: TOOL Featured Insight Lists

Find resources, key players or innovators within specific topics and areas through TOOL's Featured Lists. In this article you will find all of TOOL's Featured Lists in one place, and sub-categories by area. TOOL's featured lists are a living resource for our community and thus updated on an ongoig basis.

About 'TOOL Featured Insight Lists'

The Featured Insight Lists are blog posts that list actors and/or elements in specific groups. The goal is to provide an interactive overview of niches and focus areas, both within industry fields, geographical regions/hotspots, and by type of active opportunities

There´s an unprecedented interest from young environmentalists, professionals, media, investors and established industries to support innovators. But it’s difficult to find an overview of who/where they are, and what they seek.

As part of TOOL´s mission to map and connect the world of entrepreneurs and the innovation ecosystem of ocean and renewable energy, we curate a number of interactive of feature lists to promote various niches & focus groups, and help connect innovators with relevant resources. We thought it should be easier to find and connect with the innovators relevant to your specific interest field, and democratize visibility and access for any innovator, regardless of size, stage or power. The TOOL Feautured Insight Lists aim to make it easier for anyone to explore, connect with and support the rapidly growing ecosystem of actors working to deliver on environmental ambitions. The lists are created by young talents, usually in partnership with one or several of our global partners. The featured actors can curate their own Company/Project landing page at TOOL Spawn to increase their visibility & reach. TOOL community members can also call for (or offer) resources in resource market place - the Opportunity section.

Listings of Innovators 

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