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Female Founders of Ocean & Energy: The full overview!

Meet the world of female founders in Ocean & Renewable Energy. We continuously map & add founders to our complete map and list of the TOOL Inspirational Female Founders of Ocean & Energy, and the problems their companies work on resolving. Every year, we present 100 female founders to the world. 

The 2023 list is presented in partnership with Equinor Techstars Energy Accelerator, Narwhale Ventures, Maritime SheEO, SHE Community & Seagrow.

Some of the women founded their companies decades ago, others more recently. Some founded their company alone, others are co-founders. Some have moved on to other challenges, while most are active in their company. Female founders are as diverse as any other group - and while there are still way too few of them in our sectors, there are many more than you would think.

We want to celebrate their strong efforts to drive change, and get these amazing forces of nature on the radar. Towards SHE Conference 19 April 2023 - Europe's largest equality conference - we will share many of their inspirational stories and journeys here on TOOL Spawn.

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Help us complete the map!

We have started, but are nowhere near our mission to reveal a world of female founders, support their growth journeys and share their stories. 

Do you work with or know other female founders who should make the list? Check out the initial list of female founders - and join us in making it complete! 

You can nominate candidates directly if you already have a TOOL profile. If you don't, sign up and connect with the TOOL Scout or TOOL's Chief Mermaid Birgit M. Liodden to get moving. 

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Aclarity - Julie Bliss Mullen - designs, integrates and deploys proprietary electrochemical water treatment systems to effectively destroy a wide breadth of contaminants in wastewaters. 

Julie Bliss Mullen, Co-founder & CEO, founded Aclarity in 2017 to solve the world’s greatest water quality problems. Julie has spent her professional career investigating and developing conventional and innovative water treatment technologies while understanding and finding solutions to technology commercialization and regulatory barriers. As CEO of Aclarity, Julie leads sales and business development, fundraising, and intellectual property strategic initiatives. Julie developed Aclarity’s patent-pending technology as a Ph.D. Candidate and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (NSF-GRF) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Prior to her studies at UMass, Julie worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an environmental engineer and regulator in the Drinking Water Unit for Region 1 (Boston, MA). She is a proud alumna of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) where she studied Environmental Engineering and Environmental & Sustainability Studies.

Akua - Courtney Boyd Myers (US) - creates foods that can feed the planet sustainably while reversing climate change, and restoring health to our world's oceans. All of their products are made from ocean-farmed kelp, which is one of the most healing and healthy forms of food on the planet. In the business of making seaweeds - or, as they like to say - seagreens - taste delicious.

Creating food that fights climate change! Order delicious, high-protein, soy-free 100% vegan KELP JERKY and feel good about your contribution to the planet at akua.co. 🌊 

CBM is the co-founder of AKUA, a modern brand on a mission to become a household name for sustainable, seagreens-based foods. She began her career in kelp as an adviser to GreenWave, a nonprofit that supports the regenerative ocean farming industry.

​Her love of food doesn't stop at the sea. She was the first investor in her husband's business Unframed Ice Cream, a Cape Town based ice cream brand that was named #1 in the world in 2019. 

When she's not hustling sea vegetables and vegan ice cream, CBM is a Global Community Ambassador to Summit, a community and events company that brings together innovators and creatives for immersive events. 

Courtney Boyd Myers has lived and worked between dozens of international cities including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Panama City, Buenos Aires, Tulum, London, Berlin, Cape Town, Dubai, and Lisbon. She is the creator of three popular Facebook Groups including Sloane's List, a 10,000 person group that has helped hundreds of people find jobs and hire talent; YesNomads, a curated community for private homesharing, and #OMGCPG, a community of founders of consumer packaged goods companies.

Algeon Materials - Kim Pendergrass (US) - Algeon Materials is a biotech materials company on a mission to fight climate change and reduce plastic pollution. We are creating sustainable and environmentally friendly plastics from ocean-derived materials like kelp.

Algreen - Zhixuan Wang (UK/HK) - pioneer of renewable and sustainable product solutions by utilising biobased materials. Through different technologies such as biotechnology, chemistry and material science, we developed alternative products that can replace plastics and unsustainable fossil products. We aim to ensure the most decarbonised and sustainable solutions to any petrol-based chemicals. Developed biobased polyurethane (PU) and commercialising various industries such as medical, fashion, packaging, furniture and construction markets. Their production line includes facemasks glue, fabric glue, apparel coating, shoes foam, vegan leather, chipboard and label.

Zhixuan holds a Chemical Engineering PhD focusing on polysaccharide materials and their sustainable applications. Interested in micro/macroalgae, cellulose and aerogel materials. Experience in bio/chem-process design and simulation, Apsen Plus, Apsen Customer Modeler, and Matlab. Dual bachelor's degrees in International Economics and Trade, and Animal Science.

Aquaai  - Liane Thompson (US/NOR) - Aquaai is a marine robotics company that builds affordable robotic fish platforms or specialized fishlike Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) to collect and deliver real-time visual and environmental data that is accessible on an AI powered online dashboard for multiple industries. We currently service Norwegian sustainable salmon farms near the Arctic Circle.

Liane has a passion for 'Invent w/ Positive Intent'. Be involved with projects that better the planet. Keep Growing. Be Kind. Be Real. Currently protecting marine and fresh waterways via my startup Aquaai that offers affordable high quality, environmental data on the web harnessed using our patented fishlike robots. 20 Women Driving the Future of ClimateTech 2021 30 Women in Robotics You Need to Know About in 2021 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology to follow in 2023 2022 NEOM Accelerator selected 2022 Top Tier Impact Award (finalist) 2022 Verizon's Climate Resilience Prize (finalist) 2021 Ocean Impact PitchFest (finalist) 2021 Hardware Cup Clean Tech (semifinalist) 2020 Creative Destruction Lab graduate 2020 EC Seal of Excellence for Impact, Quality and Efficiency 2020 SOA completion 2019 Top Innovation Award Winner - Fish2.0 Stanford Global Forum. Liane realized her childhood dream to report globally for The New York Times; Three Prime Time Emmy nominations; Extensively worked/lived in the US, EEA, MENA, LATAM - before joining the ocean hero movement.

Boatsetter - Jaclyn Baumgarten (US) - made boating affordable and accessible for first-time boaters—500,000 and counting!—simply by providing an easy way to connect qualified renters, boat owners, and licensed captains. The world’s leading boat rental community. With more than 50,000 boats in over 700 locations worldwide, chances are there's an available boat near you.

Jaclyn is a visionary leader and change agent. As the Founder of Boatsetter, Baumgarten’s vision led to the creation of an entirely new category within the sharing economy as well as a path to entrepreneurship for thousands of boat owners. Under her leadership, Boatsetter has grown to now offer more than 50,000 boat listings available in over 700 locations worldwide. Boatsetter was selected by Fast Company's Best Places to Work for Innovators and by a16Z as a top 100 marketplaces in the world. A recognized expert on scaling businesses, Baumgarten serves as a Board member of MasterCraft. Prior to founding Boatsetter, Baumgarten created and led divisions of Fortune 500 corporations and spearheaded one of the largest commercial real estate developments in the City of Los Angeles, including PwC, IBM, and Westfield Corp. Selected as: Inc Magazine 2019 Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs and 2018 Endeavor Entrepreneur of the year in Miami, Jaclyn holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wellesley College (Cum Laude) and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Biome Algae - Angela Mead (UK) - an aquaculture business, sustainably farming native UK seaweed species offshore. Biome Algae aims to be a leader in the field, promoting their seaweed products as a solution for a number of solutions to wider problems such as food security and nutrition, climate change mitigation (carbon capture, methane reduction), single-use plastic alternatives (bioplastics), sustainable feeds and fertilizers and maintaining health (medicines). Biome Algae is also working with partners to develop a marine tech-based system that remotely monitors offshore farms and their surrounding environment in real-time, the Aquasmart Offshore system.

Angela Mead is the Founder and Managing Director of Biome Algae, with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. Skilled in Coastal ecosystem research, climate change research and marine invasive species, as well as offshore aquaculture. Strong professional background with a MSc. Environmental Management & Law from Hong Kong University, a Doctor of Philosophy - PhD focused in Zoology and Marine Biology from University of Cape Town and a Law Masters. Also a teaching degree (Science: Biology). She worked across the world leading research projects.

BLOC & BunkerTrace - Deanna MacDonald - Traceability in the marine fuel supply chain. add non-invasive molecular markers to fuels to provide evidence of origin, authenticity, and quality and digitalise the bunker supply chain to give actionable insights for reporting and compliance.

Deanna is the Co-founder and CEO of Bloc, an independent blockchain studio dedicated to collaborations for the practical application of blockchain for climate impact. Co-founder and Managing Partner of BunkerTrace, a venture combining synthetic DNA and blockchain to tag and trace sustainable marine fuels for insurance, compliance and sustainability reporting. Global political economist with over a decade of industry experience in developing, applying and scaling technology. Public speaker and workshop facilitator on applied blockchain, new forms of governance and business models needed to support the green transition and transformation. Expertise areas: + Sector relevant expertise in shipping, energy, water, agriculture and healthcare + Technology expertise within blockchain, synthetic DNA, protein separation, point of care medical technology and solar and wind renewable energy + Global policy development focussing upon environment, industry and innovation.

BlueCargo - Laura Theveniau & Alexandra Griffon (US) - premier platform for empty container returns in Long Beach / Los Angeles. Build software to help carriers move equipment in and out of port terminals faster - 'empty container returns made simple'. Operational tool that gives you the data on the 1st and last mile on your containers and that helps you in booking appointments to pick up a loaded container and or to return an empty container. Container tracking system in which you can use different tools to help both the fluidity of your operations, the data to communicate with your customers and help you in booking the next best appointment available.

Blue Lice  Karoline Sjødal Olsen (NOR) - provide salmon lice trap solutions preventing sea lice infections in salmon fish farming - one of the aquaculture industry´s biggest problems. 

Karoline is the Co-Founder and CEO of  Blue Lice. She is passionate about using ocean resources without compromising nature. She has a passion for balance - and that knowledge is everything when you want to work with the eco-system and not against it.

Blue Institute Labs - Judith Underwood (US) - brings together the most innovative, eclectic and entrepreneurial minds in startups, academia, industry, and government in the burgeoning Northeast “Blue-England” Blue Tech cluster. This Blue Tech cluster works together within the wider Blue Economy to create equitable, sustainable and dual-use (e.g. military and commercial) solutions for climate resiliency, secure water resources, efficient industry (including shipping, offshore wind, mari-culture, defense and maritime security) and healthy & protected oceans. Blue Institute Labs seeks to grow a robust “Blue” workforce both locally and globally. In order to help startups traverse the “valley of death” Blue Institute Labs in Newport is a waterfront open innovation hub, with shared labs, offices, and shared marine resources, offering networking, “collision,” mentoring and teaming opportunities. Their open innovation hub is part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community lab that has diverse and inclusive membership opportunities. Members from academia, industry, and government agencies (known as the “Triple Helix”) working, mentoring, and collaborating alongside startups & students – making this unique global “Blue” hub key to successfully developing the Blue Economy and the regional Blue Tech cluster. Blue Institute Labs will put Blue-England on the global map.

As CEO of Blue Institute Labs (home of the BLUE Incubator), and Founder of their sister nonprofit Blue Institute (home of the BLUE Excelerator, and interdisciplinary programs such as the BLUE Semester and the annual “Words on Water” writing contest), Judith is a firm believer in the time honored phrase, 'a rising tide lifts all boats,' and that the most agile, impactful, and sustainable innovation comes through collaboration. 

Blue Ocean Gear - Kortney Opshaug (US) - Blue Ocean Gear is start-up company based in Northern CA that provides technology solutions for IoT tracking on the ocean. They create high-tech buoys that can track gear in the marine environment, including detecting and locating lost or entangled fishing gear. These smart devices help fishermen save money while protecting the ocean environment.

Kortney is the CEO and Founder of Blue Ocean Gear.

BluumBio - Katherine French (US) - a spin out from UC Berkeley. For many years they have worked on understanding how pollution affects ecosystems and how organisms found on contaminated sites break down toxins. They recognized that these natural processes of degradation are slow; and sought to speed them up. Their early work focused on developing bacteria and plants that could quickly degrade crude oil. Since then, they've expanded to other contaminants. BluumBio combines the research, innovation, and risk-taking normally found in academic institutes with the technology development pipeline of commercial enterprises.

Katherine is an interdisciplinary biologist with a background in environmental sciences and sustainable development. Developing new technologies to clean up the environmental pollution. Building partnerships with industry, conservation groups, non-profits, and govt agencies. When not working, exploring the Bay Area on foot or bike.

Bound4Blue - Cristina Aleixendri Munos (ES) - Bound4blue has developed autonomous rigid sails systems to be integrated on a wide range of vessels. They are a complementary propulsion systems that provide great thrust thanks to the wind. On a mission to deliver automated wind-assisted propulsion systems as a turnkey solution for all shipowners and shipping companies looking for a reduction in fuel costs and pollutant emissions. The company is also working on an alternative application of this technology to design in the future a wind powered vessel, capable of producing hydrogen and oxygen by means of the electrolysis of seawater in a clean and cost-efficient way.

Cristina is an engineer and believes that technology is key to achieve sustainable development in the economic, social and environmental dimensions. She holds a BSc. & MSc. in Aeronautical Engineering with a specialization in propulsion from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and an Executive MBA from IESE Business School. In addition, I have also attended several entrepreneurial programs at the University of Cambridge, ESADE Business School and Singularity University. Her desire to make the shipping industry more sustainable has made her participate in more than 10 national and European projects, being the inventor of more than 5 patents in the field of wind-assisted propulsion systems and its various applications, such as hydrogen generation, as well as having the opportunity to present our technology and to raise awareness about the impact of shipping-related emissions at events such as COP24 from United Nations or in the European Parliament. She was selected in 2017 as one of Europe’s Top 50 most promising entrepreneurs, and received the 2019 edition of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Award (featuring the 30 brightest Manufacturing and Industry entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in Europe), in 2020 she won the FEDEPE’s Innovation and Female Entrepreneurship Award and the EIT Woman Award, in 2021 she received the Women in Tech Start-Up Award and in 2022 she was recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Seatrade Maritime. In her spare time, she participates in several initiatives to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls to choose whatever they want to do in life, like giving regular talks to female students or mentoring young women to launch their own entrepreneurial projects.

Braid Theory - Ann Lee Carpenter (US) - a Vertically Integrated Venture Advisory and Accelerator, operating in BlueTech and the Blue Economy, with dedicated technology leaders, providing assistance to startup companies that want to embrace opportunities to amplify their presence in the marketplace, and by providing collaboration with industry partners, through objective driven planning and sustainable business models, driving market building. Braid Theory provides proof that strength lies in a collaborative framework, and results driven, evidence-based market-tested opportunities for traction and growth They provide a framework or scaffold both entrepreneurs and industry use, to work together, to achieve common objectives in technology transfer and integration, and solutions to the problems of product-market fit. Their industry specific areas are: Ocean, Marine and Maritime, Transport and Logistics, AgTech and Food, Aerospace, Environment, Energy and Water, looking at SDG's and ESG.

Ann is the CEO & Co-founder of Braid Theory; a strategic, market-focused leader in the Blue Economy, dedicated to building the tech entrepreneurial community in Southern California. Deep and innovative thinker, visual communicator. Domain expertise in ocean tech / bluetech and adjacencies. Bilingual in engineering and marketing.

Brim Explorer - Agnes Arnadottir (NOR) - catamarans redefining blue tourism. BRIM provide ocean excursions without noise or pollution on board silent hybrid-electric ships because the epic, rugged and awe-inspiring Arctic coast deserves to be experienced from a silent, clean and comfortable ship. Brim Explorer's hull is made out of 100% recyclable aluminum and 50% of the hull is made from already recycled material. This is just the basis for what the company represents: clean, sustainable and innovation solutions. Every item on board has been handpicked to support local, sustainable and eco-friendly companies, from plates, to chairs, to the food that will be placed in front of guests. 

Agnes is CEO and Co-Founder of Brim Explorer, an Icelander living in Norway. She is passionate about the environment and the ocean. Entrepreneur in sustainable tourism. Tech optimist, and in general optimistic and open-minded. Other passions are music, liquorice and whales.

BuoyTech - Ida Hundven (NOR) - has created a technology to prevent the loss of passive fishing gear. The loss of fishing gear from both recreational and commercial fishing has a significant environmental impact, and their goal is to reduce marine pollution, ghost fishing, and animal welfare with their technology. Their technology will be implemented on existing fishing gear, and if rope is cut, or main buoy sinks, you will loose “contact” with your fishing gear. However, if you have implemented BuoyTech technology on your rope, an “emergency buoy” will instantly be released and float to the surface. This allows the user instant retrieval of the fishing gear. This will economically beneficial for the user, and have a significant positive environmental impact. 

Ida is the CEO of BuoyTech.

Caban Systems - Alexandra Rasch Castillo (US/MX) - Caban is accelerating the shift to sustainability for telecommunications providers and tower operators by providing access to affordable, reliable and renewably sourced power. Caban Systems, Inc. is an energy infrastructure provider, offering end-to-end solutions for some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Pioneering a best-in-class intelligent energy management system for the telecommunication infrastructure industry, Caban delivers modern infrastructure solutions to its customers, substantially reducing operational expenses, GHG emissions and increasing uptime. Caban designs and manufactures software-enabled lithium-ion energy management systems for primary and backup power telecom applications.

Alexandra is Founder and CEO at Caban Systems - an Entrepreneur. Engineer. Environmentalist. Adventurer.

​Camus Energy - Astrid Atkinson (US) - Next generation utility software for a distributed, zero-carbon grid orchestration. Their grid management platform provides system-wide visibility and advanced control for the distributed energy future.

Astrid is the Co-Founder and CEO of Camus Energy, balancing supply and demand in real time for zero carbon grids.


Canal Boats Telemark - Nora Sjögren Johre (NO) - key in building out fast charging network in the Telemark Canal for electric boats. 

Canal Boats Telemark wants to help you travel on a green Norwegian holiday along one of Norway's most beautiful waterways. Our boats run on 100% renewable energy. For us at Canal Boats Telemark, our climate focus is extremely important to us and we want this to be reflected in everything we do.

Nora is the CEO & co-owner of Canal Boats Telemark.

Canscan - Jennifer Ivens (CAN) - develop AI driven systems that use your existing infrastructure to optimize container handling processes and speed-up your workflow.

Jennifer is the Founder of Canscan Inc. She also holds the coveted profile of Entrepreneur in Propulsion Program at Centech Mtl. Jennifer is an alumnus of the prestigious Concordia University.

CargoCheck - Kathy Green (USO) - cloud-based software platform aligns the unique B2B and B2G requirements of chemical shippers, carriers, and receivers to reduce costly errors and improve safety. While other systems may be adequate to manage handling instructions within a single organization, CargoCheck™ provides point-to-point visibility from pre-shipment to delivery so each person in the supply chain knows how their part contributes to success.

ChargerHelp! - Evette Ellis & Kameale C. Terry (US) - a Los Angeles-based startup that fixes and maintains electric vehicle charging stations and networks.

Evette Ellis is Co-Founder and CEO at Chargerhelp. Startup-minded tech entrepreneur, co-founder, and chief workforce officer at Charger Help Inc. - a national EVSE dedicated operations and maintenance service provider. ChargerHelp! takes a technology first approach to provide its clients with reliable, predictable, and hassle-free EV charging. Evette is a performance-driven leader in workforce development with over fifteen years of experience. Proven track record of spearheading process improvement, performance optimization, and cross-functional team leadership. Evette‘s career with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps where she served as a career transition and outreach specialist has allowed both an internal and external understanding of how to develop the workforce alongside actual work. Evette is an impactful, thought provoking and candid industry expert, now focused on technology, innovation, and eco-conscious workforce development. Using her candid humor and passion, she shares tools for success but often challenges her audiences to think critically. Evette Ellis is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and helping under-represented professionals move their careers in the direction they dream of with the salary they deserve.                                                                                                               

Kameale C. Terry is the Co-Founder and CEO at Chargerhelp. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. The daughter of Belizean immigrants Kameale has always had a focus on environmental sustainability and community engagement. With over a decade of experience in CleanTech, Kameale formed ChargerHelp! with her co-founder Evette Ellis to create a reliable Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. The CleanTech company, powered by technology, uses data to identify and provide maintenance and repair services for electric vehicle charging stations. Previously Kameale worked at EV Connect where she was the Director of Programs for the electric vehicle charging station network provider. In that role, she structured and led teams to execute infrastructure projects in the United States, Australia, and Canada for both commercial and government entities. Her notable projects include Electrify America - Phase One program, the Southern California Edison Charge Ready Pilot, and the New York Power Authority portfolio. Prior to that role, Kameale established the Customer Experience Department at EV Connect by partnering with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board employing candidates from the local community. She believes that an equitable green economy can be achieved through impactful development and realignment of existing workforces in conjunction with clean technology. Kameale is an advisor for Edge Energy and a Co-creator of Culture and Climate, an annual gathering in Los Angeles of Investors, Founders, Industry Experts, Venture Capitalists, and Speakers in Cleantech. Kameale has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and sits on several boards in entrepreneurial and environmental industries.

Clean Ocean Coatings - Christina Linke (GER) - revolutionizes the commercial shipping industry with its brand new and innovative coating solution. The environmentally friendly coating not just eliminates microplastics but also offers huge saving potentials for owners and shipping companies.

Christina is the CEO of Clean Ocean Coatings.

CLARITECS - Marianne Choo (SIN) - maritime solutions company that leverages on a strong foundation of maritime expertise to develop digital applications for decision makers in shipping operations and commercial management. CLARITECS suite comprises BunkerMAESTRO, an algorithm-based SaaS platform that provides data-driven insights for bunker scheduling clarity which benefit stakeholders with increased work efficiencies and bunker fleet optimisation.

Marianne holds 30 years of experience in the maritime industry, skilled in corporate & marketing communications and driving tech changes to shipping related work processes. Rose through the ranks within container shipping agencies to playing a strategic role in workgroups involved in spearheading tech innovation, setting maritime policies, and industry manpower development.

Clean Sea Solutions - Catharina Frostad (NOR) - develops innovative autonomous and technological solutions to reduce and prevent the inflow of marine plastic waste into the oceans. Floating deposit station, aquapod and cleaning drones for ports and harbours.

Catharina is the Founder and CSO of Clean Sea Solutions.

Discovery Health - Ann Jarris (US) - Discovery Health, LLC and Discovery Health MD, PLLC provide medical services to the Commercial Maritime Industry and Remote Worksites

Earthwise Sorbents - Julie Hampden (US) - Merges science and nature, revolutionizing oil and chemical spill management. Have made it their mission to provide high quality sorbent products made from recycled and repurposed materials.

Julie is Group Director - Environmental Planning and Science, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Strategic Communications. Experienced Environmental Scientist and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in regulatory compliance and the construction industry. Strong leader and team member skilled in Environmental Consulting, Environmental Research, Project Management, Endangered Species, Permitting, Underwater Noise, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Education, and Water Resource Management.Experienced Environmental Scientist and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in regulatory compliance and the construction industry. Strong leader and team member skilled in Environmental Consulting, Environmental Research, Project Management, Endangered Species, Permitting, Underwater Noise, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Education, and Water Resource Management.

Eco Wave Power - Inna Bravermann (IL) - Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner, and developer of the unique EWP wave energy devices. Their wave energy company designs manufactures and operates the EWP wave energy convertors. They believe that their patented technology is clearly on target to become a world leader in the wave energy field. Meet Inna

Inna is the ​​Co-Founder of Eco Wave Power, using the power of the waves to create clean electricity. Inna Braverman founded Eco Wave Power ( Nasdaq Stock Symbol: WAVE) at the age of 24. Under her leadership, the company installed its first grid-connected wave energy array, secured a significant projects pipeline of 404.7MW, and became the first Israeli company to ever list on Nasdaq Stockholm (Stock Symbol: ECOWVE). Recently the company was also listed on Nasdaq US (Stock Symbol: WAVE). Inna was recognized by Wired Magazine as one of the “Females Changing the World”, by Fast Company as one of the world’s “Most Creative People in Business for 2020” and is the winner of the United Nations “Global Climate Action Award”. For Inna, clean electricity is a very personal journey, as she was born two weeks before the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster and suffered respiratory arrest due to the pollution in the region. Luckily, her mother, a nurse, came to her crib on time and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which saved her life. She got a second chance in life and decided to devote it to the development of a clean and safe method of electricity production.

EntrepreneurShipOne (& Blueye Robotics) – Christine Spiten (NOR) - EntrepreneurShipOne unlock the potential of the ocean, by inspiring founders, enabling technology innovation, champion values-based entrepreneurship and fostering the sea grass movement // Blueye make professional underwater ROVs - designed, developed, produced, and serviced in Norway. Reliable and user-friendly underwater technology for frictionless access to what's below the surface.

Christine has co-founded 2 companies and currently works in Fearnley Securities, Investment Banking - Renewable & Cleantech. With a heart for the Ocean and a genuine passion for technology, people and innovation she invest her time and capacity where it can have a positive impact. Investment Banking - Maritime, Renewables & Clean Tech, Fearnley Securities - CEO and Co-founder, EntrepreneurShipOne - Founder, byFounders Collective - Co-Founder, Blueye Robotics - Ocean advocate and sailor - World Wildlife Fund Ambassador Board experience: Saga Pure, Ski-VM 2025 & Norwegian Electrical boating association M.Sc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management Regulation Technique and Robotics, UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil International Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley, USA.

eOceans® - Christine Ward-Paige (CAN) - mobile app and collaboration platform that automates the quantitative aspects of marine science to analyze and disseminate ocean data at any spatial scale in real-time. With eOceans, any individual, community, or organization can unite a team of people to track any part of the ocean across biological, social, and anthropogenic dimensions. The MPA Health Tracker™ and MPA Health Score™ are their flagship, ready-made analytical packages that were developed by experts to enable collaborative, transparent, real-time marine protected area performance tracking. It fits seamlessly with the Smart Fishery Tracker™, the Blue Economy Tracker™, Shark & Ray Tracker™, and other analytical packages, so that all ocean stakeholders and rightsholders can work together efficiently, in the same place.

Christine is the founder of eOceans and scientist. She measures and tracks human-environment interactions, mostly in the ocean — known for sharks, rays, biodiversity, sewage pollution, policy evaluation, Shark Sanctuaries, fisheries, marine protected areas, and more. She holds a Ph.D. in marine science, by way of geology, geography, chemistry, and geoscience. Her research has deployed monumental, global participatory science (citizen science) approaches to inform policy on pollution, fisheries, conservation, endangered species, MPAs, and special places. This knowledge continues to gain protection for sharks, rays, coral reefs, fish, fisheries, and coastal communities. She founded eOceans® to automate my expertise in quantitatively tracking the ocean, so that all communities can have expert-generated insights in real-time about the ocean they need — species, fisheries, marine protected areas, pollution, social values, etc. Quote: 'With the short time I have the privilege of living on this planet, my sole purpose is to scale my knowledge and expertise to help set a trajectory for a livable future for my kids and all other species we share the planet with.'

EsGeo & Adepth Minerals - Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt (NOR) - on a mission to find and extract commercial deep sea minerals through sustainable marine operations using new technology with low carbon intensity and by integrating big data and artificial intelligence for prospect analysis and risk assessment. (TOOL disclaimer: TOOL support WWF Moratorium to avoid deep seabed mining, until all environmental, social and economic risks are understood, and all alternatives to deep sea minerals have been explored)

Anette is the CEO of Adepth Minerals.

Everty - Carola Jonas (AUS) - developer of an electric vehicle charging network platform created to accelerate Australia’s transition to sustainable transportation. 

Carola is the Founder and CEO of Everty.

EQO - Erika Schwarz (US) - leveraging eDNA, eRNA, and automated sampling to protect endangered species and eradicate invasive species in watersheds, lakes, and rivers.

Molecular ecology expert. Developed probes used as standard by NOAA for toxic algae detection. Erika has a background in designing species-specific molecular markers for toxic dinoflagellates. She also has extensive experience in genome assembly and comparative genomics of plants and algae with an interest in repetitive elements and their effects on genomes. She is passionate about using next generation technologies and comparative genomics to identify small changes in genomes that can be leveraged to improve species' health, and ultimately ecosystem health.

Exowave - Hanna Jakob (DK) - Exowave is a wave energy company located in Denmark that developed a submerged wave-to-energy converter (WEC) which harnesses the kinetic energy in the ocean and converts it into flowing hydraulic pressure. That highly pressurized water is transported onshore to either drive a Pelton turbine for electricity production or freshwater production by removing all contaminants through a reverse osmosis process.

Hanna is the Project and Business Development Manager at Exowave.

FeC - Kathrine Molvik (NOR) - Engineering company focusing on welding and materials technology.

Kathrine is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & gas industry. Technical expertise related to welding and materials technology. Skilled in Petroleum, Operations Management, Quality Management, Project Management, Welding Inspection, Human Relations, Management, Welding Co-ordination, and Inspection. Strong business development professional who graduated from Høgskolen Vestlandet and BI.

Femer Peau Marine - Marielle Philip (FRA) - a company making leather from marine food waste. Located in the Arcachon basins, the company recycles fish skins from the region into a strong, aesthetic and odorless textile. This is then used to design luxury products.

Marielle is the Founder of Fermer Peau Marine.

FieldMade - Kristin Wille von der Lippe (NOR) - Moving additive manufacturing into logistics. FieldMade is a deep tech company with expert knowledge within the full spectrum of the applied additive manufacturing domain.

Kristin is the Co-Founder and former VP of products, and COO of FieldMade. She has a background as a research scientist, entrepreneur, and business developer with an MSc in Product Development from NTNU.

Fish 2.0 Ventures - Monica Jain (US) - Women-led Seed and Series A fundraising $40M to invest in technology companies that will shape the future of the blue economy focusing on the US and Latin America. Fish 2.0 support companies with proven technologies that have the potential to resolve key pain points in oceans’ industries. 

Monica Jain is a recognized leader in the blue economy sector. She founded and ran Fish 2.0, the largest and most impactful global accelerator for seafood, and brings 30+ years of deep industry experience, knowledge, and connections to the team.

Fishency Innovation - Flavie Gohin (NOR) - Fishency360 is a hardware and software solution for fish welfare that monitors fish health, lice, and growth in the pen. With a 360° view, the entire surface of every passing fish is scanned and analysed. Fishency uses technology to promote affordable sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.

Flavie is the Co-Founder of Fishency.  She is an entrepreneur, business developer, explorer, and marine engineer with a passion for innovation, oceantech and green technologies.

Foraged & Found - Jenn Brown (US) - wild harvested gourmet super-food kelp pickles, salsas, and sauces are freshly foraged by hand from the Alaskan wilderness.

Jenn is the CEO and Founder of Foraged & Found.

Future Sight AR - Lori-Lee Elliott (US) - develops mixed reality software for defense agencies, aerospace, private and commercial airlines, construction, energy, and manufacturing.

Lori-Lee is the Co-Founder of Future Sight AR. Her specialty is using emerging technology to solve problems in the world's biggest industries including energy, medicine, education, and construction. Sometimes that means creating a new product - which is what we do over at Future Sight AR - and sometimes that means educating and strategizing with entrepreneurs, innovation teams, and executives on how they can keep the empires they worked so hard to build continuously evolving with new tech.

Freesuns - Deborah Learoyd (CH) - rooftiles with greater ROI. A company designing beautifully integrated solar roof tiles for residential, commercial and heritage buildings. Freesuns does not seek to compete with solar panels. They address the market of people who would like to make an environmental contribution but cannot/will not use solar panels, either because they don’t like the look, their commune doesn’t allow it, or their roof is unusually shaped.

Deborah is the CEO & Managing Director of Freesuns. Deborah is a Global Business Executive passionate about delivering value to customers through innovation and new product development. Her expertise is in engineering building products and her career has moved from where software meets the Internet of Things to where Photo-Voltaic energy generation meets sustainable architecture. Her domains of expertise are renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, occupant-centric buildings, and Smart Cities. Deborah's mission is to make the world more productive and sustainable.

Genoa Design - Gina Pecore (CAN) - provides production design and 3D modeling services to shipbuilding and offshore industries, and has become one of the most sought-after production design firms in the North American shipbuilding market.

Gina is the CEO of Genoa Design. She began her career in the Royal Canadian Navy (1984-1991) during a period of transformation that included the commissioning of new warships and placement of women in seagoing combat roles for the first time. Her experience with the Navy underpinned Gina's career progress over the next 30 years into a senior business leader focused on entrepreneurial excellence through strategic clarity and team empowerment. 

Gina helped establish Genoa Design International in 1994 and supported the company's growth from basement enterprise to international operation. She joined the company full-time in 2012 as vice-president of operations. In 2016, she moved into the CEO role, where she leads an executive team growing the business in Canada and the US. Named one of Canada's fastest-growing companies in 2021 by the Globe & Mail, Genoa is on a transformational journey, rising as a technology leader in shipbuilding and marine service industries. 

In addition to Genoa, Gina is chair of the Human Resources & Governance Committee on the Board of Directors of Newfoundland Power; a director on the Advisory Board of Crosbie Group of Companies; a director on the Board of Business & Arts NL; a member of the SPCA Way Home Capital Campaign; and an Aide-de-Camp for the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador. Gina is a passionate advocate for a healthy community ecosystem and continues to lead Genoa's involvement in a broad spectrum of community and industry-based initiatives. Her specialties: Strategic leadership, innovation leadership, and operational execution.

Glas Ocean Electric - Sue Molloy (CAN) - bringing clean energy to coastal communities through the integration of electric boats with community energy systems.

Sue is currently the president of Glas Ocean Electric (GOE) and also runs her separate consulting company Glas Ocean Engineering. She has been elected Engineers Nova Scotia council member. She is a member of the NSERC Discovery Grant Evaluation Group for Mechanical Engineering. Sue is a reviewer for the US DOE Water power technologies program. She was invited to participate at the Aga Khan Foundation Women and Clean Energy round table and follow-on events. Sue works on environmentally responsible projects, focused on the ocean. She has worked on ocean research contracts with the Canadian Space Agency and Transport Development Centre of Transport Canada. Her company GOE won an Innovacorp Ocean Technology Grant. She was the president and general manager of Black Rock Tidal Power 2015-2016 and VP Strategy 2016- 2017. She has both industry and academic research projects in Electric Boats and Tidal Power. She developed the R&D program for the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy, FORCE. She is a board member at Marine Renewables Canada, a past board member of FORCE, and on the advisory committee for the Dal CREATE TOSST. She is an adjunct professor at Dalhousie University and the University of Manitoba. Sue is also an Ocean Energy Grant Reviewer for NOAA. Her work has been profiled on the Discovery Channel and I have spoken about electric boats and tidal power in numerous public fora. She guest edited the Journal of Ocean Technology Ocean Energy issue, in March 2013 and the Electric Vessels issue summer 2018. She has extensive experience in the standards field. She is the international chair for the IEC TC114 River Turbines Power Performance PT. She is a Canadian delegate on the Design ad hoc committee of IEC TC114 Marine Energy. She was a founding member of the Canada-China Track II Energy Dialogue Committee and the co-chair of the marine renewables subcommittee. She presented a TEDx talk at the Education event at Dalhousie. Sue was honoured by Memorial University with the Birks Graduate Medal for leadership.

Golden Grain / Golden Kayan - Malak Al Akiely (JO) - Golden Kayan is the exclusive representative for several energy companies in Jordan, across Oil, Energy & Renewable Energy. Golden Grain is a company that markets grains across the Middle East, Africa, and the U.S. As the owner of this agricultural trading company, she is focused on food security issues in the MENA region.

Malak Al Akiely is the CEO of Golden Wheat for Grain Trading, Co-partner in Golden Kayan for Oil & Energy, Young Global Leader with World Economic Forum, Cerealia Co. MENA Development Manager, Founding Member with FutureTalks and Middle East Key Account Manager for Skye Crypto.

Green Waves - Ida Salomonsen Thorrud (NOR) - manufacturer and developer of electric boats and drivetrains, and retrofit of existing boats.

Ida Solomonsen is the CEO & Co-founder of Green Waves AS. She is on a mission to make the World's oceans greener!

HYNOVA Yachts - Chloé Zaied (FRA) - develop hydrogen-fuelled yachts. Their HYNOVA 40 is the first fully Hydrogen powered Yacht to go into production. Energy Observer Developments (EO Dev) provides the drivetrain and breezeYachting. HYNOVA has a global vision of the world and the needs for luxury yachting and its goals are multiple; To build unique day boats that go beyond the expectations of the customers in a permanent concern of not producing anything harmful, dangerous, or polluting; To produce while preserving the environment and natural resources, while guaranteeing the quality and safety of products to consumers and workers.

Chloé is the CEO & Founder of Hynova Yachts. After training as a sailor and working as a captain in the Calanques National Park, Chloé Zaied is putting her passion into a great venture: designing the boat of the future! Knowing that pleasure boats cause pollution, the young woman from Marseille set herself the goal of making a boat that was clean and efficient enough to meet her daily needs. But she went far beyond that: her maritime family heritage, her experience (especially in shipbuilding), her growing skills, and her encounters with contractors and engineers led her to found Hynova in 2020.

Innovafeed - Aude Guo (FRA) - Innovafeed is a biotechnology company, and leading insect producer for animal and plant nutrition.

Aude is the Co-Founder of Innovafeed. Aude worked for 4 years at McKinsey & Company, focusing on industrial and operational issues. Previously she was involved with Safran as China Relation Manager. Aude graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussés and Collège des Ingénieurs, MBA. Aude Guo co-founded vertical farming startup InnovaFeed when she was 29 and now leads operations at the world's largest vertical insect farm.

Innovation Yachts - Marion Koch (FRA) - World’s leading yacht builder in volcanic fiber. Volcanic fibers in combination with balsa materials and epoxy, which are harmless to health, embody their basic materials. 

Marion and Norbert started laboratory tests to prove if volcanic fiber could be used as a recyclable, high-end quality building material for the nautical industry.

Marion is Founder & Technical Director at Innovation Yachts. Back in 2005, at just 17-years-old, she became the youngest Austrian sailor to receive her worldwide offshore sailing license (FB4). Following the completion of a bachelor’s degree in sports equipment technology, Marion focused her early career on water sports, initially working in fin development. Soon after, she completed a master's degree in sports equipment technology with a main focus on sustainable yacht construction and a thesis about hydromechanics and stability properties of IMOCA racing yachts.

In 2009, Marion founded Yacht Construction Consulting, located in Austria, and started her first own Open60 Design Project. After 3 years of research for Yacht building materials, Marion designed her first volcanic-fiber yacht, the prototype IY Open16 Fipofix. With this unique racing boat Harald Sedlacek, the son of Norbert sailed 2 non-stop trans-Atlantic turns achieving three sailing records.

After this successful period, in 2013 Marion jumped from the offshore racing scene to the super yacht business. Working with offshore racing skipper Norbert Sedlacek, Marion embarked on her first super yacht project – a 91 feet luxury cruiser racer. The end-to-end design included the nautical architecture and interior layout and won the prestigious Designer Award for sailing yachts.

Since 2015 Marion has focused her attention on the research, design, and architecture for an absolutely unique type of racing yacht, which should highlight material possibilities as well as the quality and safety of the Innovation Yachts concept, the IY Open60 AAL Innovation Yachts. She co-founded Innovation Yachts to bring this new, high-end quality yacht-building concept with several unique, sustainable as well as fully recyclable materials onto the nautical market.

In 2020 Marion started with the design of the IY LBV35, the worldwide first fully recyclable catamaran. This catamaran, which is electrically powered, has also a unique solution using its forward trampoline deck for cleaning the ocean while sailing.

Junk Not - Wilhelmina Garcia (PH) - finds creative ways to transform regular plastic waste into functional furniture pieces while providing livelihood to a community and protecting the environment. 

Wilhelmina is the Founder of Junk Not. She is a green designer. She got her degree in interior design from St. Scholastica's College in Manila, and she went to a program for social entrepreneurs at Youth Encounter Sustainability (YES) in Armenia, Colombia. Since 2006, she has been a part of the Philippine Institute of Interior Design (PIID).

Willie's interest in green design started when she helped clean up beaches and barangays as part of events put on by environmental groups. During one of the clean-ups she planned with her sister, the environmentalist Liza Dans, she saw that most of the trash they picked up went to the dump. She tried to find ways to keep plastic out of landfills and fires as part of her work. She started using recycled materials in her interior designs.

She won the interior design grand prize at the 2007 Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) National Competition because she used old building materials from houses that had been torn down in a creative and tasteful way.

Katapult Ocean / FYND - Maren Hjort Bauer (NOR) - invest in and support startups that have a positive impact on our ocean.

Maren is the Founder and Managing Partner in Fynd Ocean Ventures. Co-founder and former CEO of Katapult Ocean. She has a strong track record in leadership positions within venture investments, strategy, and business development.


Kelp Blue - Caroline Slootweg (NL / NA) - plant kelp forests around the globe to boost the health of the oceans and lock away CO2 forever, and harvest the kelp canopy for sustainable agri-foods, fertiliser, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Caroline co-founded Kelp Blue with Daniel Hooft in 2020, one month before all worldwide travel was halted due to a pandemic. Caroline was an international start-up and change management leader before dedicating herself entirely to Kelp Blue, and she has previously held numerous roles in digital and quantitative marketing at WPP and Unilever. She has mentored over 20 start-up teams in (agricultural) technology at Bayer, two of which are now company spin-offs. She's lived in New York, London, Bangkok, Singapore, and Amsterdam, among other places.

Her Dutch-American heritage, as well as her experience working on many continents and in multi-cultural environments, have helped her refine her team-building abilities, capacity to operate with speed, precision, and clarity, and her ability to navigate different cultures with ease. Caroline enjoys hunting and cooking outside of the office and has sailed half-way around the world in the Clipper Round the World sailboat race. She is also the Board Chair of the Kelp Forest Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to furthering kelp ecosystem knowledge and research.

Kelpy - Fionnuala Quin & Susanna Weber (AU) - female-led seaweed start-up in Jervis Bay NSW, working with leaders in the Blue Economy and Greentech space to create a reliable and ethical Bioplastic replacement for modern-day plastics. Kelpy has developed the world's first injection mouldable seaweed bioplastic innovation that won’t harm the environment. A B2B packaging solution for manufacturing customers who care about climate change and ocean health. We can now deliver rigid and sachet film packaging solutions to the market that are marine degradable and home compostable!

Fionnuala is the CEO & Founder of Kelpy.

KETOS - Meena Sankaran - water analytics technology designed to measure, manage, and forecast water quality and efficiency in agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications.

Meena is the Founder & CEO of KETOS. She is passionate & creative about building and executing disruptive technologies to make an impact as a social entrepreneur, end user, architect, and a trusted advisor to customers, partners, and the Open Source community. As a customer evangelist and technology executive for 12 years, Meena enjoys building great products, teams, and creative business models. Uniquely driven to dynamically lead teams and resolve problems with a blend of business & technical acumen.

Areas of skillset: data center operations & cloud design, product strategy, system engineering, solution architectures & marketing, business development, technology partnerships & strategic alliances, building diverse partner ecosystems in challenging startup environments and driving high growth in global emerging markets across organizations of all sizes from startups to teams worldwide.

Marine BioEnergy - Cindy Wilcox (US) - giant kelp on farms in the open ocean, guided by underwater drones. Cindy is the Co-Founder of Marine BioEnergy.

Mariner Credential Service - Lindsay Hennes (US) - makes the USCG Merchant Mariner Credential process painless. The first software that automates the manual task of obtaining, tracking, and renewing U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) credentials. MM-SEAS™ eliminates paperwork processing errors and delivers meaningful merchant mariner career guidance.

Lindsay is the Co-Founder of Mariner Credential Service. She is proud to build the UX for MM-SEAS software, and the database connections that each piece of the UX links to. As someone with a maritime background and also some experience writing code and working with databases, Lindsay is in a unique position. She translates user needs from the maritime community to conceptual components and data structure, and can communicate these goals to the engineers on our team.

Maritime Optima, Safe Sea Way, i-Sea - Kristin Omholt Jensen (NOR) - Smart maritime software products built on industry knowledge and big data, empowering single users or professional teams to work from anywhere.

Kristin is the founder, one of the main investors, a member of the board, managing Director, and responsible for product strategy, marketing, sales and finance, and the team at Maritime Optima. Kristin has a huge passion for the maritime industry. She was born on the west coast of Norway, her father was a nautical captain, and her MSc degree is in Shipping, finance, and international economics. She has 15 years of experience in chartering, operation, S&Ps, and business development from Fearnley & Eger, I.M Skaugen, Klaveness, and Leif Høegh, and as an independent contractor.

In 2008 she initiated the Executive MBA program in shipping, offshore and finance on behalf of Nanyang Business School and Norwegian Business School.

In 2010 she was the head of CHNL and the “First Northern Sea-route project” where MV Nordic Barents loaded iron ore in Kirkenes, went through the North East Passage and discharged in Shanghai and she has also headed a project exploring the options of exporting fresh water from Bamble to the Middle East.

Kristin is also a serial tech entrepreneur. Embark (Google Maps for boaters) was sold to Altor /C-Map in 2017 while StreamBIM (BIM for the construction industry) was sold in 2018 to a Canadian family company. Kristin is the mother of 4. Our CEO is passionate, hardworking, and has a lot of energy. She is not afraid of being outside her comfort zone.

Kristin has also invested in several early phase tech companies where she also is an active board member. If any spare time is available, she spends that time travelling, in her boat or watching her favourite football team Liverpool.

MARSEC - Krystyna Wojnarowicz (US) - is a multimodal transport optimization company with a focus on the maritime mode of transport employing the Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics technologies. Their goal is to improve maritime operations through revenue optimization and cost savings with help of open, innovative and flexible applications, which can be modified for the customer’s specific need. MARSEC is transforming maritime business by exploiting the IoT revolution, navigational and sensor data creating sea traffic management solution. MARSEC solves the pain-points of marine operations by automating daily tasks and simple-to-use tools.

Krystyna is a Founder, Chair, and Chief Strategy Officer of MARSEC Inc. a maritime software engineering center of excellence specializing in Sea Traffic Management solutions. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, MARSEC Inc. brings hi-tech user-driven innovation to the maritime industry.

For over a decade, Krystyna has been working with organizations in the transition towards digitization of their products, services and operations. She has been managing research and innovation projects as well as technology transfer and collaboration between research institutions and industry.

Currently working on the implementation of the Internet of Things at Sea. Krystyna is also involved in the definition and implementation of Sea Traffic Management in the MONALISA 2.0 project.

Krystyna holds a Master’s degree in Information Technologies Management specialized in Software Process Improvement. She is also a commercial mariner educated at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, specialized in fast vessels handling.

Prior to founding MARSEC she worked for the Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute - Europe.

Krystyna has been in management and leadership positions helping industries in transition from legacy systems to state-of-the-art digital technologies in various domains including maritime, automotive, defense, bank and finance, and government, where software dependency of products and services has been growing exponentially for the past decades.

Krystyna is a frequent speaker and presenter at maritime and ICT conferences and author of articles for various publications.

She is advocating increase in quality of maritime digital systems and reduction of ownership costs, promoting open standards and user driven innovation as well as increased interoperability, usability and reliability of marine software systems.

Mar y Comercio - Marilyn Valverde (CR) - conserve the ocean by collaborating on globally scalable and unique blue economy projects with local, public and private organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Marilyn is an award-winning ocean advocate and published author, specialized in customs administration and foreign trade and founder of her own start-up that develops blue economy projects. She has worked in fisheries traceability and management, decarbonization of the maritime industry, in community led projects for sustainable development and so on. She leads the Operations of the SOA Chapter in Costa Rica.

Material Evolution - Liz Gilligan (IRE) creates sustainable alternatives to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) using geopolymer technology. 

Elizabeth Gilligan is the Co-Founder of Material Evolution, which has developed 'algorithmic concrete.' The startup uses machine learning to develop the chemistry of the concrete material so that it can ideally fit any application that traditional concrete is used in. The resulting product is 5x more durable than existing concrete and reduces the carbon footprint of production by 85%.

Meterleader - Natalie Zandt (US) - MeterLeader gamifies saving energy and reducing carbon emissions at home by using real-time utility data and behavioral science. Like a Fitbit challenge, but instead of steps they measure kWh and carbon emission reductions. They are connected to more than 12 utilities in 10 states, and continually expanding. They help companies engage their employees in reducing carbon emissions at home and help them measure and report those carbon emission reductions for ESG purposes. Stanley-Techstars, LACI Incubator, and USGBC-LA Net Zero Accelerator company, with a mission to build impactful software that makes the world a better place.

Natalie Zandt is the Founder & CEO of MeterLeader - a Stanley-Techstars, LACI Incubator, and USGBC-LA Net Zero Accelerator company. Natalie's mission is to build impactful software that makes the world a better place. 

Previously, she worked as a software project delivery coordinator at Neudesic for nearly 2 years. And prior to that, she worked as an energy efficiency program manager and consultant at ICF International for 6 years, and spent one year working as the Energy Conservation Intern at Cornell's Office of Energy & Sustainability. She is an alum of Cornell University where she studied Environmental Science.

Natalie loves being able to integrate her expertise in sustainability, behavioral science, and user experience design, into building digital products. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer, reading sci-fi novels, and spending time at the beach.

Metizoft - Gry Cecilie Sydhagen (NOR) - among the world's first and leading consulting companies providing turnkey Green Passport / IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) solutions to shipyards, shipowners, suppliers, and other business segments from the maritime industry. Solutions approved by DNV GL, ABS, Lloyd's Register, BV, Class NK, RINA and Korean Register.

Gry Cecilie Sydhagen founded Metizoft AS in 2006 with an ambition to make the maritime industry greener. In addition to founding the company, she has held the roles of chief technology officer and CEO. She is also chair of the board and/or board member of the companies in the Metizoft group as well as in external organisations. In 2009, she was honoured as the «Norwegian Female Entrepreneur of the Year» for her effort in developing green technology solutions.

MF Shipping Group - Karin Orsel (NL) - service-oriented International shipping company based in Farmsum (Delfzijl) and facilitates all aspects of the maritime business. In terms of size the organisation is listed in the top ten in the Netherlands and occupies an especially prominent position in the tanker segment market. MF Shipping Group is a full-service fleet manager and is responsible for the day-to-day management of a fleet of more than 53 product-oil and chemical tankers, dry cargo vessels, and cement carriers.

Karin Orsel has been working in the Maritime Industry since the age of 18. At 23, Karin was one of the founders of MF Shipping Group, an organization she has led as CEO and majority shareholder since 2001. MF Shipping Group partly owns and manages a fleet of 55 vessels. Oil product/ chemical tankers, multipurpose vessels, and cement carriers. MF Shipping Group employs approximately 900 seafarers and 53 office staff employees.

In 2009, she won the prestige Dutch ‘Female Entrepreneurship Award of the Year’ for her personal determination and drive in managing her business successfully, being well focused, ambitious and capable of achieving anything she sets her mind to. In June 2016, MF Shipping Group was a joint winner of ISWAN’s International Seafarers’ Welfare Award: Shipping Company of the year 2016.

In June 2017, Karin Orsel received an Honorary Doctor of Public Administration Degree from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in recognition of her significant contributions to and impact on the maritime industry through her leadership, motivation and commitment to excellence as well as her active participation in numerous national and international organizations.

Microharvest - Katelijne Bekers & Luisa Cruz (DE) - early-stage biotech start-up focusing on the production of nutritious and tasty protein. 

Luisa is the Co-Founder & CTO at MicroHarvest. She's a resourceful manager in Biotechnology and Chemical Industry sectors. She has more than 10 years of experience connecting information, people and technical tools to deliver processes or actionable insights that meet and exceed the requirements of our business and operational partners. 

Katelijne is the Co-Founder and CEO of MicroHarvest, in which she brings together her passion for fermentation, excitement for the future of the agri-food supply chain and an intrinsic drive to change the world for the better. 

Katelijne has a dual background in biotechnology and business development. She worked as a fermentation scientist leading projects at Corbion and worked on the scaling of biobased processes at the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. During her time at Ohly as technical sales and later business development manager, she obtained an MBA at Rotterdam School of Management and got a deep understanding of the B2B Ingredients market. In her free time, Kate enjoys traveling to meet up with friends in restaurants and bars, and explore musea and nature. The latter surely includes beaches.

Mimbly - Isabella Palmgren (SWE) - Gothenburg-based company that creates sustainable laundry solutions. We design and develop innovations aiming to change unsustainable behaviours, with a focus on water and microplastics. Their first product - the Mimbox - is an add-on solution for businesses with common or professional laundry facilities, such as Facility Management and housing companies. It saves water, energy and reduces microplastic pollution.

Isabella Palmgren is a Swedish entrepreneur based in Gothenburg, passionate about making laundry more sustainable. She is the Founder and CEO of Mimbly, where we create sustainable laundry solutions. By using our innovation the Mimbox they help customers to save water and energy, whilst also filtering out microplastics.

Mini Fish - Mascha Davis (US) - the first ready to eat, shelf stable, sustainable, superfood seafood snack. Mini Fish contains a mouthwatering combination of chunks of steelhead trout, pumpkin seeds, vegetables, and a delicious blend of herbs and spices, all in a zesty citrus marinade. It comes in a tear open pouch and is a filling snack or small meal with 12 grams of high quality protein and 3 grams of fiber.

CEO and founder of Mini Fish. Nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist, humanitarian, and founder of Nomadista Nutrition, a private nutrition practice based in Los Angeles. Her writing and expertise have been featured in numerous publications and media outlets including TIME, CNN, Newsweek, the Washington Post, ABC News, Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health, Mind Body Green, Bustle, Refinery29, PopSugar Fitness, Reader’s Digest, and many more. 

She possesses in-depth market and brand knowledge on current science and nutrition trends and my professional history includes ten years of experience domestically and internationally. I'm driven by passion and a commitment to giving back.

MobyFly - Sue Putallaz (CH) - designs and delivers zero-emission performance marine hydrofoil boats. By harnessing the existing natural infrastructure of rivers, lakes and coastal waterways, MobyFly’s hydrofoil boats will provide a viable, practical and flexible zero-emission mass transportation solution for cities all over the world.

Sue Putallaz is the Co-founder and CEO of MobyFly. She is also Chairwoman of the Swiss Zero Emission Boat Association and a member of the international association of electric boats, and has 24 years of experience in business management and public affairs. Her expertise ranges from strategy consulting with PwC to leading her own digital tech startup with a responsibility on governmental department as former deputy secretary of the Geneva Minister of Urban Planning and Transport. Sue is able to bridge the technical and management sides and to unite the team around a shared vision and targets. She’s market driven and cares about the IP and legal aspects. Graduated from the University of Geneva (HEC), EPFL and IDHEAP.

Narwhale Ventures - Celine Schultze (CH) - invest in the Unicorns of the Sea. Named after the arctic whale that is often dubbed as unicorn of the sea for its large tusk, Narwhale Ventures is a global investment program that provides private capital to sustainability-driven startups from the blue economy. From pre-seed to Series A, their ticket sizes range from $100k to $5M. Verticals include aquatic foodtech, marine biotech, plastic alternatives, CDR, offshore renewable energy, green shipping, wastewater management, subsea deeptech.

Celine is the Co-founder & CEO of Narwhale Ventures. Celine has been working for 10+ years for a Venture Capital company, business angels, and private investors interested in early-stage fast-growing companies in China and Switzerland, She has set up her own company to help FoodTech entrepreneurs rebuild the food systems and gain solid market share.

Net Your Problem - Nicole Baker (US) - The mission of Net Your Problem is to engage a variety of stakeholders and partners to create an economically viable pathway to recycle end of life fishing gear, improve waste management, contribute to the circular economy, and reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions related to virgin plastic production.

New Wave Foods - Dominique Barnes & Michelle Wolf (US) - provider of great-tasting, healthy, and sustainable plant-based seafood for the health of humanity and our oceans.

Dominique is the former CEO and Co-Founder of New Wave Foods. Her goal is to prove that everyone can make a difference in the future of the ocean's health through everyday choices. Guided by the notion of 'what's good for the ocean is good for me' She has dedicated her career to seeing the oceans thrive for generations to come.

Michelle is the CEO and Co-Founder of New Wave Foods. A talented engineer with consumer packaged goods experience at L’Oreal, Michelle is the driving force behind New Wave Foods’ product development and efficient scaling. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, her work lives at the intersection of her scientific knowledge and her passion for protecting our oceans.

Norwegian Mycelium (NoMy) Ingrid Dynna (NOR) - a bioscience company innovating the next generation of circular and scalable products using the power of filamentous fungi. High potential for sustainable fish feed.

Ingrid is the CEO & Co-Founder of NoMy. She holds an international business degree and brings vast experience from her 15-year career at Google and YouTube working within marketing/sales, strategy, and business development. She has an international mindset, having worked and lived in 6 countries, and is passionate about how technology can help improve people's lives and make societies more efficient and sustainable.

Norsjor - Amalie Eilertsen (NOR) - has identified a substantial gap in the market and designed innovative technology to fill the gap. When you remove biofouling on ships you create biological waste. According to IMO, there is no technology that takes full responsibility for handling the waste.

Amalie is the CEO & Co-Founder of Norsjo AS.

Northern Company - Zoe Christiansen (NOR) - an award-winning Norwegian company that harvests and sells seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean. Since 2014, we have worked to develop an attractive brand for Nordic seaweed and delivered gourmet seaweed products to the high-end restaurant market.

In 2016, Northern Company established itself on Træna at The Arctic Circle, where we harvest wild Norwegian seaweed. Their team consists of innovators, chefs, designers, harvesters, huntsmen- and women.

Zoe is the Founder & CEO of Northern Company. Zoe has a background in Theatre and Arts. In 2011 she started working with seaweed and started The Northern Company. She wanted to be directly involved in changing our common perspective around food, and how this affects our culture and the climate. She develops recipes and designs communication strategies for our products.

Nyobolt - Prof. Clare Grey FRS (UK) - pioneering battery technologies that achieve record-breaking ultrafast charging and high power density. end-to-end ultrafast charging battery solutions - 'the solution to charge anxiety'. This solves a critical need that other battery innovations, such as solid state, can’t meet. Nyobolt’s solutions enable sustainable electrification strategies with smaller, lighter and longer life battery powered devices.

Prof. Clare is the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Nybolt. Since the launch of lithium-ion batteries in the mid-1990s, award-winning Cambridge University chemist, Professor Clare Grey, has devoted her career to understanding how to improve the energy density and life cycle of batteries. 

Today, Clare is a Geoffrey Moorhouse-Gibson Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, and a founding member of the new multi-million-pound Faraday Institution – the UK’s flagship battery research programme. 

In 2018, Clare and her team discovered that niobium tungsten oxide could be used to dramatically enhance the performance and lifetime of batteries. On the back of the niobium anode discovery, she co-authored the seminal 2018 paper, ‘Niobium tungsten oxides for high-rate lithium-ion energy storage’. The discovery led to the launch of Nyobolt, of which Clare is Co-Founder. 

Most recently, Clare was appointed Dame Commander of The Order of the British Empire (DBE) for her services to Science in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Birthday Honours List 2022.  

Ocean Community Challenge - Susanne Wedin-Schildt (SWE/PT) - challenge and accelerator with a vision to usher the next generation of blue tech innovation, protect the ocean and develop a prosperous and sustainable ocean economy. Their mission is to encourage, capture, and transform early-stage ideas into leads that attract relevant accelerators and investors.

Susanne is the Founder & CEO of Ocean Community Challenge. She is a result driven, curious and collaborative Senior Professional with solid experience from successfully building, operating and transforming multi-market businesses across industry verticals. She is a leader at heart and passionate about the well-being of our planet and those who live here. She enjoys innovation with focus on solving the biggest challenges of our time; The Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies. Susanne believes that the Ocean is the most important investment thesis of our time and that the Ocean will bring sustainable solutions across all sectors. Ocean Innovation is her focus and Ocean Community is her contribution and platform for Ocean curious people to connect, learn, and take action (innovate).

Oceanium - Karen Scofield Seal (UK) - develops bio-packaging and food products from sustainably farmed seaweed.

Karen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Oceanium. Karen has 25+ years of strategic planning, partnership development, brand building, and marketing communications experience in New York and London with organisations including (RED), Comic Relief, NFL and USTA. Prior to co-founding OCEANIUM, Karen was founder of LUCZA, an international ecommerce business.  Karen was a finalist in The Economist’s Women and the Ocean: Changemakers Challenge. Most importantly, Karen is passionate about ensuring the seaweed industry grows in a sustainable manner.

Ocean Oasis - Kristine Bangstad Fredriksen (NOR) - The future of seawater desalination. Ocean Oasis utilizes the power of waves to deliver desalinated water to shore where needed in a flexible, efficient way and without emissions. Their robust and mobile floating desalination plant uses only wave power to run a desalination process offshore.

Kristine is the Co-founder and CEO of Ocean Oasis. Kristine is an impact driven business leader. A Norwegian citizen, she founded and led an incubator for hardware-focused young technology firms. Kristine has a MSc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Boston University. She is passionate about sustainability, impact, and entrepreneurship. Chair of the board of directors for gieffektivt.no, a foundation enabling Norwegians to donate to GiveWell's top charities within global health.

Listed among Norway's Top 10 Sustainability in E24's Young Leadership Award 2021 + 2022. Member of SIKT Alumni, H.R.H Crown Prince Haakon of Norway's network for young leaders. Member of Founders Pledge.

Ocean Visioneering - Vibeke Hansen &Unni Grebstad (NOR) - showcase your company and products anytime and anywhere without worrying about space, freight cost, travelling and waste of precious time.

Unni Grebstad is the Founder and CVO of Ocean Visioneering. 

Vibeke is the Co-Founder and board member of Ocean Visioneering.

Olokun Minerals - Lacey Reddix (US) - Named after the Yoruba deity Olokun (or Olókun), the revered ruler of all bodies of water, Olokun Minerals extracts valuable metals and minerals from salty, mineral-rich wastewater streams and creates products that can be used in concrete to build infrastructure, fertilizers for agriculture, and batteries for electronics and vehicles. Olokun Minerals seeks to capture that brine waste before it goes into the ocean and mine minerals for critical supply chains. 

There are eleven ions that make up 99.9% of salts in seawater including sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium (to name a few). These minerals are the building blocks of our existence and are sold to a variety of industries, from food, textiles, and paper to construction, automobiles, and pharmaceutical products. The technology utilized allows the extraction of ions like lithium from other brine waste streams including formation waters from oil and gas fracking operations, geothermal brines, salt flats, and e-waste recycling. They can therefore capture valuable metals and minerals from a larger array of different sources that in the past have not always been economically feasible to extract.

Lacey Reddix is the Founder and CEO of Olokun Minerals.

Open Water - Jess Page &  Nicole Doucet (US) - the world’s first climate neutral bottled-water company. The team looked at various materials, from glass to plant-based plastics to cartons, before settling on aluminum.

Jess is the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, and Nicole is the CEO & Co-founder of Open Water.

Optima-X / EnsoXL- Angelica Kemene (GR) - created with the valuable assistance of Optima Shipping Services S.A., the leading one stop shop which covers various activities in services within the Shipping Industry.\nOptima-X mission is to build a powerful enablement MaritimeTech hub that generates and supports new concepts, startups, or scale-ups to bring their ideas on the surface and to relevant markets via its Enso XL maritime tech startup accelerator and other services offered to both startups and corporations.

Angelica Kemene is leading the Market Analysis & Intelligence department of Optima Shipping Services. She advises clients globally on shipping and financial markets developments, assisting them with shipping investment, strategy and chartering decisions.

Meantime, Angelica co- founded and manages Optima-X, a collaborative maritime innovation hub in Athens, hosting the Enso XL accelerator for startups related to the MaritimeTech.

Pionix - Johanna Claussen (GER) - driving the mobility transformation with EVerest. Based on the EVerest open source software stack, we offer solutions and services to enable a unified ecosystem. initiated EVerest, a user-friendly charging software solution which is developed, distributed, and maintained by a growing community. EVerest control unit is part of a portfolio of integration services, maintenance, package building, development kits and much more. With their services and products they aim to enable all players in the EV charging ecosystem to utilize EVerest in the most effective and efficient manner.

Johanna is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Pionix. The combination of creativity and innovation fascinates Johanna. That's why she's also the driving force behind the product lifecycle and in everyday business.

Her expertise lies in product management, sales + dealer network, marketing, accounting & controlling, and customer support.​

PortXL World Port Accelerator - Carolien Vat-Sandee (NL) - an ecosystem of start-ups, scale-ups, corporate partners, and mentors – all change makers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers who work collaboratively to disrupt the status quo. 

Carolien is the Co-Founder and former director at PortXL.

Photon Marine - Tara Russell (US) - building the world’s most powerful and intelligent electric outboard motor system, tailored to commercial boat fleets.

Tara is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Photon Marine. Tara Russell is a seasoned social entrepreneur, results-oriented visionary leader and keen strategist. Tara served as the founding President of Fathom and SVP, Global Impact for Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest travel and leisure company.  She started her career in consumer products, including product development with Nike; technical sales and marketing at Intel; and manufacturing with General Motors in the US and in Shanghai. Russell has been recognized widely for her leadership, including being named by Fast Company magazine as  one of its Most Creative People in Business. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Quos - Céline Dourlet (FRA) - a startup whose apps provide parking, waste collection and green space management, as well as indoor air quality monitoring via mobile. Céline is General Manager & Co-Founder of Quos.

Redrose Development - Ann Ruddy (IRE) - having obtained the required licenses, Redrose currently grow Alaria on long lines in Blacksod Bay, County Mayo. Their first harvest in 2020 proved the site an excellent but challenging one. Being exposed to the prevailing South Westerly Atlantic winds, early research indicates significant turbidity and the composition and analysis of the plant confirmed the sites overall suitability. New and innovative solutions in farming design will support expanded growth, healthier stock and safer operating conditions for harvesters. Their second site in Broadhaven Bay, County Mayo, is shallower and more suited to producing a higher value species of macroalgae. They piloted the ’ Seatable’, a novel system for cultivating stocks of reds and greens. Early trials in conjunction with The Marine Institute and NUIG Galway indicate the Seatable has much potential to produce high quality stock sustainably.

Ann is a highly accomplished Principal operating at Board Level with an outstanding record of achievement in driving, developing and building creative innovations in a number of industry sectors.

Currently, as a Founder and CEO, she has recently created an Aquaculture and valued biomass supply chain, negotiated property, acquisitions, procurement, and on-line services. Targeting exports in several areas to develop naturally grown and sustainably harvested range of macroalgae and products on the North West coast of Ireland. With a background in management, innovation and criminology, her past experience has seen her hold positions of Managing Director, CEO and as a consultant where she developed a security software product currently in used Internationally by private and Government organisations.

Repela Tech - Sheu-Jane Gallagher (US) - Leader in eco-friendly anti-fouling coating innovations.

Sheu-Jane Gallagher is co-founder and general manager of Repela Tech, a cleantech startup commercializing an eco-friendly antifouling marine coating. A PhD mechanical engineer with rigorous research and analytical experience, she has helped Repela raise over $1M USD. 

Prior to joining Repela, Sheu-Jane guided multiple university spinouts through fundraising and commercialization. Before embarking on entrepreneurship, Sheu-Jane held various positions in the automotive industry and taught engineering at Wayne State University.

River Point - Floating Homes, Offices - Kornelia Bargielska (PL) specialises in the design and construction of floating and flood resilient housing using newly developed sustainable and resilient technologies, taking account of increasing water levels. 

Kornelia is the CEO and Co-Founder of River Point.

Ruden Geo Solutions – Helene Ree Ruden (NOR) - developing groundbreaking geophysical techniques for subsurface exploration of water and minerals. Their targets include objects ranging from the size of a match box, to the largest aquifers known to man. Ruden AS won the ONS Innovation Award SME in 2022.

Helene is the Director and co-founder of Ruden AS; including Ruden Water, Ruden Energy and Ruden Geo Services. Project Manager for 'Deep Groundwater potential in Somalia' funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2019 - ongoing). 

SeaChange BioChemistry - Sabrena Mackenzie (CAN) - SeaChange Biochemistry guarantees the purest and most effective ingredients from sustainably-sourced seaweed for global innovators in Health and Well-Being.

Sabrena is the Co-Founder & CEO of SeaChange BioChemistry.

SEADS - Agnes Wagter (DE) - a circular lifestyle brand that aims to help tackle the plastic pollution problem of our oceans. SEADS Espadrilles, made from upcycled ocean plastic waste, post consumer plastic packaging waste, natural jute and rubber, is our first product line. SEADS Espadrilles are designed to be recycled again. SEADS is part of the Seaqual Initiative, a unique collaborative model involving NGOs, fishermen, researchers, scientists, authorities and private stakeholders, all joined to clean the ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines.

Agnes is the Founder & CEO of SEADS. An impact entrepreneur, creative planner, brand innovation consultant.

SeaErra - Prof. Tali Treibitz (IL) - develops innovative AI based solutions, enabling underwater vision and operations, significantly improving Visibility, Contrast and Colors in real-time.

Prof. Tali is the Founder & CTO of SeaErra. She holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Eng. She established the marine imaging lab in 2014 under the School of Marine Sciences in U. Haifa. Tali is heading the marine imaging lab in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa. Her research involves underwater imaging systems and computer vision.

Searious Business – Willemijn Peeters (NL) - provides mind-shifting solutions for major brands to create circular use of plastic. Through a combination of sustainability targets with a competitive advantage. We steer cross-value chain coalitions towards resource efficiency and financial return.

Willemijin is the Founder and Director of Searious Business. She has over 16 years of experience in changing companies to a more sustainable business model. Her experience includes game changing, innovating, program management, business developing and finance.

With a background in business management, broad experience in joint initiatives between businesses and the non-profit sector, Willemijin is used to bringing about change in the strategy and way of working of organisations. She is specialized in moving teams of people forward in an enthusiastic way – by creating a spark, an initiative that people and organizations want to be a part of.

Sensor Technology - Niru Somayajula (CAN) - specializes in custom acoustic transducers, hydrophones and piezoelectric ceramics. We provide you with fully optimized product designs, end-to-end quality assurance and tight control over delivery scheduling.

Niru is the President & CEO of Sensor Technology. Her specialties: Strategic planning, Business Development, Growth and leadership, and New Product development.

Shark Safe Barrier - Sara Andreotti (ZA) - the first nature-inspired eco-friendly technology to protect people and sharks.

Sara is the Co-Founder, Director and COO of SharkSafe Barrier. Dr Sara Andreotti is a marine biologist and postdoctoral researcher working toward the development of a global long-term management system and conservation plan for great white sharks since 2009. Thanks to the collaboration with world renewed shark conservationist Michael Rutzen and the country’s Department of Environmental Affairs, she completed her PhD at Stellenbosch University in March 2015; her research involved genetic techniques and photographic identification to better assess the population status and dispersal events of South African white sharks. The outcome was the first national assessment of white shark population numbers and genetic structure, and the genetic work recently expanded in an international collaboration with the University of Queensland and Flinders University (Australia). Sara obtained a postdoctoral researcher position at the University of Stellenbosch, focusing on her own research but also supervising prospective PhD and Master students.

ShipSupport - Maaike de Rover (NL) -The worldwide digital eCommerce platform that opens up the maritime industry. It brings ship owners, operators, MROs and suppliers together for trading parts and sharing expertise.

Maaike is the Founder and former Managing Director of ShipSupport.

Sjy Seaweed - Leonore Olsen (NOR) - making seaweed products that are easy to like and easy to understand, to introduce vegan seafood from Norway into peoples diets.

Leonore is the CEO, Partner, and Founder of Sjy Seaweed.

Smart Maritime Network - Cathy Hodge (UK) - aims to provide a platform to promote the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing among stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors, informing and educating the industry on technological developments and innovations while providing wider opportunities for relationship building and knowledge sharing.

Cathy is the Co-Founder and COO of Smart Maritime Network. She has +20 years of experience as a business leader working with CxO level in multinational organisations. Demonstrable expertise in global networks, corporate planning/strategy, communications, project management, business development, marketing, campaign and event development, problem solving and creating new revenue steams. 

Cathy is a skilled networker with interest in developing new connections and business opportunities. An entrepreneur and business owner who has founded and sold businesses internationally. She operates in global markets with particular emphasis on technology, digitalisation and innovation in the maritime and transport domains.

(Soil Carbon Co.) Loam Bio - Tegan Nock (AUS) - their microbial carbon sequestration technology is designed to capture carbon from the atmosphere and return it to the soil. Increased carbon in the soil restores farmland and creates opportunities for farmers to trade a new commodity: sequestered carbon.

Tegan is the Co.Founder and CPO of Loam Bio.

Spot Ship - Federica Maiorano (MO) - shipbroking technology platform, built by brokers, for brokers, offering simplicity and speed through AI email parser. Spot Ship provides chartering solutions that allow you to increase your profitability whilst reducing your admin burden.

Federica is the Vice President of Strategy of Spot Ship. A maritime professional with 10+ year experience and exploring solutions for the future of commercial shipping.

Tango Seaweed - Annelise Chapman (NOR) - cultivate seaweeds according to nature’s principles. Committed to producing high quality kelps and other macroalgae for human food. Whether you enjoy seafood and would like to explore new tastes, are looking for vegetarian supplements and alternatives to conventional diets or whether you want to advance both your own and the planet’s health – seaweed can be right for you. From the selection of cultivation sites, growth and production technology to harvesting and processing, we operate according to high standards, with the goal to deliver delicious seaweeds from clean ocean environments. Thei production is transparent and traceable, always aim ingfor excellent quality.

Annelise is the Managing Director of Tango Seaweed. With a background in marine science and especially coastal ecology, she has recently decided to apply her competence towards the developing sector of seaweed cultivation in Norway. Previously, she has worked on research questions related to coastal marine ecology, water quality research, marine environmental sustainability, novel ways of using ocean resources, alternative ways of thinking when it comes to making use of the marine environment, i.e. with a holistic view on the oceans as ecosystems.

Ténaka and My Coral Garden - Anne-Sophie Roux (FRA) - Because rebuilding marine life is a key solution to mitigate the climate crisis, Tēnaka solutions are based on ocean restoration: they custom Coral Reef and Blue Carbon Programs. Tenaka help businesses to integrate a regenerative workflow into their business model, by developing tailor-made programs to engage their staff, their customers and their stakeholders.

Anne-Sophie is the Founder of Ténaka. She is an ocean entrepreneur & activist Tēnaka founder. She is also the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Representative for France.

Thalasso Ocean - Paulina Zanela (MEX/NOR) - Thalasso is a Norwegian-Mexican cooperation project for saragassum in the Caribbean. Their main objective is to harvest sargassum; an invasive seaweed threatening the Caribbean region. They turn this hazard into an opportunity through autonomous harvesting drones that can be remotely controlled from the beach - or anywhere in the world - and a network of micro-biorefineries, which turn the seaweed into numerous products that will improve our planet's health.

Paulina is the Co-Founder and COO of Thalasso Ocean. Paulina is a professional in international relations, with experience and knowledge in water, marine ecosystem management, social impact, non-profit organizations and government affairs. She is also an advisor for the management of the Sargassum Seaweed Project in the Netherlands.​

The GoodShipping Programme / GoodNRG Group / GoodFuels) – Isabel Welten & Astrid Sonneweld (NL) - the world’s first initiative that decarbonises your company’s supply chain by actually replacing fossil fuels with truly sustainable alternatives.

Isabel is the Director of GoodNRG Group. She has a commercial profile with a technical background and a strong passion for sustainability. She has gained broad experience within the maritime, renewable energy and retail (FMCG) industry, during which sustainability and CSR have always played an important role for me, both within as well as outside of my work scope.

TotalCTRL - Charlotte Aschim & Ingrid Østby (NOR) - focus on revolutionizing the food industry by eliminating food waste, increasing food traceability and ensuring a circular food system. The company has developed an award-winning technology (35 awards in 4 years) replacing the use of pen & paper to get control over food inventory (bridging the gap between procurement and sales). Optimal to reduce food waste in cruise ships and large ferries.

Ingrid is the Co-Founder and COO, and Charlotte Aschim is the CEO & Co-Founder of TotalCtr, a top global food waste prevention and traceability company that helps consumer-facing businesses optimize their operations, cut costs and prevent food waste. Since late 2017, Charlotte has managed to get TotalCtrl on rankings alongside Amazon and Walmart, be one of Europe's most inspiring food waste changemakers, a Norwegian Food Mentor, ranked among the top 10 best leaders within sustainability in Norway 3 years in a row, one of the amazing Fairforce 100 Environmental Data Entrepreneurs, a European Green Capital Ambassador and so much more. TotalCtrl is a certified B corporation, has received 43 awards and works with players such as Atea, SAP, Millum, Lightspeed, Mastercard, Halden kommune, Bergstadens Hotel ++

Twelve - Dr. Etosha Cave & Dr. Kendra Kuhl (US) - ​make the world's most critical chemicals, materials and fuels from air, not oil with our revolutionary carbon transformation technology. CO2Made® chemicals, materials and fuels with their carbon transformation technology that replicates photosynthesis at industrial scale. Just like a plant in nature, it transforms CO2 into useful products with just water and renewable energy as inputs, and producing only water and oxygen as outputs. Building a future with no fossil fuels, no new emissions, no trade-offs. Twelve make thousands of chemicals and fuel products from air that today are made from oil, and reinvent what it means to be a chemical company in the climate era, on a mission to eliminate global emissions and build a fossil-free future. Their breakthrough technology eliminates emissions, by recycling carbon dioxide and water into higher-valued products such as jet fuel, using metal catalysts, and electricity.

Dr. Etosha is the Co-Founder and CSO of Twelve. She is working to spin-off the technology into industry and put together a team of Stanford graduate students to work on this mission.


Uncharted - Jessica O. Matthews (US/NG) - Uncharted is an award-winning MWBE-certified technology company founded in 2011 on the belief that reliable access to sustainable infrastructure is a human right. Starting first with energy-generating play and infrastructure hardware products, in 2021, Uncharted evolved into a software-as-a-service (SAAS) sustainable infrastructure company that creates solutions to improve the efficiency and accessibility of energy, water, air, transit, and connectivity infrastructure.

Jessica O. Matthews is an award-winning entrepreneur, inventor, and social scientist with more than 10 years of demonstrated thought leadership in the future of smart cities, climate resiliency, and improving equitable access to infrastructure resources. She is the founder and CEO of Uncharted, a sustainable infrastructure company on a mission to raise the public standard of living. Through Uncharted, she has created a central hub that connects municipalities to innovative, cost-effective solutions essential to transforming their environments to be more intelligent and inclusive, while leveraging data to achieve the highest level of infrastructural operation and optimization.

Veer Voyage & Sailcargo - Danielle Southcott (nee Doggett) (CR/CAN) - clean cargo shipping and logistics company. Build and operate emission-free cargo vessels combining traditional shipbuilding techniques with clean energy propulsion systems. 

The entrepreneurs behind traditional sailing shipping company Sailcargo Inc. in 2021 announced the set-up of a deep-sea, container shipping spin-off called Veer. Veer’s shipping headquarters will serve as a nursery for ocean and heavy-industry innovation, supported by a corporate culture founded on equality, transparency, and empowerment. By starting with a clean slate, and working with stakeholders who support the blue economy, Veer has an advantage over legacy shipping establishments: the ability to be a fast, first-mover. The ships, starting at 100 TEUs and designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, will implement innovation - starting with design Nº1: the first clean container ship to cross an ocean. Veer’s design Nº1 eliminates the use of fossil fuels (DynaRig sails + green hydrogen, and low-carbon steel). Through solution implementation, Veer will meaningfully contribute to shaping a new era of the shipping industry. 

Danielle is the Founder of the award-winning SAILCARGO INC. and Veer Group, Danielle was named by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects as one of the most influential women of the past century and was listed by The Ocean Opportunity Lab as an inspirational female founder to watch. She is co-founder of the Costa Rican non-profit AstilleroVerde, which plants thousands of trees and creates jobs in a vulnerable coastal community.

VesselBot - Athanasia Panagiotopoulou (GRE) -  an innovative technology company that offers to supply chain stakeholders the opportunity to jump on board and take advantage of cutting-edge technologies which will enable them to optimize their performance, increase their profitability and reduce their environmental footprint.

Athanasia is the CEO of Live And Wander as well as one of the founders and the CMO of VesselBot, an innovative technology company that provides digital solutions to the international maritime industry. She is an experienced Entrepreneur and a Marketing professional with strong commercial acumen and substantial professional experience, more than 17 years, in managing well-known multinational brands as well as launching new ones in the Greek and global market with great success. She has an excellent knowledge of traditional Marketing techniques as well as new digital Marketing tools and great experience in a premium, luxury, and super luxury niche in the local market.

Virgil Group - Celeste Leroux (US) - Software & services to advance legal, verifiable seafood supply chains. Their award-winning software checks for IUU fishing risk in seafood trade data.

Celeste founded Virgil Group after 12 years in the federal government advancing environmental policy.  She has worked extensively with advocates, businesses, Congress, the U.S. and foreign governments to advance responsible Arctic development, promote aquaculture and trade, protect natural resources and address climate change.  At the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Celeste oversaw the Presidential Task Force on Combatting Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing and Seafood Fraud, and at NOAA she led development and implementation of the U.S. Seafood Import Monitoring Program from 2016-2020.

Viridis Research - Macarena Cataldo-Hernandez (CAN) - provides water treatment products and services to ensure communities around the world have access to clean, safe, sufficient water. 

Macarena is the Co-Founder & CEO/CTO of Viridis Research.

WeavAir - Natalia Mykhaylova (CAN/South Korea) - built the first solution that harnesses advanced IoT sensors as well as predictive algorithms to optimize buildings, vehicles, and vessels while improving safety and reducing emissions and carbon footprint. We monitor and optimize air conditioning and purification systems, reduce transmission of infection, improve indoor air quality, reduce emissions, save energy & streamline operations.

Natalia is the Founder & CEO of WeavAir. She has been named Clean 50 Emerging Leader, Corporate Knights Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability, IBM Champion for Analytics (for 2 years) and has been selected as a fellow for the prestigious Next Canada Next36 Fellowship and Singularity University Fellowship. 

Her ideas have been selected for Lieutenant Governor's Visionaries Prize: Scientific and Technological Innovation, SWIFT Institute University Challenge on Cybersecurity (1st place) and Artificial Intelligence Grant. She has received several different awards and honours for her leadership in academia and community, including Irving N. Arnold Award for Innovation and Invention, Gordon Cressy Leadership Award and Professor Douglas Reeve Leaders of Tomorrow Award, McLean Foundation Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology, John R. Brown Award, Eco-Tec Founder's Fellowship Award and Helen L Cross Memorial Graduate Scholarship. Her research work has been featured in UofT Magazine, Phys.org, UofT News, Metro News, CTV News, Engineering News and AUG Signals publication.

Whale Seeker - Emily Charry Tissier (CAN) - leverages ethical AI to deliver better, simpler, and faster whale detection data when it matters most.

Emily is the Founder & CEO of Whale Seeker. She is also the Co-Founder of Nets for Net Zero.  

Vyld - Ines Schiller & Melanie Schichan (GER) - Berlin-based startup that develops period products made from seaweed. Vyld aims to revolutionize the market by offering free-from-plastic absorbent products made with marine algae, starting with tampons and then with other absorbent products like baby diapers or incontinence pads. Conventional menstruation products used worldwide contain toxic substances dangerous for women besides generating immense amounts of waste that pollute waters and soils. According to the company, its Kelpon tampons are plastic-free and biodegradable on land and in water, making them sustainable, ocean-friendly, and, as confirmed by the study, healthy period products.

Ines is the Founder & CEO of Vyld. Ines is a certified marine guide, serial social entrepreneur (FOGMA, MeinGrundeinkommen, CellAg Germany), screenwriter/film producer (LOVE STEAKS, TIGER GIRL), philosopher and neuroscientist, with a passion for feminism and biotechnology. As an ocean lover, saving the ocean is close to her heart; as a menstruator, she finally wants a product that is sustainable and that she can truly rely on. She founded Vyld because she deeply believes in seaweed's potential to inspire a rethinking of our production systems in a regenerative way.

Yachting Ventures - Gabriella Richardsson (UK) - Global startup hub for the leisure marine and yachting industries.

Gabriella is the founder of Yachting Ventures. Currently Sponsorship Director on the Board for Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) UK Chapter. Previously Funding & Equity Manager at SeedLegals - helping startups close funding rounds and grant employee options faster using LegalTech.

Zerocircle - Neha Jayne (IN) - makes ocean-safe materials from locally cultivated seaweed We create bio-alternatives to products that we use in our daily lives and enable organisations to use solutions that are perfectly circular and leave nothing behind.

Neha is the Founder & CEO of Zerocircle. Neha is an Entrepreneur, Ex Googler, and a Sustainability Enthusiast. She is currently Creating bio-alternatives to reduce cradle-to-cradle footprint. Her past expertise: marketing, data-driven growth strategy and big picture of the user engagement funnel.

120Water - Megan Glover (US) - a platform that combines cloud-based software and digital sampling kits to help detect harmful contaminants—including lead, arsenic and nitrate—in water supplies.

Megan is the Co-Founder & CEO of 120Water. She has experience in running a successful B2B Software Marketing and Sales Executive that saw an incredible need to improve our nation's lead in drinking water programs that protect public health.

Female Social Entrepreneurs

Captains Without Borders - Capt. Alexandra Hagerty (US) - supports disadvantaged cadets from diverse backgrounds internationally. They want to collaborate with shipowners and maritime charities and maritime clusters to aid us on this mission. By proactively working with diverse cadets CWB will make a meaningful impact in the cadets´ education that will in turn make an impact in the need for seafarers worldwide! CWB support young cadets in the maritime industry, and want to help them obtain their first sailing position in addition to provide them the financial resources to help them obtain the education to become senior officers.

Capt. Alexandra is the Founder of Captains without Borders. Capt. Alexandra was Master on the Hospital Ship Africa Mercy. She was master on the USNS Shughart, while a regular international maritime panelist and writer in the Maritime industry. She has experience in building international maritime cooperation as Vice President of International Relations at the Council of American Master Mariners wherein she represents the United States at the International Maritime Organization's International Federation of Shipmaster's Associations (IFSMA) and at the Younger Members Council of the Nautical Institute. 

She continually strives for seafarer's welfare, social equity and international policies to ameliorate sustainable shipping. She has worked on MARAD (Maritime Administration) vessels, Car carriers/Ro-Ro’s, steamships, US Navy Oceanographic Survey vessels and Drillships.

Edgewise Environmental - Ashley Noseworthy (CAN) - EDGEWISE Environmental is a certified women-owned marine environmental consultancy based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. We focus on marine animal observation, mitigation, and anthropogenic noise solutions; providing tailored training and environmental consulting services across all marine industries.

Ashley Noseworthy is the CEO and founder of Edgewise Environmental. Ashley holds an M.Sc in International Marine Environmental Consultancy from Newcastle University (UK), a B.Sc in Biology from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Master's Certificate in Project Management from York University.

She has over a decade of global offshore experience working in a variety of environmental roles. Ashley has spent over 20 years working and volunteering in the areas of marine mammal husbandry, marine mammal physiology and cognition. Ashley currently instructs a fourth-year Biology field course at Memorial University. She is an active member of the community and currently sits on the board of directors for econext (the provincial environmental industry association), Oceans Advance, and Perchance Theatre Company. She is a strong advocate for women in STEM and general ocean literacy.

Green Kayak - Ambre Péhoré-Ropars (DK) - environmental NGO dedicated to cleaning ocean waste across Europe through volunteers offering free kayak trips.

Innov8social - Neetal Parekh (US) - Innov8social creates content, resources, and co-convenes Impactathons to make social entrepreneurship more accessible, actionable, and transformative. Innov8social partners with companies, universities, and foundations.

International Legal Talks by S.A.M. (US/Turkey/France) - Dr. Sinem Ogis, Ansam OkbaniMaria Laura Salazar - monthly webcast focusing on legal aspects of zero-emission in maritime.

Ansam Okbani is a French Attorney-at-Law who has been advising and handling litigation in matters in connection with the maritime practice (arrest of ships, carriage of goods, insurance, yachting, customs), freight forwarding and road haulage for 10 years. She holds a master’s degree in Maritime and Transport Law (University Paul Cézanne, Aix-en-Provence, France). In 2018, she co-founded the French branch of YoungShip International. In 2020, she became Vice-President of the Transport Law Commission within AIJA. In 2021, she co-founded International Legal Talks by S.A.M on TOOL, with Sinem Ogis and Maria Laura Salazar.

Maria is a Lawyer, with a professional career developed in Ship management companies and diverse Maritime Services, going through different positions from Recruitment Officer, Legal Assistant, Flag/Class Officer and Business Advisor. Founder member of YoungShip Venezuela and the first representative from the Americas at the International Board of YoungShip. Member of WISTA Venezuela (Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association) and former President of the communications committee. Maria hosts on a monthly basis the 'S.A.M. - International Legal Talks' at TOOL with Sinem Ogis and Ansam Okbani. María is passionate about the maritime world and a strong believer that the best way to achieve a goal is to have a good team to move forward.

Dr. Sinem is currently employed as an International Legal Counsel at Van Oord, gaining a valuable experience in the maritime and commercial law sector, meanwhile working part-time with Türk P&I Insurance as an Of Counsel, assisting with the launching of the local P&I club in UAE. Previously, she served as an International Business Development Managing Assistant at Türk P&I Insurance, where she conducted research on various topics including ESG, illegal fishing, and opening international offices. She also provided feasibility reports and had one-to-one meetings with international companies and governmental entities.

Kelp Forest Foundation - Samantha Rangers - Deane (NL) - on a mission to independently and transparently establish the value of cultivated giant kelp forests as a powerful solution to restore ocean health, mitigate climate change, increase marine biodiversity and remove the barriers that exist now in scaling the seaweed cultivation sector.

Samantha is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Kelp Forest Foundation. Samantha started Kelp Forest Foundation as a driving forward in the research of the ecosystem services of giant kelp forests, cultivated and wild.

Oceans Arena - Gina Panayiotou (UK) - awareness building through the online broadcast “It’s ALL about Shipping,” which focuses on youth empowerment & raising awareness of shipping as a key industry.

Gina Panayiotou is a maritime lawyer and strategist. She is the Founder and CVO of Oceans Arena. Additionally, she is the Concept Founder, host and producer of the online broadcast “It’s ALL about Shipping” fireside chats and the “Global Legal Roundtable” series, which focuses on youth empowerment and raising awareness of key legal issues affecting the oceans industry respectively. Gina has been shortlisted for the Greek International Women Awards 2021 and awarded the first Young Leader Award in Cyprus, for being a vigorous “Brand ambassador” of the shipping industry. Serving this mission consistently, she is the Brand Manager of YoungShip U.A.E, Secretary of WISTA UK, has acted as communications content liaison for maritime related NGOs such as WISTA Cyprus and WISTA UK, while she also represents UK in the WISTA International Trade Committee.

Passion For Ocean – Rebekka deLeon & Pia Ve Dahlen (NOR) - Passion for Ocean contributes to cleaner and healthier oceans, through strengthening youth and local citizens´ relation to the ocean and knowledge about how the ocean´s ecosystems work. Their goal is to inspire and motivate people to action, and the business sectors to change for the good of the oceans. Through experience based sharing of knowledge, and activities as the citizens´ ocean fest - the Passion for Ocean festivals.

Rebekka is the Co-founder of Passion for Ocean. She is also the Co-founder and CEO at Action for Ocean, developing sustainable business initiatives and strategies, contributing to a living ocean, and inspiring humanity to change. 

Pia is a Freelance marine biologist and science educator. Founder of Lei en biolog (Rent a biologist) AS, and co-founded the Passion for Ocean-festival movement.

Sea Potential - Ebony Welborn & Savannah Smith (US) - Sea Potential cultivates a full cycle of Black. Indigenous. People. Of. Color representation in maritime. Through healing activities and ocean justice conversations, we focus on fostering youth appreciation and connection to marine ecosystems, in addition to transforming the maritime industry with inclusive workplace culture.

Sustainable Ocean Alliance - Daniela V. Fernandez (US) - has created the world’s largest network of young ocean leaders - through establishing a presence in over 165 countries, launching the first-ever Ocean Solutions Accelerator to support ocean startups, and partnering with corporations, NGOs, and governments to develop technological solutions that can address the greatest threats facing our planet.

At the age of 19, Daniela V. Fernandez founded Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) as a college dorm room idea at Georgetown University. Since 2014, Daniela has built SOA into a global organization that is cultivating and accelerating innovative solutions to protect and sustain the health of the ocean. 

Today, Daniela is recognized as an international thought leader and has been honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur, Linkedin's Top Voices in Social Impact, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and a member of the Friends of Ocean Action.

Women4Oceans - Farah Yasmin Obaidullah (NL) - on a mission to secure healthy oceans for the sake of human survival and human-wellbeing, and as a moral duty to all living beings. We do advocacy work across a range of pertinent ocean issues, from climate change, overfishing and pollution, to emerging threats such as deep-sea mining. We believe that in order to accelerate ocean solutions, we must promote the diversity of people working around the world for the ocean. In particular, Women4Oceans connects and amplifies the work of women around the world.

Farah has almost 20 years of professional experience in the field of strategy setting, campaigning, coordination, environmental auditing, and investigations. After several years of undertaking environmental due diligence and impact assessments across different industries, she directed her career towards her life-long passion and commitment to protecting the world's oceans.

YES Forum, iforU - Greek Mentoring Network - Danae Bezantakou (GR) - YES Forum is the leading platform of open dialogue in the Greek Shipping and Sea Tourism Industry among principals, executives and university students, recent graduates, and young executives. IforU is targeted to women that have recently started their business or have had their own business for a while but are ready to proceed to the next career level.

Founder. Danae is the CEO of Navigator Shipping Consultants, a shareholder of KEFI S.A., and Matilda Hotel in Zakynthos Island. She is the President of the iforU-Greek Mentoring Network, which empowers women’s entrepreneurship through mentoring. She is also a founding member and 1st President of the Hellenic U.S. Alumni Association of the State Department. A concept founder of YES (Young Executives Shipping) Forum.

Diverse Executive Boards (deb.) - Emelie Meurk Demereud (SWE) - Deb. is a modern and qualitative board education with focus on diversity in the boardrooms, with founders solely embedded in SDG focused ventures. With diversity they aim to enhance innovation, creativity and profit in all companies – Deb. puts a stop to the words “there is not enough competence”.  The program extends over a year including board education, development of skills for excellent board work and four deep dive sessions.

Emelie is the Founder of Deb. She is an entrepreneur, leader and growth hacker – I love to find the key elements that make companies, teams and ideas grow. Her true passion lies in empowering women and using technology as leverage to improve and develop business models and products.

Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory - Sofia Fürstenberg Stott (SWE) - a micro consultancy providing strategic pathways towards decarbonisation, for actors across the maritime space, while pushing diversity.

Sofis is the Co-Founder of FMA. Sofia has built her name in the industry through 17 years of pioneering work in the maritime industry involving many world’s first. She is an analyst at the core, and is renowned for her ability to untangle complexity and create common ground for fact-based strategic decision-making. She is a highly skilled communicator and facilitator. Together combined with her broad and deep technical, regulatory, political, environmental and commercial insight of the industry, she may be the key you need for turning your ideas into real action. With unapologetic focus to what matters most, namely the health of our planet and of our society, she uses her  exceptional width of network, and trust in the industry, to help you build collaborations that will hold.

LadyShip’s Round Table - Isabela Tatu (UK) - Ladyship's Round Table aims to give people looking to update their skills or learn something new a new perspective.  It seeks to help people find new ways to build a better sustainable life, both personally and professionally, in harmony with nature. LadyShip use their platform to inform and teach the younger generations about the energy sector, renewable energies, the environment, and climate change matters to help shape the future leaders. On a mission is to achieve gender equality and diversity at all levels within the energy sector and climate change. The principle is to engage and provide stimulus for conversation and debates, always with a 50-50 gender equality and diversity format. The platform’s goal is to inspire and empower people with a focus on renewable energies, digitization, climate change, equality, and diversity.

Isabela have been working in commodities, trading, and shipping industries over the last 22 years; she is extremely passionate about all the aspects of maritime industry, from physical aspects to derivatives and trading. For the last couple years, Isabela has been working on bringing digitisation to the shipping industry through blockchain, DNA and renewable energy projects such as hydrogen fuel cell technology. Isabela is an advocate of diversity and gender quality in the maritime industry and recently she has launched her passion project LadyShip@RoundTable whose mission is to achieve exactly that!

Maritime SheEO - Sanjam Gupta (IN) - offers a bouquet of services focusing on the business case for diversity. It aims to create solutions that can impact the maritime and allied industries – with a focus on diversity & inclusion (D&I), leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and competitive advantage. Maritime SheEO work with organisations to create a level playing field for women and environment conducive for women to rise to leadership positions. Our team of experts employ D&I initiatives to address and eliminate unconscious bias, conduct gender sensitisation programs and help with the smooth transition of women from ship to shore positions.

Sanjam is currently Director for Sitara Shipping Ltd. Sanjam is an advocate for diversity in maritime, who founded Maritime SheEO. She is also a founding member of WISTA India.

Maritime Sisters - Sylvia & Marjolein Boer (NL) - getting the maritime sector in motion by bringing out the best in organizations innovation-wise for a sustainable maritime future. On a mission to shake up the status quo – in every way. Maritime Sisters set things in motion with their energy, by connecting the dots and by making new connections.

Sylvia & Marjolein Boer are the founders of Maritime Sisters.

SHE Community - Heidi Aven (NOR) - SHE has become one of the world’s leading events focused on Equity and Social responsibility, Inclusion, Sustainability, and InnovationSHE 2022 has become one of the world’s leading events focused on Equity and Social responsibility, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Innovation. Featuring SHE Index for measuring equality performance, SHE Conference, SHE Leads and SHE Invests.

Heidi has held several leadership positions within IT/Telecom, consulting and has co-founded the successful technology start-up SmartWorks. SHE is founder of SHE Community, SHE Conference and SHE Index to drive diversity, equity and equality in business. Partner in North Venture, a privately held Nordic investment company focusing on corporate scalable solutions.

SheFarers - Ayse Asli Basak (TR) - the non-profit “SheFarers Platform” in Turkey aims to create awareness on women who work at sea and maritime work fields, to promote their careers on board and ashore with mentorship programs.

Ayse is the Co-Founder of “SheFarers Platform” in Turkey. Ayse Asli Basak, Port Captain and Shipping Operations Manager in Turkey after her sailing career on Supramax bulk carrier ships and ashore as Safety Superintendent. As a certified Marine Inspector, handling supervision of steel scrap shipments in ports of France, Belgium and Turkey and scrap-steel operations on behalf of exclusive customers of Mid-Ship Group LLC. She is very active in Turkish maritime industry as Board Member of Turkish Chamber of Marine Engineers and Vice President of Young Entrepreneurs Council Networking Group in The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges TOBB, Turkey. Selected in “10 Women to Watch List in Shipping” by Young-Ship Oslo & Nor-Shipping venture in Jun’19 in Oslo, Norway. Invited being speaker at “Women Offshore Unite Conference” in Houston, US by IMO and Women Offshore Platform under UNDP as representative of Turkey. Awarded as “Young Gender Balanced Leader of the Year in 2019” by the Professional Women’s Network Global in Dublin, Ireland with her dedicated projects on women in shipping.

Shipping Podcast - Lena Gotberg (SWE) - the podcast where you meet interesting maritime professionals, sharing their passion for the shipping industry, and their everyday job.

Lena is the Founder and Executive Producer of the Shipping Podcast.

The Membership Club - Kate Bollanou (GR) - an education-focused coaching club for women in shipping, aiming to help you accelerate your career by developing your personal and professional skills. With monthly Masterclasses, live group coaching calls, guest expert speakers and a private Facebook group, this is a community for ambitious women.

Kate is the Founder of The Membership Club. She works with maritime organisations to create bespoke workshops and training on intercultural communication and inclusive leadership so that their seafarers and office-based employees feel valued, respected, and ultimately, remain within the business.

Women Offshore - Ally Cedeno (US) - nonprofit private operating foundation supporting the careers of female seafarers worldwide. An online organization and resource center established in 2017 to support a diverse workforce on the water

Ally is the Founder and President of Women Offshore. She's an experienced mariner with a demonstrated history of working in the maritime and oil & energy industries. Skilled in dynamic positioning for drilling and diving operations. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in logistics and intermodal transportation from United States Merchant Marine Academy and a Master's Degree of Business Administration from Rice University.

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