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Finnish Innovators in Ocean and Renewables

Here you can explore all the start-ups in the Finnish ecosystem that are working to make ocean use sustainable, protect marine life and decarbonize our planet!

Innovators in Ocean and Marine Industries

Altum Technologies is the first company in the world that can completely control power ultrasound to clean fouling from different type of equipment without stopping production.

Awake.AI is a trusted, collaborative and open platform company that fosters building an ecosystem focusing on developing smart ports and shipping.

Bluetech offers Naval architecture and Marine engineering services for ship owners, shipyards and other marine-related suppliers.

eniferBio is a Finland-based start-up developing PEKILO® mycoprotein to replace soy protein concentrate in aquafeed .

Fifax's vision is to be a forerunner in large-scale sustainable fish farming with minimal impact on the environment.

FINOCEAN Ltd aims to develop better, more profitable ships for the International trades.

Fleetrange's solutions serve the Maritime Industry's future needs already today. Fleetrange provides innovative and cost effective IoT solutions for Real-time situational awareness and Operational Quality Assurance.

Furuno Finland Oy provides high-performance navigation and surveillance solutions for mariners and authorities - from implementation to maintenance.

IOVuo Oy is deep tech startup company based on marine positioning and piloting technology providing hardware and system as an ICT and digitalization systems to add value to the maritime industry.

Marfle helps to decrease operative costs of your marine fleet. Gain insight into all trips made with your vessel and record accurate information of engine usage.

nauticAi provides intelligent awareness solutions that help customers make more money faster, while increasing safety. They specialise in utilising IoT, external and internal company data to drive insights and automate operational processes.

Norsepower Oy Ltd is a leading Finnish marine engineering company specialising in clean tech solutions within the marine sector.

Origin by Ocean's vision is to create an algae-based business ecosystem that alleviates the nutrient burden of our oceans in a commercially viable manner.

Q Yachts is a Finnish electric boat builder. To ensure the highest of quality, the boats are built by experienced Finnish craftsmen.

Resistomap's mission is to enable researchers, academics and professionals to detect and quantify antibiotic resistance genes from environmental samples fast and comprehensively.

Seaber is a Finnish maritime software company dedicated to reducing inefficiencies, errors, costs and the environmental impact of bulk and break bulk shipping.

Innovators in Renewable Energy

Brightplus is a clean technology business that operates within clean tech, manufacturing, sustainability, chemical and packaging services industries.

BroadBit Batteries is a technology start-up that works with clean technology. This start-up operates within areas such as hardware, manufacturing, battery, electronics and renewable energy.

CarboCulture uses a patented technology to convert this carbon from waste plant biomass and in the process release heat (renewable energy) and high-quality biochar (used for agricultural purposes and industrial uses).

EVA Global is a clean technology start-up from Finland that works within the automotive, information technology, telecommunications and electric vehicles industries.

Smartmile's solution lies in our versatile software that optimizes all delivery networks and turns them into platforms for sustainable delivery innovations.

Solar Water Solutions creates water purification products that are designed to be economically more accessible and more sustainable for small-scale needs. They have different product designs for fresh water purification, sea purification and brackish purification.

SpinDrive is a technology start-up company from Finland. The start-up is creating levitation technology that reduces the need for oil, so is therefore a more eco-friendly solution.

Sulapac is a Finnish start-up trying to tackle our plastic problem. The green technology company is offering consumers a different kind of packaging.

Teraloop is developing a kinetic energy storage system through an innovative fusion of electromagnetic technologies, each already proven in its existing application.

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