Cover photo for FourPro: An SaaS company joins TOOL Partnership

FourPro: An SaaS company joins TOOL Partnership

FourPro Solutions is a SaaS company that was established with a clear vision: to develop a global leading solution that transforms logistics and supply chains through connectivity. Providing our customers with modular tools so the industry can change the way they work, optimize and reduce emissions.

Core Supply Chain Management (SCM), the leading supply chain software for B2B Logistics.

Core SCM by FourPro Solutions is an industry-specialized logistics & supply chain software. It is easy to learn and made for collaboration across your entire supply chain. Break down data silos, connect systems, share and contextualize data from your systems and sensors without replacing your existing systems across your IT infrastructure.

Break down data silos

Transform your business and unlock trapped value to enhance competitiveness through autonomy and collaboration. Unfortunately for most organizations, it’s data is fragmented and stuck in different silos with limited access to information to make the right decisions. Move from siloed to connected and revolutionize the way your company runs your supply chains by extracting insights to increase operational efficiency.

Powered by Core SCM, your organization can shift to a modern technology environment and focus on increased collaboration within and across departments through data management and enrichment in all levels.

Control Tower with data driven decisions

Our software empowers you with end-to-end visibility across your entire supply chain in real-time, making it easier to plan, understand and act with data driven decisions to improve your performance, profitability and sustainability. Control, optimize and analyze your business with real data and take control and manage your resources backed by facts.

Operational technologies in your fingertips

Equip your field workers with operational devices with access to information that shares notification and progress of tasks in real-time. Improve operational efficiencies and reduce time spent on preparation and execution by a click on a button. Information is continuously shared with the rest of the supply chain for informed decisions.

Easy to get started with benefits from the start

You can start with Core SCM on top of the systems you are already using to enable data to flow between software. Ingest data from your current systems and integrate with stakeholder-systems across your supply chain. Our technology help you organize, visualize and contextualize your data so you can make better data-driven decisions. Over time your can replace legacy systems with our software whenever you are ready for a transition.

Software as a Service

Core SCM enables enterprises to make data-driven decisions, see hidden trends and have all the insights that you need in real-time. Our software comes packet with integrations (APIs) and operational turn-key apps that are ready to go. Regular software updates keep things up to date, secure and running smoothly. And if you need to scale up, it’s just a few clicks away – since it is built on top of Microsoft's global infrastructure.

Core SCM benefits:

Operate for the future. Unleash the full potential of data driven decision-making. Core SCM is constantly updated with the latest advancements in cloud infrastructure, making it a fast, low latency platform to better enable data driven decision making.

Transform your workforce. Empower your workforce with tools that improve access to information, collaboration and communication both internally and with your external partners and suppliers to generate the most value out of your available resources.

Transition to clean. Achieve net-zero commitments through automated emissions reporting and focus on reductions by data driven insights.

Reliable and secure. Core SCM provides enterprise-grade infrastructure which can be used for you to confidently rely on your mission critical systems. Take advantage of multilayered security across physical data centers, infrastructure and operations with Azure.

Global scalability. Scale digitalization with Azure global infrastructure and extend your reach across 60+ Regions with speed and scale to meet your organizational needs - Unlimited scalability enables unlimited growth.

Special Offer for TOOL Community Members

All community members and partners of TOOL that subscribe for Core SCM will get a one-year free subscription of NetZero sustainability reporting software in addition.

Join TOOL Community and gain access to the benefits offered by FourPro in our TOOLBox.

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