Cover photo for Fuelling Diversity in Ocean & Energy - SHE Community x TOOL Partner Up

Fuelling Diversity in Ocean & Energy - SHE Community x TOOL Partner Up

TOOL has entered as strategic Ocean & Energy partner of SHE Conference, Europe’s largest gender diversity conference, and official distributor of SHE Index, a leading business tool for inclusion and diversity.

About SHE Community

SHE Community’s main agenda is to play a role in creating the change that will one day close the gender gap, and consists of people who believe that diversity drives profitability and progress. SHE believes that equality and diversity are crucial components for any business of tomorrow, not only because equality is fair, but because equality actually makes businesses more profitable.

Through events, conferences, study programs, and as a consulting partner to businesses, they aim to motivate for diversity and inspire for equality – for all people.

TOOL as Strategic Partner of SHE Conference

TOOL becomes a strategic partner and co-owner of the Ocean expo/stage at SHE Conference. The conference is one of the world's leading events focused on equality, social responsibility, inclusion, sustainability and innovation

This year's SHE Conference will be even bigger and better. It will take place across three physical locations (Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm) and by digital broadcast. The conference features prominent guests such as Erna Solberg (former prime minister of Norway), Rene Carayol (Global Speaker on Inclusion), Matthew Duke (CEO og Grieg Maritime Group), Michelle P. King (Equality Expert) and partners such as tietoEvry, EY, Nordea, Telenor, Deloitte, Amazon and Flytoget.

Join SHE Conference 2022

At SHE Conference, TOOL and a number of leading actors from within ocean & energy, will promote key frontrunner initiatives focusing on driving equality, as well as the many exciting opportunities and changes within our industries, where we need more diversity to create the best innovative solutions for the future. Want to join? First, register on our matchmaking platform TOOL Spawn and APPLY for the opportunity to join SHE Conference as an Ocean & Energy partner.

TOOL as Official Distribution Partner of SHE Index

TOOL also enters as official distribution partner of the SHE Index - Powered by EY. A global tool and resource to measure and compare gender balance in organizations, fostering transparency and motivating action.

Measure Your Gender Equality Rating

The She Index is added as one of the resources in the TOOL Box of benefits for innovators in Ocean and Energy. JOIN us as a TOOL Community Member and gain ACCESS to the SHE Index to improve your efforts on inclusion and diversity along with the full list of benefits in our TOOL Box. Check out the full list of benefits you have access to in the TOOL Box as a Community Member. Contact us to become a TOOL Community Member on joinus@toolspawn.com If not, you can also register to our matchmaking platform TOOL Spawn and then APPLY for the opportunity to measure your gender equality rating on TOOL Spawn.

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