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Innovators in Blue Urban Transportation and Tourism

Welcome onboard as we build the first and most complete overview innovators in blue urban transporation and tourism on TOOL's Featured Insight Lists and interactive map. Banner photo by Zeabuz. 

Meet the Innovators

Aero40 H2 hydrogen ferry by Brødrene Aa

Bastø Fosenthe world’s largest all-electric car ferry is now making the trip across the Oslo Fjord, Norway’s busiest ferry crossing, safer and emission free.

'Bastø Fosen’s investments in electrification of their fleet – with large battery packs and lightning-fast charging systems – means  that the company will reduce its CO2 emissions by 75 percent in 2022 – reducing their diesel consumption with  six million liters per year.'

Bonseyeguided tours on environmentally friendly rib boats in the Norwegian fjords.

Boreal has buses, trams, fast boats and ferries in Nordland, Finnmark, Møre og Romsdal, Rogaland and Vestland. The group continues its work on the green shift with full force, and currently has 10 emission-free vessels and 55 emission-free buses under construction.

BOSPower: supplies all-electric integrated propulsion solutions with battery packs, charging systems, switchboards and energy management systems for vessels ranging from smaller tourist boats and passenger ferries, speedboats and to larger car ferries. Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions (BOSPower) in Bergen has supplied the electric propulsion system for the environmentally friendly ferry.

BRIM Explorer: Ocean excursions without noise or pollution on board silent hybrid-electric ships. Their first ship 'Brim' operates in Lofoten and Tromsø, their second ship 'Bard' operates in Svalbard and Tromsø. Their third ship 'Bris' is electric and will operate in Oslo.

Brødrene Aa: a company specializing in low weight carbon fibre hulls that helped develop the ‘Future of the Fjords’ electric cruise ship

Candela: to launch world’s fastest electric ferry in 2022. The Region of Stockholm is partnering with Candela Speedboats to launch the world’s fastest electric ferry as the Swedish capital joins cities all over the world in taking up the challenge to reduce traffic congestion and CO2.

 “Today, most of our waterways are unused for mass transit, even though most highways are congested during rush-hour traffic” said Candela Founder and CEO Hasselskog. “Opening up urban waterways for high-speed electric transport can revolutionize commuting in cities such as San Francisco, Seoul or Amsterdam – at a very low cost. There’s no need to build new infrastructure.” 

City Boats: enjoy Wroclaw – the “City of Bridges” from the board of an electric, solar-powered catamaran.

EcoSightseeing: Swedish electric sightseeing boat powered by 2nd life Tesla batteries - batteries that may not have the full charging and power capabilities to run an EV, but have more than enough for other applications.

Friendships: electric boat rental in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. Powered by green, CO2-compensated energy from Danish windmills.

Green City Ferries of Stockholm: unveils zero emission ferry – high-speed electric hydrofoil catamaran powered by batteries and/or hydrogen fuel cells. Electric hydrofoil catamaran designed for city transit. 

Green Fjords AS: Electric boat transporting passengers in the world heritage fjord of Geiranger, Norway. 

HykeHydrolift Smart-City Ferries AS, Hyke, is a Norwegian zero-emission waterborne mobility start-up.

Medstraum the world's first zero emission fast ferry, to be operating the commuter route between Stavanger and Hommersåk.

NCE Maritime CLean Tech: Rogaland county municipality and the business cluster NCE Maritime CleanTech are getting NOK 110 million from the EU to develop an electric fast boat that will run between Stavanger and Hommersåk.

La Bella Verde S.L.: Chartering and building fully autonomous and recyclable boats. Launched in 2014 as Ibiza ́s first and only emission free charter company with solar-electric catamarans.

Roboat: Autonomous, electric powered taxi boats in Amsterdam. To transport up to 5 people at a time, some goods and trash. 

SES-X Marine Technologies enables vessels to glide on a cushion of air, significantly reducing energy consumption and enabling zero emission

PolarSea, developing a concept for zero emission, slow sailing expedition cruise for the Arctic

Pure Boats  is a progressive and sustainable boutique tour company and platform for boating activities in Amsterdam, featuring electric boats

REGENT: building the seaglider: the first electric flying machine that will transport commercial passengers. By staying within a wingspan of the water, they unlock the ability to fly twice as far as an electric aircraft. Certification by maritime authorities which will let them fly its first passengers by 2025. Airlines and ferry companies are getting in line to buy seagliders because they're half as expensive as short-haul aircraft, and six times faster than ferries.

Silent-Yachts: Austrian Silent-Yachts has specialized in electrically powered catamarans.

Solar Boat Stockholm: has solar powered water tours of the city.

The Fjords: developing tourism in the most beautiful fjords of Norway with three boats powered by clean electricity. Up to 1200 guests can travel through the beautiful coastal landscape with a clean conscience.

Unleash Future Boats: Zero-emission autonomous ferries, boats and ships Volvo Penta: World-leading supplier of power solutions for marine and industrial applications. Volvo Penta has announced that they will be retrofitting a ferry in Gothenburg, Sweden, to be fully electric. The Volvo Penta vessel will be the first fully-electric ferry in the city that can address longer, multi-stop routes along the waterway.

Björn Ingemanson, President of Volvo Penta, said about the project and future “As part of the Volvo Group, we have access to the technology and expertise from many years of development with electric mobility. Now, we aim to adapt it for use in a marine environment, bringing the benefits of proven technology into a new context.”

Zeabuz the world's first autonomous urban ferry prototypes.

ZEFF by Hyon Energy: Zero emission Fast Ferry (photo by Bein)

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