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Meet Danielle Southcott - On a mission to ship clean!

Danielle Southcott is founder & CEO of award-winning SAILCARGO INC. and Veer Group

The ideal cargo for Veer’s first ship, Southcott said, would be something like designer shoes: they have high markups and low weights, and customers pay a premium for the latest and greatest. Read article from The New Yorker here.

The Royal Institute of Naval Architects named the founder of the award-winning SAILCARGO INC. and Veer Group, Danielle, as one of the most influential women of the past century. 

She is co-founder of the Costa Rican non-profit AstilleroVerde, which plants thousands of trees and creates jobs in a vulnerable coastal community. Each year Danielle’s company sponsors a young lady to sail on the tall ship St. Lawrence II – a ‘’thank you’’ to the Canadian ship that first inspired her.

Clean Ship Movement

The entrepreneur behind traditional sailing shipping company Sailcargo Inc. 2021 announced the set-up of a deep-sea container shipping spin-off called Veer. Veer’s shipping headquarters will serve as a nursery for the ocean and heavy-industry innovation, supported by a corporate culture founded on equality, transparency, and empowerment. By starting with a clean slate and working with stakeholders who support the blue economy, Veer has an advantage over legacy shipping establishments: the ability to be a fast first-mover.

By using mature technology (DynaRig sails + green hydrogen fuel cells) and teams with proven histories of successful collaborations, the risk is reduced. The award-winning team and partners behind Veer is passionate & determined to deliver on Veer’s mission.

Embracing a Clean Shipping Obsession - a bluer future

“To date, we are funded by 100 percent private impact investors, so individuals who want to make a difference and contribute their funds towards a greener future — or now we’re calling it a bluer future,” said Southcott. “It’s an impact investment opportunity. Read article from Entrevestors here.

100 Inspirational Female Founders 2023

Daniëlle Southcott een van de meest invloedrijke vrouwen volgens Royal  Institute of Naval Architects – Zeilpost

​Veer Group has been nominated for The Earthshot Prize, and is one of 4 finalists of the Young Entrepreneur Award by Nor-Shipping & YoungShip. She was also a finalist for the Global Talent Award 2023 and nominee in 1000 Ocean Startups 2022.

Danielle Southcott was one of the 2023 100 Inspirational Female Founders of Ocean & Energy in ocean & energy. 

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