Cover photo for Norway's Largest Player in Bio-Carbon Capture Enters Partnership with TOOL

Norway's Largest Player in Bio-Carbon Capture Enters Partnership with TOOL

The partnership between TOOL and Trefadder will provide discounted rates on high quality climate compensation services for TOOL members and support the development of Trefadder's large-scale carbon capture project at sea.

About Trefadder

Trefadder is Norway's largest player in BIO-carbon capture (BIO-CCS.) By building Norwegian climate forests in collaboration with landowners, they capture large amounts of CO2. They have so far planted 400,000 trees and have plans to plant millions more every year.

Through Trefadder's climate forests, companies and private individuals can now climate compensate for their emissions. This is a good and affordable alternative to international climate quotas.

All tree planting takes place in Norway by trained professionals. The trees are planted in areas that provide the best conditions for maximum growth, biological diversity and quality. The production phase is documented with traceability, record keeping and photos.

Special Rates for TOOL Community Members

All community members and partners of TOOL get a discounted price on Trefadder's climate compensation services. JOIN us as a TOOL Community Member and gain ACCESS to Trefadder's discounted climate compensation services along with the full list of benefits in our TOOL Box. Check out the full list of benefits you have access to in the TOOL Box as a Community Member. Contact us to on joinus@toolspawn.com to become a TOOL Community Member.

Enabling Carbon Capture on Land and Sea

Apart from providing discounted carbon capture services on land to TOOL members, the partnership will also support the development of Trefadder's plans for blue carbon capture in the ocean space.

Trefadder AS plans to launch "Havfadder" where they will develop so-called blue carbon capture via cultivation and restoration of kelp forests and seagrass beds. In addition to the concrete climate effect through carbon capture, local, biodiverse marine ecosystems will be restored. Norwegian kelp forests are Norway's answer to tropical rainforests both in terms of climate and environment.

TOOL and Trefadder will collaborate utilizing TOOL's matchmaking platform (TOOL Spawn) and network to identify, connect and support a full value chain of potential partners and projects relevant for Trefadder's new projects targeting the ocean space.

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