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Renewable Energy Infrastructure Pioneers

Explore a range of renewable energy infrastructure pioneers on the map, key to enabling the green shift at sea. 

The Need for Renewable Energy Infrastructure Pioneers

Clean energy is a fundamental need in today’s society. On one hand, pioneering renewable energy infrastructure players are essential in supplying green boats, ferries and vessels with clean energy. These infrastructure players are also key in enabling green ports, cities, and regions to meet their zero-emission targets by going forward as early movers and providing necessary renewable energy infrastructure, which also can supplement existing infrastructure in ports, further enhancing the green shift.

Mapping Renewable Energy Infrastructure Pioneers

Welcome onboard as we build the first and most complete overview of renewable energy infrastructure pioneers on TOOL´s interactive map and specially curated featured insight lists. 

With TOOL´s Featured Insight Lists we wish to promote various niches and focus groups in Ocean and Energy, helping connect innovators with zero emission solutions with relevant resources. This is a part of TOOL´s mission to map and connect the world of entrepreneurs with the wider innovation ecosystem. 

Explore TOOL´s featured insight list of renewable energy infrastructure pioneers and follow the instructions to help us complete the map below!

Meet Renewable Energy Infrastructure Pioneers

Aqua superPower announced the roll-out of the world’s first dedicated global ecosystem of marine, all-electric, charging network in 2021. A year later the network has become a reality with the creation of regional and local charging corridors in key boating destinations in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the UK, the US, and the Nordics. 

Beyonder is an energy storage technology company. They have developed a patented process of transforming sustainable forestry residue, namely sawdust from pine and spruce, into super-activated carbon.

The result is the world’s first true sustainable battery cell technology which will serve a broad range of industrial and utility needs and applications in the exponentially growing field of energy storage and battery technology.

Their new high-power, eco-friendly battery technology,  enables industries to electrify their production - whether it’s for grid stabilisation, a ferry or a high-power charging solution.

Photo by Beyonder Brødrene Aa has in close cooperation with ferry and passenger vessel The Fjords developed a unique charging solution called the PowerDock. This 40m long, 5m wide floating glass fibre dock will sit in the water at Gudvangen, housing a 2.4 MWh battery pack. This charges steadily throughout the day via connection to the local grid network, which does not have the capacity to charge the Future of The Fjords directly. The innovative solution allows the vessel to ‘refill’ in just 20 minutes. 

The dock also allows black water to be offloaded for treatment on land. This makes Future of The Fjords the only passenger vessel not to discharge sewage directly into the fjords.

Picture: 'Powerdock' illustration by Brødrene Aa

EcoWavePower has developed an innovative technology that produces clean electricity from ocean and sea waves.

The company is pioneering in its sector by operating the only grid-connected wave energy array floaters in the world, which is operational under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Eldrift compact, mobile lightning charger units providing power with great effect every time electric boats need a top-up. The modular charging system consists of a charging unit (ELCHARGE™) + one or more batteries (ELSTORE™). The batteries can be easily replaced, and quickly charged on a regular fast charger. 

Fossil Free Marine an impact scale-up, dedicated to enabling the transition to sustainable boating, for commercial and pleasure boats, by developing infrastructure solutions that increase access to climate neutral drop-in biofuels, innovative electric fast charging and other renewable and sustainable alternatives. Can also be found on TOOL`s Swedish Innovators in Ocean and Renewables feature list

Greenstat develops green hydrogen infrastructure for maritime & heavy transportation

Hafslund Rådgivning ​​​​helps customers with question related to the rollout of electrical infrastructure and renewable energy technology. In the past year, they have, among other things, carried out assessments of the future need for charging infrastructure for electric boats, and concept investigations for smart energy systems in ports.

Hyrex cooperates with listed company Hynion to build hydrogen refuelling station for leisure boats along the Norwegian cost, first entry for 2022 season.

Image by Hyrex Hyrex has also developed daycuisers with hydrogen-electric propulsion systems and a hydrogen electrical range extender system for large cabincruisers and workboats. 

Ionium is a European provider of turnkey EV fast-charging solutions with more than 24.000 chargers operative worldwide. Looking more and more into chargers for boats and combined boat/car stations. Currently working on a fast charging solution with a battery buffer where access to electricity is limited. Comes in movable container size without needing fixed installation. Does not require construction or application processes. 

Lofotkraft is a group owned by the six municipalities in Lofoten, and is taking an active role in the transition towards a renewable and fully electric society. The group will contribute to testing charging and filling infrastructure solutions in the ZeroKyst project (zero emission aquaculture and fisheries).  

Lyse is a Norwegian group with operations in the areas of energy, telecommunications and infrastructure. Lyse is a national player within renewable and regulatable hydropower. 

Together with the Port of Stavanger and the public transportation agency in Rogaland, Kolumbus, they have set up flexible infrastructure for charging of rapid electric ferries.  Natel Energy Climate change is water change. As the water cycle changes, water infrastructure must also adapt. Natel Energy acquires and upgrades operating hydropower assets and develops new low-impact, sustainable hydropower projects. Using river restoration techniques, fish-safe hydro turbines, and the most accurate AI-powered hydro forecasting tools available, Natel Energy are accelerating the global transition to a renewable energy future one waterway at a time.

PLUG is building Northern Europe's first network for fast chargers for electric boats. The chargers in Florø, Bergen, Oslo are ready. Also developing, building and operating facilities that supply ships with shore power, in partnership with the ports.

Power Pole´s CHARGE Marine Power Management Station  does the work of three devices: a traditional battery charger, a charge-on-the-run, plus an emergency start system all in one compact unit. CHARGE automatically devotes more power to the batteries that need it the most for maximum efficiency, giving you more time on the water.

Siemens Energy´s Seafloat is a trailblazing, highly efficient floating power plant on a mobile, self-supporting barge. The SeaFloat is the first to reinvent floating power stations with today´s efficient, low environmental impact technologies. 

“In rapidly growing cities, SeaFloat is a pioneering solution that ensures a reliable supply of power without taking up space on land.” Hamed Hossain, Business Owner SeaFloat

SurPlusMap is  spatial analytics platform that empowers decision-makers in the green transition to make better and faster decisions on where to develop new green industries, fostering the emerging renewable energy economy. Energy companies, governments and emerging green industries such as green hydrogen production, data centres and battery factories can find the ideal co-location opportunity in SurPlusMap and initiate contact directly with the energy asset owner. 

Supercharge has developed Norway´s first floating fast charger for electric boats.  Zaptec Norwegian EV pioneer offering leading edge, green-tech charging solutions, enabling electrification of the transport sector. Within just a few years, they have built a domestic market leading position by supplying superior charging installations for housing co-ops and private homes alike. They also provide charging installations for electric boats.  Zero Emission Services (ZES) provides a new energy system for emission-free inland shipping. This will be realized with emission-free navigation infrastructure that is accessible to everyone.  ZES offers a complete range of products and services, based on interchangeable battery containers charged with renewable power, charging stations, technical support and an innovative payment concept for ship owners.

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