Cover photo for SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY

Originally published February 21, 2020

Before starting the journey, we reached out to H2 Mobility, who develop the world’s most ambitious (and largest) hydrogen infrastructure throughout Germany. Norway and other countries; check this out!

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY

When exploring new business opportunities, it’s difficult for established companies to succeed with solutions that basically will represent competition & threats to their key revenue streams. Add that on top of our natural instincts of fearing change, and you’ve got a real challenge when we need change to happen quite quick. So when e.g Norwegian oil company Equinor invest in renewable, the new stream will often be treated a bit “left hand” compared to the areas that makes the most buck, while many existing employees and leaders fear to be made redundant (instead of exploring how to reuse and adapt their competence for new solutions).

Thats also why the H2MOBILITY model is one that I believe is critical for success; established companies across the full value chain who are ripe for disruption, mitigate and proactively prepare for a different future by setting up a joint venture.

They can benefit from each other, accelerate much faster, identify innovation opportunities; – while at the same time taking down risk exposure on investments, resources and buy-in. This model should be adapted much more for all projects involving transportation and renewable energy solutions. Behind H2MOBILITY are giants such as Shell, AirLiquide, Linde, Daimler etc, so this indeed ain’t no junior league.

A key thing I also noticed in Denmark & Germany, is that H2 stations are integrated into existing current fuel stations. Which of course makes much more sense from a commercial point of view. Hot tip people…!

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY

As you need this special card to fill the tank, Falk from H2Mobility lent me his, for pick-up in Flensburg. And as an extra surprise H2Mobility sent me a message, informing me that they cover the fuel for our roadtrip through Germany🤩

Can’t wait to visit them and a range of other key actors developing clean mobility solutions across Germany on the way back end of March!

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