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Ship Recycling Innovators

TOOL in cooperation with NGO Shipbreaking Platform introduce a gateway to a world of the various stakeholders across the ship recycling ecosystem, driving change for ethical & environmental improvement. 

We present an overview of innovators across green recycling & upcycling of ships - with ecosystem partners, projects and stakeholder groups.

Explore a range of the frontrunners who redefine ship recycling, and the various ecosystem actors who have joined the journey towards responsible, ethical & environmental recycling & upcycling!

And let us know if you know someone missing from our list!

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The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is a global coalition of organizations working to reverse the environmental harm and human rights abuses caused by current shipbreaking practices and to ensure the safe and environmentally sound recycling of end-of-life ships worldwide.

Pioneering Innovators in Recycling/Upcycling:

Atlas Decom

InchGreen Marine (Scotland) Delivering engineered, safe & responsible cradle to grave solutions to the marine and offshore industry

Circular Maritime Technologies

Has designed a new process that is fully automated and quickly extracts the steel from ships creating a circular economy that is also environmentally sensitive.


An application to calculate risk-based cost and productivity in maritime assets decommissioning process. Spinout from Strathclyde University.

Elegant Exit Company

An innovative game-changing initiative introducing finance innovation and industrial process innovation to the present ship recycling scene.


Scrap around 40 ships a year, which is good for 30,000 tons of steel. More than 98% of each ship goes to a useful destination. The majority as a raw material for the steel industry. Despite the competition with cheaper yards in Asia, many companies and governments prefer to entrust their discarded vessels to Galloo, where they are scrapped with respect for people and the environment.


Invented and developed a new concept: the Foil Dock. This new concept makes it possible to build a dry Dock at 10% of the cost price compared with a traditional dry dock.


Offers industrialized, green ship recycling with water cutting tools.

Nordic Circles

Transform ships and oil rigs into environmentally friendly building products

Purified Metal Company (PMC) 

Is the first company in the world to responsibly process contaminated steel scrap into a high-quality raw material. The process is patented and developed to separate the contaminants from the steel in a 100 percent safe way.

Sea 2 Cradle

Is a global expert in green ship recycling, and applies proven health, safety and environmental standards from the offshore sector to all recycling projects to strive for zero pollution, zero incidents and zero accidents.


Is Africa´s only green ship recycling company. 34South is a Development Company in partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Ltd (IDC).

Innovative Concepts & Projects:

The Green Passport 

Contains details of all materials, especially which are harmful to human health, used in the construction of a vessel. The green passport will be delivered by the shipyard during the construction and it will be later updated with all the changes made to the ship during its lifetime

Forest FPSO Project

Tschudi Bio Company (Norway) 

Ship Recycling License (SRL) - A return scheme for ships

Concept by Frank Smeele, Professor at Erasmus University: Ships calling at EU ports required to obtain a prior licence from EU Agency. Contribution charged from shipowners applying for SRL. Contribution of two levels. There is a best practice on this field with bonds linked to the closing of wells in the oil industry.

Premiums: Calclulated to arrive at capital amount for relevant ship within set time frame (e.g. 15 years). Earmarked for specific ship. Separate from patrimony of shipowner. Transparent administration of accrued rights per ship. Accrued rights payable to ultimate shipowner after proof of SRR-compliant ship recycling. Forfeited premiums transferred to General Fund. 

Shipping tax schemes - leverage for better recycling

Concept by Olaf Merk, ITF (OECD): Potential leverage via tonnage tax conditions. Some concept elements and open questions to consider are:

A real flag link requirement, for the whole life-time of a ship to avoid end-of-life out-flagging. Linking tonnage taz eligibility to use of EU-approved ship recycling facilities. Part of larger package of conditions, e.g. related to EU employment (cew, shipbuilding), and anti fossile regulations. This area could be included in a review for EU State aid guidelines, under Maritime State Aid Guidelines.

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