Cover photo for Sophie Galvagnon: Breaking Ice in The Great North

Sophie Galvagnon: Breaking Ice in The Great North

Polar shipping business expert I Captain & Ice Pilot

Sophie Galvagnon is a boat captain and co-founder of the maritime company Latitude Blanche, which organizes expeditions to the North Pole on a human scale to discover the polar world through respectful tourism. His passion for ice will be revealed during his training as an officer in the merchant navy. At 27, not yet a graduate, this Franco-Swedish will command a polar expedition ship in the Arctic for the first time. For four years, she travelled the polar world aboard Swedish icebreakers. She learns there the complexity of navigation in the ice and discovers at the same time the loving contemplation of this structure, which she will constantly want to see again. Like a metamorphic passion never satisfied, she will want to pass on her experience to other sailors and testify to the polar beauty through maritime literature and photography to other enthusiasts. With these photos from her multisensory polar explorations, she shares ice's poetic and fierce ephemeral nature.

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In the Media

Interview de Sophie GALVAGNON - 

“The daughter of the Great North”, co-founder of LATITUDE BLANCHE

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A trip to Spitzberg aboard Polarfront

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