Cover photo for TOOL Community: Afternoon & Evening Program 5-8 June

TOOL Community: Afternoon & Evening Program 5-8 June

Welcome to Oslo - Join the Innovators´ Community!

We´re hosting the hotspot evening venue for ocean innovators all week, with our global partners & friends. Check out the program highlights, and sign up on Spawn to get all details.

Remember to RSVP on each event you would like to attend - and our innovators even have prepared prizes drawn among fellow participants! (Sign-in required - links below)

RSVP: Women at the Helm - Female Founders & Owners (5 June)

Main program on stage 2-4PM, and informal networking throughout the evening.

RSVP: TOOL Community Night: Innovators (19-Late, 6 June)

RSVP: Zero Emission Owners & Innovators (15-17, 7 June)

Human Catapult Stunt at Aker Brygge 7 June!

RSVP: TOOL Community - Clean Pioneers Night (19-Late 7 June)

RSVP: TOOL Community - Global Talent Night (16-20 8 June)

New to Oslo & the leading maritime week? 

Let us help you maximize your visit, while we host a week-long hangout for the ocean innovators´ community. 

Check out TOOL Explore: Innovators´ Insider Guide to Oslo for our personal tips on eat, sleep & activities! We have also teamed up with some of them, and will draw some Oslo-flavored prizes among our participants as we kick off the global maritime week in our hometown!

Reserve a Table or join as Partner!

Community & Contributing Partners  

Join our Equality & Diversity Partners  

A warm welcome to old & new friends!!

We can´t wait to see you in Oslo!

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