Cover photo for TOOL Featured in Book Engaging Children in Sustainability

TOOL Featured in Book Engaging Children in Sustainability

Best selling author Siri Abrahamsen, has included TOOL's chief mermaid Birgit as one of 17 sustainability frontrunners in Norway in her new unique children's book that addresses UN's sustainable development goals.

An entire chapter is dedicated to clean ocean transportation, with TOOL's chief mermaid as a character in the story.

"I dropped out of school and moved away from home when I was 16. I tried different things before I started working with shipping. Now I live in a houseboat, when it's not too cold and too much snow. I hope that the future will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Lykke smiles. Maybe her and Amina will work with renewable energy when they grow up?"

Siri Abrahamsen's literary work for children titled "Joy to the world!" addresses how kids can understand environmental and social sustainability. A handbook for how big and small can use their own capabilities to drive the world in the right direction as they grow up.

The perfect Christmas gift for all Norwegian companies & parents. We can't wait for the English translation so that the international audience can enjoy it too!

Check out excerpts from the book below. Can you find our chief mermaid Birgit and the TOOL boat?

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