Cover photo for TOOL Mover & Shaker Lianè Thompson´s Aquaai on CNN!

TOOL Mover & Shaker Lianè Thompson´s Aquaai on CNN!

So cool to see TOOL role model & Inspirational Female Founder 2023 Lianè Thompson´s Aquaai Corporation featured by CNN on Earth Day - frontpage coverage! 

Full CNN feature here, but we´re sending a huge shoutout and congratulations to the incredible team Lianè & Simeon for this highly educational and great piece - and we hope investors & partners across both European and Middle Eastern regions reach out to join in on their next stage of scaling!

It´s been extremely inspirational to follow Aquaai´s journey, and CNN isn´t the only actor to recognize their innovative solution - just check this bouquet of achievements over the past years: 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology to Follow in 2023, NEOM selected 2022, World’s Top 50 Innovators Codex 2022, Top Tier Impact Awards 2022 (finalist), GreenBiz, Atlantic Council, Verizon Climate Resilience Prize 2022 (finalist), 20 Women Driving the Future of Climate Tech in 2021, OceanPitch Fest 2021 (finalist), 30 Women to Know in Robotics in 2020, Hardware Cup CleanTech 2021 (finalist), Awarded Innovation Norway grant 2020, TEKFISH (2020 trip winner) - Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC), European Commission's Seal of Excellence for Impact, Quality and Efficiency 2020, CDL Graduate 2020, Winner Top Aquaculture Innovation Award Fish 2.0 Stanford Global Forum 2019, Innovative Woman in AI / Blockchain to Follow in 2019

A small tasting piece from the CNN coverage;

"Without better data to understand the health of increasingly stressed waterways, the fight to save these most precious of resources will be ineffective, says Simeon Pieterkosky, co-founder of the technology company Aquaai. “Virtually every waterway is polluted to an extent where the ecosystem just can’t balance back anymore,” he explains.

"Aquaai is aiming to fill that information gap using fishlike drones that collect data from underwater environments. Powered by batteries, they are designed to look and swim like fish, with a body and tail that swish from side-to-side as they cruise through the water. With their orange, white, and black neoprene skin, they resemble the clownfish star of the 2003 hit movie “Finding Nemo.”

You can learn more about Lianè & Aquaai here, in TOOL´s previous Movers & Shakers feature 🐟

Photos: Aquaai

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