Cover photo for TOOL preparing capital raise!

TOOL preparing capital raise!

TOOL is getting ready for raising capital! We are looking for investors among fellow change makers; successful entrepreneurs and family offices/industrial investors with passion for long term value creation.

Investment opportunities will be available for a small group only, for the scaling phase 2022-23. The first ones onboard less than 24h after announcing the upcoming raise:

Investor: Thea Myhrvold, Founder of GetBee (UAE)

"I am proud and excited to support and back one of the most inspirational women in leadership, shipping, sustainability and entrepreneurship - Birgit Liodden. By being a part of this journey and supporting financially, I know that this investment will have both financial impact and return as well as social and sustainable return.

For us to create a future we want to see and live in, we need to actively invest in it. I have no doubt that with the passion and leadership of Birgit and the TOOL team, there will be a continous ripple effect felt around the world. I cannot wait to see what is to come!"

Nermina Ljevakovic, Chief Financial & Investment Officer, and partner in TechBridge Invest. Follow-on founder, SUNami. Owner at Sustainable Capital Consult.

“I believe in the founder, the team and the product. It’s a fantastic tool to provide you the right partners at the right time. You spend less time looking for the right partnership because the match-making is efficient. LinkedIn doesn’t have this tool, nor other global platforms. It’s the next generation partnership and communication platform for innovation & business creation."

Sign up or log in for the upcoming opportunity and to access more details on Investing in TOOL, and explore our V1 solution & global platform as you join!

Do you share our values - and fit our investor criteria?

TOOL is preparing for opening up for the right type of actors to join our journey. We are committed to empowering innovators of sustainable solutions, and helping the established ocean & renewable industry actors to thrive in collaboration with entrepreneurs. We are in it for the long run, and do not have an exit strategy.

Instead, we are committed to nurturing fellow entrepreneurs, through allocating 25% of TOOL´s profits reinvesting in innovators through other funds and mechanisms. We also believe in long term commitment, both internally and externally, and 10% of our profits will be shared among our team members.

Building through 2,5 years - with a longterm focus on value for society

Within less than 2,5 year, we have built a global people & technology driven ecosystem to support our mission of empowering innovators and changemakers driving solutions towards a zero-emission, zero-waste society.

We now work with partners across 30+ countries, and have built the world´s first and most complete interactive map of startups & the innovation ecosystem resources across ocean & renewables. We co-develop our resources, both tech-wise and commercially, through collaborative partnerships with other leading innovators, thus putting SDG17 into use.

We believe that in the shift towards a sustainable future, we need to design the infrastructure for system change, and enabling companies for the future to innovate and collaborate faster & better. TOOL Spawn and our global ecosystem is an ambitious and pioneering initiative to enable this.

Some of the results, you can already see here browsing TOOL Spawn, but to get the full picture and deepdive into our work & plans ahead, you will need to register your profile on Spawn, and book a meeting with our founder Birgit M. Liodden. If you connect directly with Birgit here on Spawn, you´ll also get to test the neat Pexip video integration we have in place, in this community platform by IndyRIOT.

Funding path & who can invest in TOOL?

We will raise funds in 2 rounds during 2022-23, and are looking for some few selected actors to join us in building the future, and a long-term position where ecosystem innovation capabilities for the greater good is key.

We will open up for a small and balanced group of investors, representing a) Successful entrepreneurs, b) Family offices or industrial investors.

We also aim for having a majority of female investors at all times. TOOL has a shareholder program in place where a number of our key strategic partners and our team members have positions.

Investor criteria

Since TOOL is a value-based company aiming for making a great impact within the ocean industry – it is important that potential investors have the same view. Let us share our criteria:

  • Open to transparency, flat organisation and partnership based company

  • Willingness to think in new manner

  • Acceptance of regenerative model

  • Passion for the ocean or a wish to redirect passion towards the ocean

  • Walk the talk!

  • Working for the SDGs

  • Diversity focus in your investments

  • Working for the SDGs

  • Great network

  • Equality in the board and management team

  • Long term focus – building an ecosystem rather than 5 years’ IPO

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