Cover photo for Tor M. Østervold, Founder & CEO of ECOsubsea

Tor M. Østervold, Founder & CEO of ECOsubsea

Tor M. Østervold, Founder & CEO ECOsubsea 

​ECOsubsea has developed technology that keeps vessels' hulls free of fouling with a robot that sends all biofouling further for biogas production. 

The vessels save substantial amounts of fuel, and both the water and air environment are kept cleaner. Currently operating from the South of the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands and servicing leading companies like WWL and Carnival Cruises Corp. 

ECOsubsea and its team have since 2008 been awarded the “Young Entrepreneur Award”, “Orcelle Award”, the “Green Shipping Technology Award”, and the “Seatrade Award' in addition to 'The Global Freight Award for the development of sustainable technology to the shipping industry. Tor comes from the Island of Austevoll in Norway, grew up with fisheries and holds an MSc in International Shipping from the University of Plymouth.

'It's all about things getting real, right? Take COVID-19, for example; initially, we spoke about it as an abstract thing, but suddenly it was in local hospitals. That is what the invasive species are becoming.' Says Østervold 

Quote is taken from article: 'Biofouling goes deeper than fuel efficiency' on superyachtnews.com.

Biofouling and ECOfriendly Hull Cleaning - Explained in 55 seconds!

Read full article from Naval News HERE.

“It has been great to collaborate with the French Navy and Naval Group on increasing the Naval fleet’s preparedness, while decreasing dramatically the air and sea’s environmental impact. It is encouraging to see that the French Navy is not only protecting its nation and allies, but also showing leadership in protecting the environment.” Tor Østervold, ECOsubsea´s CEO.

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