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Uniting Maritime & Ocean Science for a Clean Ocean

Fresh update: Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory´s UN Ocean decade events unite maritime with ocean science. Their first session was a part of the UN Ocean Decade Laboratories. Explore how you can get onboard!

Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory brought together two quite different stakeholder perspectives at one event, to explore how they can help each other toward Cleaner Oceans

Furstenberg Maritime Advisory, UN Clean Ocean

What is in it for members of the maritime industry?

A rare insight into the emergent science in the ocean space - where you operate. Some of this science will feed the formulation of future maritime regulation and shine a light on emergent ocean economies. Forward looking maritime stakeholders will gain new insight and perspectives. These can support their ability to navigate their business forward in the ever more complex ocean environment. Are there projects which your company or segment could and should support, perhaps relatively easily? Is it possible that some ocean science projects could have a more far reaching and higher impact on problems that you are now trying to solve by using typical industry solutions. Are there insights which could turn the understanding of some of your challenges upside down?

Connect with Sofia & Conor in Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory to learn more and join the upcoming sessions.

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